Viktor Orbán’s American apologists. The Hungarian prime minister’s recent address was labelled “pure Nazi speech”, so why do some conservative intellectuals continue to defend him?

  1. I mean, there's sitting Republican congressmen speaking at white supremacist conventions, hiring them as personal security, and making anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter.

  2. I was going to say, "because he is on their side and that's all that matters" but your statement is more correct.

  3. They like to say we use that term too liberally, and yet they're applauding taking military action against liberals.. Would they not have been shocked if he had said to outright shoot liberals in the head? I sincerely doubt it.

  4. Or perhaps not everything is Nazi-esque. The right labeled Antifa Nazis, fascists, etc. does that make them what they’re labeled by another group?

  5. I'm sure the writers of the article snickered at the oxymoron - it's practically satire to write 'conservative intellectual"

  6. What a silly question. Why do Conservatives defend Orban? Because his values are their values. His goals are their goals. His plans are their plans. Their political DNA is the same, otherwise he wouldn't have been invited to speak at their convention.

  7. yep, it was mentioned that the Neo-gop would use his speech for their own purpose. He is more articulate than any one in the gop so they will use it as a planner to sharpen their own agenda.

  8. I am so goddamn sick of these Tucker Carlson-ass rhetorical question headlines. Either straight-up say that conservatives support and enjoy fascism in your headline or don't talk about it.

  9. They do a lot more than defend him. They admire him. They aspire to be him. He’s an honored guest at their events. Many Republicans didn’t like Trump much, even as they supported him, but they’re definitely sweet on Orbán. More than a few of them are sweet on Putin too.

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