Opinion | In the GOP, the paranoid fringe is becoming the establishment

  1. Whoever wrote this piece should be banned from ever publishing anything ever again. Unless the author doesn't consider anything trump did extreme, including the coup attempt, since Republicans continue to support trump and never once faltered throughout his tenure. If trump is a traitor, and we know he is, then it means every republican that continues to support him is a traitor as well, and I wish more people would be clear about that.

  2. Tweakers. I look at them the same way I see meth heads. They seem nice until you are around them for just a bit too long - then there’s no going back. They’ve exposed this overarching fucked-up side of themselves you can’t unsee. Is there rehab for Trumperialists ?

  3. This is a case where today's "old establishment" was yesterday's fringe and they replaced the establishmnet of a decade ago. Of course, Reagan also replaced the establishment.

  4. That’s why Dems better listen to Romney and not play with fire by supporting far right extremists in GOP primaries...we shouldn’t be legitimizing those fools

  5. The media isn’t helping. All they want to do is amplify the voices of the lunatics and make them mainstream.

  6. That’s because the sane folks lack moral courage and integrity and are so selfish to preserve their power. Pathetic human beings really ….

  7. It's beyond lunacy at this point. Any one of these nut-jobs would be basically unemployable before Trump. That fact that they're winning primaries and elections is an absolute travesty.

  8. Christian Conservative Republicans and MAGANazis are everywhere and they've fully-embraced Fascism. #Cult45 Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo, QAnon, Evangelicals, White Nationalists...

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