Georgia's Gun Laws Are Forcing Atlanta's Midtown Music Festival to Cancel This Year

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  1. The US is in a perpetual state of “Maybe the Redcoats will storm The Colonies again” mentality.

  2. Atlanta is where the liberals and minorities are. They don’t care if they destroy their state as long as they know they’re hurting people they don’t like while they do it.

  3. It sounds like the festival was to be held in a public park rather than a specific venue (such as a concert hall) due to the number of people expected to attend. No private venue could accommodate that kind of crowd so they chose to host it outside on state owned land. And while a private venue could set the rules for firearms, the state does not have a law allowing the festival to do the same on public property.

  4. It’s almost like they wanted the festival to up and leave or they wanted a mass tragedy and then for the festival to leave

  5. Nobody did any forcing though. The organizers’ rules don’t match up with state laws and they didn’t want to change their rules.

  6. The logic is blatantly ignorant and obviously politically motivated. A large percentage of lawful possessors is far safer than a small percentage of unlawful possessors surrounded by the disarmed. I wouldn’t go to a concert in downtown fucking Atlanta without a gun because it’s Atlanta. Blame yourselves for people wanting to feel safe and the venues not allowing it. If everyone would arm themselves then this would be a non issue but apparently self preservation is partisan

  7. I think gun enthusiasts don't ever think through the possible scenarios that can happen by permitting people to carry guns into a crowded concert. If they did they couldn't possibly think it's acceptable.

  8. they think if literally everyone has a gun then nobody will ever use them. "an armed society is a polite society" or some shit. they don't understand that there are some really angry and irrational people that could be driven to throw nuclear hand grenades over a minor traffic incident

  9. I’m a gun enthusiast but more so as a hobby. So many of the true gun nuts that I run across have such a delusional fantastical idea of what gun ownership means. They literally believe that life is a John Wayne movie.

  10. First the MLB All Star game was moved last year to Colorado. Now this. Georgia is becoming a place people don't want to go to for events. As long as DragonCon is not cancelled, I'm good.

  11. Luckily, the host hotels are private property and therefore allowed to ban guns. People can still have guns outside, though. But that’s why we take the sky bridges!

  12. Money and loss of it is the only thing capitalists understand. When accommodating gun nuts, who refuse to admit they wer wrong on gun violence, kills profits, the powers that be iwill make change.

  13. Problem is it will be Atlanta who gets hurt the most from this loss of revenue and the GOP wants to hurt Atlanta and drive Democrats and minorities out of the state so they can retake their Senate seats.

  14. How are you supposed to figure out who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in a crowd where every other person is armed? In a panic, people will shoot anyone else who is holding a gun. Even if this weren’t the case, the bad guy can kill lots of people before being stopped.

  15. Good for you Evans! You caused the whole festival to be canceled. Wonder how much money you lost the state and the city of Atlanta?

  16. Well how are people in the crowd supposed to know what’s a firework or a gunshot? I mean this is America now so gunshots are more likely.

  17. Because Heaven forbid angry rednecks go without their guns for a few days so people can feel safe while enjoying good music.

  18. Gee, I wonder what all of those pro-Republican small-business owners near the venue are going to say about losing all of that business and foot-traffic?

  19. What performer wants to risk getting shot on a live performance? Maybe we need to upgrade to Zoom performances? Live but they a monitor?

  20. Great news - this doesn't happen. I mean, I just checked the Fox News website for the story, and it doesn't appear there. At all. Not a word. They wouldn't just skip a big story like this, so it must not have happened. /s

  21. not sure how they pulled it off, but I'm in Northern Idaho and we were able to keep our music festival gun free. there are signs just outside the venue which is fenced off that indicate you can't bring guns in. I think there are also metal detectors. The majority of people who attend festivals like this are not into mixing with people who are armed. especially with the alcohol consumption etc. It shouldn't even be an issue. I sort of hope they do cancel a lot of these if the gun issue gets in the way. let the revenue they generate disappear and maybe eventually people will start thinking more sensibly

  22. A different state means different laws. It's entirely possible for ID to have a law that bans firearms at large organized events. Or even a law that allows organizers to set the rules for firearms at their own events when using public land. GA does not have such a law, at least one pertaining to the location the organizers chose to host their music festival. Since the law doesn't exist, there is a potentially legitimate argument that the festival cannot prevent people from carrying firearms in the venue as the venue is on public property.

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  24. We need to come up with an amendment to the Constitution to fix the 2nd. I know it won't pass (need 3/4 of the states, couldn't even pass ERA). But we need to plant a stake in the ground to eliminate the absolute '...shall not be infringed' verbiage and promote responsible gun ownership.

  25. I read an article that says the right is trying to control stat governments so they can amend the constitution. The left should be doing the same thing. It's all about the long game.

  26. Not a full solution but one idea is to stop the sale of weapons used in mass shootings. It is difficult to successfully mass fire into a crowd if you're having to stop and consistently load.

  27. It'd be simpler to just repeal the 2nd. Regardless of what the hobbyists claim, there's no need for guns in a civilized society except in very limited situations.

  28. GA state law says you can carry guns wherever unless the owner says no. In 2019, the GA SC ruled that the Atlanta Botanical Garden could ban guns because it is a private business with a long-term lease over a piece of public land, but stated that a short-term lease or permit would be different.

  29. As someone living in Atlanta this is the most atlanta thing I have seen in a minute besides having a pistol wielding on the run criminal almost run up in my college building while I was in the middle of class. I gotta wonder if they want legal citizens to be able to have guns cause they know criminals will smuggle them in or if they already know people are gonna smuggle in their pieces any way.

  30. The event, I’m sure, has security to make sure no guns can get in. However, they would essentially have to sit back and allow all guns in or be sued by an idiot.

  31. It sounds like some of the artists said they wouldn’t perform if the festival didn’t ban guns, which may have forced the festival to cancel. It’s kind of hard to hold a music festival without music.

  32. Common sense and safety is a good reason to shut it down. If they didn't there'd be news of a mass shooting at the festival if they didn't cancel. I'd say the Georgia legislature forced their hands.

  33. Dude. I’m a gun owner. Music Midtown was also my first concert as a kid many years ago. WTF. We can’t make laws that are semi-reasonable?

  34. It's tough to make any points as reddit isnt a safe place for even left leaning moderates like myself. I mean that before the law or with the law people didn't bring guns to concerts whether they were allowed to or not. Ibvinthrlere are some bad apples always but, I'm saying the law is irrelevant because the vast majority of concealed carry people won't bring their firearms everywhere they go, sure some do and they are very vocal about it, but I've never tried to take my guns to dragon con, piedmont park in general, a concert etc and that is literally every gun owner I know except a couple and they would never go to a concert because they are control freaks and can't handle it. The super left are trying real real real hard to get national attention for relatively moderate gun policy because they can't get any in ga. Again as a moderate who voted for Kemp for governor but Keisha for mayor, and Hillary for pres I don't think I have too hot of a take here.

  35. They have little choice but to cancel because many artists wont perform in venues that allow guns. Saying they were forced to by gunnuts might not be very nuanced, but it's still correct: it was their actions that caused this cancelation.

  36. it was a recent ruling on subject that forced their hand now. the ruling said only those with long term leases on public land could ban guns. short term leases, like this concert and many others, can't.

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