Wisconsin school district bans pride flags in classrooms, pronouns in emails

  1. Fascism, propaganda, minority rule, sustained attacks on education, concerted efforts to erode faith in experts and institutions, and a populace all on the constant verge of financial ruin to keep them from stepping out of line.

  2. Republicans discovered postmodernism and Identity politics. One can argue from a position where there is no right answer but one can look to their own experience for validation of their own story. This has been weaponised by the far right and actually has its roots in Russia. Was popularized by Brexit, and is present in leaders like Orban. If you want to delve into its origins take a look at Russian propagandists like Surkov and Dugin.

  3. My favorite is the uproar over Gordon Ramsay's TikTok on eating a lamb and another uproar over serving vegan sausage at Country Kitchen. Seriously....

  4. The Conservative elite propaganda machine constantly stirring up social wedge issues to keep the ire of the white working class misdirected so it doesn't focus on them.

  5. All the kids that weren’t spanked growing up have come of age. They always have to be the center of attention and don’t really care about the countries personal freedoms as long as their every whim is catered too.

  6. Nothing but craziness. Fascists on the right who want to turn the US into a theocracy and fascists on the left who want to enforce their pangender crap and press charges on people for calling them by the wrong pronouns.

  7. Dont be obtuse. They are banning teaching redefining pronouns the way the teachers sees fit. Things that are not part of the curriculum.

  8. i can see students agreeing to wear solid colors from the rainbow, and then arrange themselves, or shit like that

  9. While I agree it is ridiculous and most likely unconstitutional, I’m thinking they are trying to prevent people from declaring their pronouns.

  10. This is in Waukesha county, where today Trump is having a rally for his MAGA endorsed candidate for governor. Very much on brand for the scumbags of this part of the state.

  11. Society should all eschew pronouns just to prove a point. Let people tread through painfully constructed, pronounless texts from the public, eventually the realization that that decision was stupid should hit like a freight train.

  12. It’s crazy how fragile their egos are. They’re so scared of the existence of different lifestyles/sexual preferences/gender identities, to the point where they’d rather forcibly censor them rather than acknowledge that they exist. It makes them look blatantly insecure and pathetic, but they’re too scared/angry/dumb/all of the above to see it.

  13. They hate trans people so much they’ve taken a sharp turn from belief in biological essentialism/traditional gender roles to abolishing gender all together. Unbelievable

  14. Every student shows up in a Pink Floyd or Reading Rainbow shirt, on the back is a Bible quote from Jesus, “I am He!” John 18:6

  15. This is pure identity politics, having she/her in your signature isn't hurting anyone. If anything, it offers clarity for people with "unusual" or gender-neutral names (Taylor, Lindsay, Tori, etc.) Absolutely a waste of everyone's time.

  16. Funny how the party that's aways crying "freedom" is telling people what flags they are allowed to fly and how they sign their emails.

  17. So actual first amendment violations, got it. Nothing at all facist about a government funded entity dictating which normal words you can use, it's doubleplusgood!

  18. I’m very liberal - probably never gonna out my pronouns in an email. But I don’t give a fuck If you have them in yours.

  19. I live in a heavily Republican county ,and I know for a fact that they would be completely appalled by something like this. “Hey! Freedom of expression much?”

  20. Whenever these support flags are banned, the should just replace them with upside down American flags. Let that be the message sent out to the public.

  21. To be fair, the school district isn't just singling out pride flags. Any flags, such as the confederate flag, that can interpreted as a display of political or religious message, are also banned.

  22. That's ridiculous. A pride flag isn't political...it's just an expression of individual identity. It's only been painted as "political" by conservative prejudice.

  23. The Pride flag is not a symbol of bigotry, the Confederate flag is. That distinction alone is enough to prohibit one and not the other.

  24. It also sounds like its aimed at staff. Not students. It doesn't allow staff to use their personal pronouns, doesn't seem to specify students. Moreover, it bans a lot of things, like religious messages.

  25. Just let children be children stop bashing them with the current woke nonsense just let them figure things out

  26. How are pronouns woke? How is a pride flag that represents some of the kids in the class woke? It’s simple inclusivity. Y’all are so sensitive

  27. Ohhh Kettle Moraine I used to date a girl from there. She was very nice but her dad was a MAGA man long before MAGA existed. He had many head scratching theories.

  28. So the use of he, she, they, I, is, etc. is not allowed? That’ll be hard to speak in complete sentences.

  29. Read the article. That isn’t what it’s saying, even if that’s what the title implies.

  30. Yet in god we trust is mandatory in all South dakota public schools and it's frowned upon to not sing the added phrase one nation under God in the pledge that wasn't even in the pledge originally

  31. Republicans, focusing on the important issues. When you have no plans, you result to this crap to make it seem like you are doing something.

  32. If these are public schools doesn't this violate the first amendment? Or was there a supreme court case that allows schools to crack down on free expression?

  33. Pickering, Connick, and Garcetti are the cases you want, Garcetti especially. Controlling speech related to the workplace is likely constitutional.

  34. Reading these comments, did any of you read the first paragraph of the article? It specifically says they banned staff members from putting preferred pronouns in email signatures. The law isn’t saying they have to email like cavemen.

  35. It's not an outright ban on all pronouns. They banned using pronouns in the email signature. Still a very dumb policy decision, but a completely different thing than what everybody on this thread is pretending it is.

  36. Just some more restrictions by "freedom" loving conservatives. If only there were some protections for this in the 2nd amendment such a shame the founder fathers didn't think about this outcome when they wrote it.

  37. Step 1: Take pride flag. Step 2: Display upside down. Step 3: “No sir/ma’am this isn’t a pride flag, the stripes are incorrectly placed.”

  38. Good on them! The only flag that should be in the classroom is the national flag. As for this pronoun nonsense, it’s best to nip it at the bud before it gets crazy and

  39. I am of the stern belief that people should be able to express their gender in any which way they like. I’m also of the opinion that you can’t force people to be nice and respect you for it. Rejecting the binary was entirely about not being told by society what to do and how to act. Ditching the standard oppressive social construct only to force your own social construct on others is not the vibe, my dudes.

  40. Like it or not it is a political symbol now and I was under the impression that political symbols aren’t allowed in school. At least it wasn’t at my school.

  41. According to your logic, all Republicans have to do is hate something and it will become a political symbol and won’t be allowed in school.

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