Lindsey Graham opposes same-sex & interracial marriage protections

  1. Been waiting for those racists to say they have a problem with Loving. Now quick, get it to the SC so Thomas can rule against his own marriage.

  2. I have a feeling Thomas wants out of his relationship but he's "Morally opposed" to divorce. On the other hand it's unsurprising the fascists have become open about their plans not enough is being done to stop them.

  3. He doesn't oppose his marriage, but he might oppose the federal government guaranteeing it. i.e. states rights. Think the epa ruling: if it isn't in the constitution, then it's outside the federal governments role.

  4. What are “interracial marriage protections”? Like, is that actually codified somewhere? (not from the US but in an ‘interracial’ marriage)

  5. To be clear: Lindsey graham opposed a bill that would give recognition to interracial and gay marriages and went on the record in regards for his opposition to the federal government supporting gay marriage rights. He did not explicitly object to interracial protections, those just happen to also be a part of this bill. I definitely think he’s insidious but the headline is definitely confusing at best

  6. Not a bad idea at all from his perspective. His choice of wife is looking increasingly likely to cost him his job.

  7. I don’t even oppose his gay marriage opposition because his self hatred runs deep; I just need all the gay sex workers who have fucked this man to say “fuck it, it’s worth it to come forward” and out this fucking asshole

  8. The idea that you can cut the nation into tiny little fiefdoms where various marriages are illegal one inch across an imaginary line from where they're legal and also abortion and worker protections and God knows what else is ridiculous.

  9. Fuck this whole “live everything to the states to decide” bullshit. We are a country, not a fucking coalition each with their own mini countries.

  10. Republicans sure are emboldened these days to say the quiet parts out loud now that they have that 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.

  11. I want to be emboldened to talk about universal health care and months off for maternity and paternity leave, and 4 day weeks, and a $25 minimum wage, and wage ratio limits, and free college, and paid gender affirming surgery, etc etc etc.

  12. You are absolutely correct, this is some major projection here and I bet a few other people in Wilton Manors know too.

  13. Perpetually single adult male wants to express opinions about healthy, loving, and intimate relationships of other adults.

  14. I wouldn't be surprised if pictures of him in drag are in Putin's possession. It would be in agreement with the hypocrisy cesspool called republican party.

  15. All I want this dude to do is leave politics and open up a nice bed and breakfast with his lover somewhere and fade into obscurity. We all deserve the happiness he's depriving himself, and us, of.

  16. His old, white, evangelical voter base cares. A lot. Even many of the younger evangelicals have the same obsession with others’ genitals, reproductive organs, and private life.

  17. Yeah, so every conservative that claims they're "socially liberal", here's a perfect example of how not socially liberal GOP officials are. They are happy to strip same-sex couples and anyone else that doesn't align with their pseudo-Biblical interpretation of the Constitution of their right to marry whomever they want.

  18. I was gonna say. What happens when he finds his one true love...will he not marry him?! He's just like his pal, Clarence, voting against his own happiness.

  19. How would interracial even be defined? By skin color? By ethnic background? What percent needs to be the same in order to not be “interracial”? What about biracial people, can they never marry anyone?

  20. This fucker will go to real lengths not to commit. You are 67 Lindsey it is time to make an honest man out of your pool boy.

  21. UGH. For the love of Christ, can we please crowdfund some DC male escort to honeypot this piece of shit already? I'd take one for the team and do it myself if I were hotter.

  22. I can never understand gay guys opposing freedoms of gay people. They must be so so fucked up inside. Wonder what they see when they look at the mirror.

  23. I think we all know pretty much nothing matters to him anymore, as he waits out being replaced.

  24. Can someone please tell me what the end game is here? All of the states rights lobbying for things that are so remarkably normal. Besides these social policies Being reversed, what does the GOP have to gain by making it decided by the states?

  25. Ted Cruz, Clarence Thomas and Jeb Bush all have inter-racial marriages. There are millions of mixed race marriages.

  26. Alternate Headline: “Local repressed politician still trying to convince the public he is not into black men.”

  27. Well, I oppose Lindsey having any sex at all, including masterbation, based on my religious beliefs. Men over 60 should be celibate and that's that.

  28. When he finally gets outed and can no longer deny it, I hope the community refuses to allow him acceptance. The LGBTQ+ community deserves better than this piece of self-hating homophobic trash.

  29. I can at least understand the concept of same sex. But how does one even determine what an interracial marriage is anymore?

  30. People should appreciate that Graham served as more than Trump's ass kisser; he also was tasked with notifying Terd Cruz anytime Trump wet-farted, so the two could work in unison to cleanse the presidential taint in a timely manner (Terd nibbled and licked, Lindsey dried waxed, and polished).

  31. There are certain politicians that should absolutely have their incognito mode searches become public. Lindsay graham is one of those politicians.

  32. That's ironic af. When we all know he's had his fair share of male escorts. He's just gonna die in the closet. No more trade for Mr. Sugar Britches.

  33. Not that they should, but how funny would it be if the democrats dropped the gay marriage part and forced the republicans make the same arguments with ONLY interracial marriage? For them it’s ok to seem as a bigot, but they never want to (publicly) be seen as a racist.

  34. I find it extremely fascinating how the most homophobic people usually have the most latent homosexual tendencies. I have no doubt that Lindsey Graham loves gay porn just as much as Alex Jones enjoys trans porn.

  35. Makes sense. He's never had a relationship with a man which lasted more than 1 night. That's no basis for a successful marriage.

  36. Google "is lindsey graham gay?" Not sure why Republican gays have to make it all illegal for everyone else but they do it themselves behind closed doors. Reminds me of the stories of Jewish camp volunteer guards that took other Jewish people to the gas chambers so they themselves did not have to go in.

  37. Kapos are completely different than Republican gays, it's pretty offensive to even compare them in a vague sense.

  38. In reality, LG has no strong opinion and only cares about money and power. His primary source of funding doesn't support same sex or interracial marriage. And we all know he is gay.

  39. And by same sex he was probably thinking it meant having sex with the same woman you

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