Texas voters: You don’t have to like Democrats, but you do have to vote Republicans out

  1. Greg Abbott is not an easy sell. Even with republicans. He’s running for a 3rd term after a disastrous 2nd. Going buck wild on authoritarianism. His appeal is to a small group of GQP crazies, not Texas at large.

  2. Yeah. I live here. I honestly don’t think Beto is winning this. In 2018 Beto fever was wild, yard signs were everywhere. People were enthusiastic to vote for him. I’m not seeing it this time

  3. Ppl forget so quick that Texans froze to death with their shitty electric grid because they have to be apart from the rest of the country. And Ted Cruz fled to Cancun like the coward he is.

  4. 56% of Texas's voters saw his first term and wanted him to get a second term. I have no idea why you think they wouldn't vote for him a third time.

  5. My parents agree with nothing he is doing and I guarantee they will both vote for him in November. It is the Republican way. Voting against your interest and your personal beliefs to “own the libs.”

  6. Texas at large barely knows who Greg Abbott is and just kinda assumes he’s doing whatever he’s supposed to do. Like clockwork, the bulk of our voters will vote for conservatism in general without regard to the specific candidates on the ballot.

  7. What did he do that’s authoritarian? The left loves using big words and tossing them around so much that they barely hold weight to anyone who has more than 2 brain cells. Which sadly most progressive barley have one

  8. The “lesser of two evils.” It’s ridiculous. In my family, the “lesser of two evils” would be the GQP because they value “Christian morals” and “traditional values.” It can get tiring. My parents are in their 60s and early 70s. They don’t have great healthcare insurance, but voting for a D, who would protect healthcare rights as well as attempt to improve cost of living, would be considered taboo. Ds can’t be Christian after all.

  9. The last president that we had that actually lived (and has continued to live) Christian values was Jimmy Carter, and he's a democrat

  10. I think Christianity itself is a farce, but were I to take it seriously? Republicans are the farthest thing from the values that Christian’s supposedly cherish. Anyone who says that they vote Republican because of “Christian values” is a certified moron who should be in assisted living, since they likely wouldn’t be able to breathe without help.

  11. Texans are going to continue to vote against their own self interest. Hopefully, enough women have had enough and actually turn up to vote.

  12. I think people don’t realize that most metropolitan areas of Texas are fairly liberal leaning. They’ve just been gerrymandered to shit.

  13. Enough non-vindictive and non-white women, but it will be interesting to see how the state that lost Roe and electorally cleansed Democrats from statewide offices votes now that it is overturned.

  14. Nothing helps with pulling yourself up by the bootstraps liking shooting yourself in the foot.

  15. The same message applies to the Republicans in the rest of the country: your party is a run-away train that thinks raped 10year olds should be forced to gestate and that grown men should be able to child-rape their way to parenthood... how much more incel can you get?

  16. It's a lot deeper than that, honestly. The perverse conflict between espoused Christian beliefs of conservative voters and the absolute cruelty of the GOP party platform cannot remain. It's as if they looked at the beatitudes and said "Fuck all that, let's do the opposite."

  17. Frankly, moderate conservatives share more in common with Joe Manchin than they do with the Greene’s and Boebert’s of the GOP.

  18. Republicans won’t get rid of the pro-rape portion of their party because it’s a big enough part of their party they can’t win without it.

  19. Deep in the Pockets of Texas explains why Texas is the way it is. We must vote out Abbott for the crazy train to stop.

  20. I like how the party of low taxes are the ones responsible for driving this author’s property taxes through the roof. Everything terrible thing Republicans tell us Democrats are gonna do if they win is exactly what they do to screw over the American People. The GQP is nothing but big government fascism

  21. Texans are WAY too proud. No way repubs are going to admit failure and vote blue - they will just go down with the ship with the VR goggles on.

  22. Many of them just won't vote. Unpopular state-wide republican candidates have usually suppressed voter turn out in off year elections. If the democrats have high voter turn out they could potentially make up the gap.

  23. I’ve been friends since college with several Republican organizers and in 2020 they all voted Democrat for the first time

  24. Am Texan, would have to disagree, but I'm in the DFW metroplex. Everyone reasonable I know across the aisle is getting increasingly more embarrassed for this state over the last 25 years that I've lived here. Many more republicans, even the ones I've had to fucking argue tooth and nail to arrest thoughts going off the rails (e.g. COVID 'hoax') have buy-in on booting Abbott. It's all of the rural/fringe cities that get shoved garbage down their throats area continued threat.

  25. Texans outside cities are still subjected to weekly Republican campaign rallies called churches. They don't know they're being duped and are scared of change. Rural areas there split 90+% in favor of Trump.

  26. Problem is, how do they reconcile that with the highly uninformed anti-gun (not even just pro-gun control) Democrats on the national scale?

  27. This is what I'm hoping, just voting for Democrats without learning the lesson won't help, because the following year they'll just vote the Republicans back in.

  28. There's millions of liberals in Texas who try to affect change. I don't want them to suffer because the state GOP has gerrimandered away their voice. They don't deserve any of this.

  29. I went to a Beto Townhall yesterday and so many people showed up we were past the 250 person capacity and had to move into the street. There were maybe 15 people on each side of the crowd with abbott signs shouting. All of them over 50. Even some with walkers. It surprised me for my very vocally red town how many others showed up to support him. I think we really have a chance!

  30. For the actual love of humanity, PLEASE vote those Republicans out! To keep them in is to shoot yourselves in the foot!

  31. Unfortunately people who don't self reflect end up not understanding that a lack of fire does not mean fire is impossible, means the current system is preventing fire.

  32. This sentiment is not isolated to Texas only. Too many GOP have gone down the rabbit hole on their power trips that they need to be reigned in.

  33. No, really, they're fine. They're at the "they came for the Jews and I said nothing" part of their dip into fascism, except with queer people. And they'll let it keep going til there no one left to speak up when someone comes for them.

  34. Are pregnant women the socialists in this example? This really puts it in perspective for me.

  35. No, the Jews are still being targeted and all points on the political spectrum are ignoring it. Hate crimes against Jews have skyrocketed since 2016. Don’t use the Holocaust as a measuring stick for other groups if you’re going to completely ignore us.

  36. This is going to be my first year voting. I know my one vote might not make all the difference, but I sure hope that the rest of my generation votes D and we can get the crazies out

  37. AZ seems to be the outlier there. Sure, crazy state legislature, but they elected Katie Hobbs to SoS (and hopefully gov now) as well as 1.5 dem senators, compared to full GOP state offices TX/FL (aside from Ag, but come on) as well as full GOP senators. I'm definitely more hopeful for AZ than either of the others at this point.

  38. Yes. They have been saying this for 15 years. Democrats = satan, worse than any criminal. GOP bad? Ok, but both sides, so vote GOP.

  39. Exactly. I like to let them know i'm anti-republican, not a democrat. I don't even have "time" to consider what democrats are doing because its clear republicans are trying to bring down everything.

  40. 5.1 million votes for Biden in Texas this last election. 5 MILLION. Stop acting like it's the fault of an entire state's population.

  41. At some point the metros in Texas will beat the voting numbers of the oil and farming counties, it could be as soon as November due to the overturning of Roe v Wade.

  42. That is a wrong train of thought. That train of thought is what got Trump elected in the first place. A lot of people were not “voting for trump”, but was “voting against Hillary”.

  43. Yes…we don’t need a “I voted for DeSatan because the other side didn’t offer anyone favorable” election in ‘24. It’ll be MUCH worse than the orange wave…

  44. Are you a Texan? You have it totally wrong. I’ve lived here for 16 years and the GOP completely cockblocks policy change that it’s 100% aligned with their goals.

  45. The official stance of the Republican party is that a pregnant ten-year-old should be forced to carry her rapist's baby to term.

  46. Isn't it a statewide vote? Districting shouldn't matter for full-state positions like Governor, only State Legislature (and Congressional seats).

  47. Love the person who wrote "I'm a lifelong Republican who voted twice for Trump, but they weren't really votes for Trump, I just didn't like what 'the other party offered".

  48. Republicans need a time out. They have worked themselves into a frenzy and simply need sone time out of office. This November vote against all republican candidates. Repeat again next election cycle.

  49. If Ds presented pro gun or moderate dems in Texas they would win. They shoot themselves in the foot by presenting bad candidates. The rhetoric in the articles title is why Ds don’t win.

  50. People think Texas is ridiculously red (Biden only lost by 5.5%, which is pretty purple, especially in a state that is actively suppressing blue votes as much as Texas is), but that's not really the issue. The Republican party has done a lot to entrench themselves. Getting them out of power would almost certainly take Federal legislation.

  51. Appealing to Conservative Texas' political reason bears little fruit. I've watched Texas spend the last 20+ years vilifying liberals to the point that they are now considered more the enemy of America than Al Qaeda or any communist nation. It used to be that if you wanted to startle a Texans, just mention Kim Jong Un or Sharia Law. But in 2022, these are all preferable to Pelosi, AOC or a Clinton. It's not that conservative Texans merely dislike democrats, it's that they actively believe they are the most pressing threat to America today. They will embrace any previous enemy of the USA if it means it will hurt the current enemy: Liberal America.

  52. This is interesting. I hadn’t quite thought about it in those terms. I don’t think I am much different in that I the GOP is the post pressing threat to the country. Reality is that both are correct. Our own political games are far more threatening to our values and way of life than any outside forces right now.

  53. But their mommy and daddy and grandparents always voted Repugnant and they may not be allowed to think for themselves

  54. Partisan voting is the way of life in America, you want them to give it up but it’s literally what the party is based on, party over people. You need ranked choice voting to start getting people to not care about the D & Rs. Otherwise it’s the definition of insanity; doing the same thing expecting a different result.

  55. I wish they could just trial run a democrat in Texas for like 3 months just to see how much could be done when your state leader does their job and not just constantly look for ways to fuck over the other side. Pipe dream I know… but one can always hope.

  56. The GOP doesn't have to win, they just have to not lose which is what they will do if the Dems don't focus on their accomplishments. The social issues are important (I'm gay) but if you don't sell Texans on why Dems would be better for the governor house and the house then you won't win.

  57. How else is Abbott going to pay for his Houston-sized cryptocurrency mining operation? Very important to keep the lights on in his crypto mining warehouses

  58. Oh, okay. Let me get right on that, like I haven't been voting in every election in Texas since 2008. This article is garbage.

  59. When Texas Dems sabotage a candidate like Cisneros (Progressive left) in favor of a candidate like Cuellar (Pro-Life, Pro-NRA, anti-Biden),then they deserve what they get.

  60. You all don’t get it. You cant convince Texans anything is wrong. If you try they will dig their heels in more. It’s better not to say anything and when someone else wins you can pretend to act shocked and surprised. Just nod your head and don’t say anything when they try to explain why they didn’t vote Republicans back in.

  61. I am a Texas voter and I vote based on facts! Not a sheep voting on a party line. Right now I am not happy with current leadership.

  62. Texan here - they won’t - I’m voting Beto and I’m trying to get everyone I know registered to vote and encouraging them to vote blue. Sad to say though that Texans have a long history of voting against their own best interests. Suicide by vote.

  63. A lot of you are forgetting his opponent is running on taking away guns. That alone will guarantee a high Republican turn out..

  64. It's crazy they keep trying this. Online people already totally engrossed in politics will see this message and think it's anything other than pure arrogance by a party that has done nothing for its voters. Average person will just be turned off and join the huge number of people who do not vote.

  65. "Don't vote for someone you like (because we won't allow a good option anyway), vote AGAINST someone you hate!"

  66. Love how the Democrats are just going full force with the "yeah we suck and aren't going to do shit for you but, you have to vote for us!".

  67. “I’m a lifelong Republican who voted twice for Donald Trump. They were votes against what the other party offered, not a vote for Trump. Neither party has offered high-quality candidates in recent elections. - Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth”

  68. “Don’t vote for us based on our merits - we don’t have any. But look at the other guys, they suck more” - That’s your pitch huh?

  69. At this point I don't even really care if it's pandering. Progress is progress even if it's like trying to push molasses up hill.

  70. The 2 party systems “you’re with us or against us” and “support your party no your beliefs” has got to stop. UniteAmerica.org

  71. I’d prefer to make Texas the biggest national park there is and just starting over. It’s a fucking joke and embarrassment. Florida can just sink into the ocean. It’s not worth saving.

  72. When the official Republican stance is that a pregnant ten-year-old should be forced to carry her rapist's baby to term, how are you still carrying on about "both sides"?

  73. Fuck that! Republicans are actively trying to make life harder for everyone except Christian nationalist! Democrats are actively trying to make things better for everyone, including Christian nationalist. Fuck off with the both sides are the same bullshit.

  74. Democrats need to run more Manchin like candidates in the Midwest and south. They need more moderates who will still vote for liberal justices and vote to advance some liberal policy priorities. The Democratic Party dominates US politics for decades because it was a big tent coalition and that’s what it needs to be again.

  75. The current problem with Democrats is being too Big Tent. We lack a unified message and strategic goals, so we can't push out a narrative because we're terrified of upsetting any tiny constituency. People don't find Democratic governance compelling even if we get significant policy wins because we don't brag about the good stuff we do for fear that it didn't go far enough, or didn't appease x group.

  76. Legal weed, adding tons of revenue for education and health concerns for Texas. A power grid finally getting modernize, abortion being legal, Paxton in jail, Abbott not making decisions.... What is Beto going to do that sounds so awful? (don't say guns, please)

  77. You'd rather us in Texas just continue to deal with shootings like Uvalde, as long as you get to keep your guns? Am I reading that right?

  78. No thanks considering the FIRST Mexican born woman was elected to congress from Texas and the first thing the incumbent democrat says is she’s not a true Mexican and has no idea what Hispanics want. And nobody wants their state to have a homeless problem like California. A crime problem like Illinois or the excessive costs to own a home like New York.

  79. What's so special about that shythole now anyways. The most hated state, worst set of egoositic pricks live there. Might as well disappear and get lost

  80. How about you let us worry about it and stay out of it. I’m not a republican but the modern democrats are an existential threat to our way of life.

  81. Blood red wave coming in November. All of you will see how out of touch you are with our current affairs. The world is on fire just like it was under the Obama admin with ISIS, the Arab Spring, Syria, etc... ISIS took over large parts of Iraq and Syria within days of troop withdrawl.

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