Alabama cites Roe decision in urging court to let state ban trans health care

  1. If we're just going by what's in the state constitution, 20 years ago there was language in the Alabama state constitution that prohibited interracial marriage. This is really indicative of why the feds had to step in to prohibit former Confederate states from drafting laws like this in the first place. The Feds couldn't trust the states to not brutally repress and regress their population back to the 20th century.

  2. It’s even worse than that. The same legal reasoning behind Griswold and Roe also protected you from some really evil Nazi-style crap. Crap that we forget actually happened here in the USA. Forced sterilization, coerced adoption, involuntary medical experimentation. Stuff like that. That protection has all been undermined by Dobbs.

  3. This. This is the legal underpinning that most people do but understand about Roe. The Supreme Court used incorporation to protect our individual liberties from crazy state governments.

  4. Not only did they still have the interracial marriage ban on their books, when it was finally on the ballot to be stuck down, almost half a million people still cared enough to show up and note no.

  5. I've been trying to tell people this. It doesn't matter where you stand on abortion, the supreme court has just taken your rights away. The Roe case, like many other cases, hinged on the idea that the word "Liberty" in the constitution stands for personal freedom and a right to privacy. This SCOTUS just made it clear, they do not believe the constitution protects your personal freedoms or your privacy. This is the first time that I could find in US history where the supreme court took a right that you had away from you. This is not a "States Rights" issue and it's more than an abortion issue. Injustice for some equal injustice for all, it's only a matter of time.

  6. The thing that pisses me off most is that the court repeatedly ignores the 9th amendment. Which retains all rights not otherwise listed for individuals.

  7. My husband and I decided that if the US starts pulling shit like banning interracial marriage - that will be the last straw for us. We were already enraged by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. I'm already pissed that there is no paid maternity leave and I was expected to be back at work after 6 weeks after having a 3rd degree tear - it still hurt me to walk at 6 weeks postpartum. I'm already pissed that there are mass shootings almost every fucking day of the year. The US chooses to focus on the incorrect freedoms to strip away. My husband comes from a well off family in another country, so if they ban interracial marriage, we have the financial means to GTFO of this place.

  8. It's fucking insane, and has been the GOP plan...This causes high anxiety every state election cycle, ones right may be stripped overnight.

  9. Also, please stop fucking around and make stuff worse, look at some old EU states (not England obviously) and learn from the many many centuries of lessons learned. Just copy and paste whatever the French are doing, call them provinces, copy their institution or the Danish one and have peace. Please!!

  10. Fucking "Small government" "don't tread on me" conservatives so concerned with everyone else's business.

  11. Small government but all the leaders meet at a national level to sync up their strategies and approach to governance.

  12. 100 percent. They will do this everywhere. I remember when North Carolina started this whole banning trans bathroom bill a few years back. North Carolina was a toss up but over the last few years has skewed right because of a couple elections allowing for gerrymandering.

  13. I hope everyone knows this. The "states rights" is really just a ploy. Once it's done in half of the states, they will continue with the other half.

  14. The same people who started a civil war they claimed was about "states rights" had no problem trampling all over states rights with the fugitive slave act.

  15. Please people I am terrified and heartsick. Queer and female bodied, I am a target. I know the candidates aren't perfect but there are ones who won't actively try and make a large portion of your fellow redditors illegal in their own countries.

  16. By the time they are done, the 14th amendment won't exist and the 1st amendment will have regulations on religion and incarceration for people who defy the red state beliefs.

  17. Don't worry, as a black American there's one thing I do know, most Americans will ignore the degradation of others that they share nothing in common with and move on with life as quiet as a church mouse. Even if you have facts backing up that a group is being marginalized hell even video evidence this self centered culture will keep right on trucking along with 0 care.

  18. Should we be worried that Florida seems quiet? They're going to come out and say that anybody with their initials containing a vowel will be put to death or something.

  19. Imagine what could be accomplished if the motivation was something other than hate for other people. If they need to hate, hate injustice, hate suffering, hate pain.

  20. It’s not really the reason that “because it’s not in the constitution” but because the recent roe V wade overturning also deleted 50 years of Privacy Rights which is the main thing that stopped the Govt from enforcing ideological medical decisions about people’s genitals.

  21. Texas investigating parents of trans kids getting gender affirming care for child abuse. Alabama trying to ban gender affirming care for trans youth.

  22. It's very telling that the arguement amounts to, "Look, you technically can't tell us not to do this," instead of, "This is a good/moral thing to do."

  23. I can understand arguments against abortion if you honestly believe life begins at conception and that you are trying to preserve the life of the fetus (ignoring viability, risk to mother, etc). I don't agree but I can respect it as a principled stand. However, to then apply that to a whole class of medical treatment that has no impact on another's life highlights the hypocritical nature of many on the "pro life" side.

  24. Turns out when you throw the 9th amendment in the bin, all kinds of folks are going to start saying "Doesn't say that in the constitution!" as an actual argument for why rights should be taken away.

  25. Let the taxes and regulations commence if they want to be political action committees. Tax every religious institution that wants to run our government out of existence.

  26. they will find tax loop holes just like corporations and will allow them to get *more* involved in politics. this will backfire

  27. And here it comes. And you thought that SC ruling was only about abortion? lol. Gay marriage, LBGTQ rights, and contraception are all going to be done away with. But, don't fear. The republicans will give us new rights. The right to burn or ban books. The right to overturn elections for even the most childish of reasons. The right to carry weapons into anywhere one desires. Ah, the new days coming. So comforting.

  28. The positive side, that means the left has access to guns and the right to carry them. Maybe…. We should collectively start carrying guns for the exact reason it was written into the constitution. To protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. But no, our side “takes the high road” and tries to vote them out as if we haven’t been slowly becoming a conservative fascist stare since the 80s.

  29. Six months ago the political right was telling us that they had the right to demand specific medical treatment despite the objection of their doctors.

  30. Why can’t republicans mind their own fucking business. Leave us alone, let people live how they want to live. So tired of their shit.

  31. You know how some people manage to break the cycle of abuse? Well, republicans didn't. Whole party filled with people who were traumatized and degraded growing up and who sympathized with their abusers.

  32. If the red states actually got their will and were allowed to secede, and then created their own nation (Jesusland or whatever), what would realistically happen?

  33. Realistically, I would look to a lot of countries in the middle East for a comparison. Official state religion, weak on human rights, a lot of backwards laws, poor treatment of women and minorities. I think they would suffer economically as well, even a state like Texas. You'd see a lot of corporations leaving in order to stay in the US.

  34. Considering they are only as nice as they are because of money from blue states, they would probably crash into 3rd world status real quick.

  35. Yes. I am Christian and I hate and refuse to tolerate these bastards hurting people in the name of God. The greatest commandment is love, not power.

  36. I used to live in Birmingham and was happy there. Although, once Trump started getting all those SC Judges, I saw the writing on the walls and gtfo. Birmingham is just like any other mid sized city, good food, fun bars, breweries, etc… They also have a decent med school. You can forget you’re in Alabama at times. However, you’re smacked in the face with Alabama the second you leave the city.

  37. And after that, the moment they’re able to cast aside the constitution, it’s oppressive federal law and a slate of blue-targeting policies. 6 years max until that time.

  38. And people told me, "States won't put up border checks, that's unconstitutional!" This is a giant leap toward that. We're no longer the United States when we have states having to pass laws to protect their citizens from other states. Non-extradition laws even. It's insanity. Soon we'll need national passports just to travel.

  39. My state has the Real ID now, which you'll supposedly need for air travel soon. I used my actual passport to get one. So, pretty much the same thing.

  40. And this is what happens when you leave things up to the states. They're allowed to do whatever they want to hurt whomever they want.

  41. yup I expect I'll see the 13th Amendment chipped away at in my lifetime under the guise of StATe'S RigHTs from the Roberts' Court

  42. I THINK…banning any form of healthcare should be a Federal Class B felony and open you to civil litigation by the damaged while you pay for the plaintiff’s choice of lawyer. Automatically.

  43. This situation is devolving into a race to the bottom to see which of the fascist states can be the most cruel. It’s like a contest in which the prize is the suffering of vulnerable groups.

  44. In addition to lack of science, logical thinking.. etc. These States is definition of backward uncivilized shitholes. For non Americans, the US varies from state to state, and from town to town. If you move to the US choose where you live wisely.

  45. At the very least, even trans children (honestly trans people in general) who are allowed to socially transition have much better outcomes than those that aren’t. They’re kind of on the warpath in a lot of places to force trans people back into the closet altogether so I doubt they will stop at just medical intervention

  46. Yes, the so-called pro life crowd is taking actions that will kill trans kids. My sibling is trans, and seeing so many feel so emboldened to openly hate hurts my heart.

  47. Wow, the government is getting really small under the rule of small-government conservatives, eh?

  48. The biggest lie we were ever made to believe growing up is that the United States is the greatest country in the world. It’s not. It’s a fucking joke.

  49. Probably every typically trans related procedure these idiots can think of. HRT, SRS, and FFS are likely going to be prevented if they get their way.

  50. We are literally reliving the "first they came for the socialists" meme, except instead of socialists, it's LGBT, women, and minorities.

  51. Yeah - this is why state laws don’t work. We’re one nation. You can’t legislate 50 different takes on basic human rights.

  52. I think the biggest thing that boggles my mind about all of this, well, besides the blatant disregard for humanity, is the fact that most of the people hardcore pushing for this cruel bullshit won’t even be alive in 15-20 years.

  53. The school depends on black athletes for their success yet STILL tried to co-name a building on campus with their first black student and a KKK member for compromise…in 2022!

  54. I transitioned in Alabama. It was not easy. 13 years ago. All my legal documents, marriage, and letters are from Alabama. I know I am on a list and I am so thankful I moved out of state. I am worried that my gender marker change and name change will be reversed. It cost me over 10 grand and 7 years to get it all done. I'm depressed. Its already hard being trans and having to listen to non trans folk think they know more about being trans then I do. This is a whole other level that trans folk have been worried about for decades.

  55. State government shouldn’t have this kind of power. I’m all in on voting for and supporting progressives who will bring these jokers to heel. Where does Alabama get off not educating their kids and not providing healthcare? These states drag everyone else down and should be forced to comply with a national standard of excellence.

  56. This is going to turn into one of if not the biggest series of events in US history. Still amazed so many people want other people to have little to no rights while stating they are all for their right to carry guns.

  57. If his argument is that it is wrong because the child might 'change their mind' and won't be able to undo it because it's permeant, well then I'd like to ask where he was when religious people made the decision to circumcise me as a baby. I knew by the time I was 15 I wanted nothing to do with Catholicism, but nothing is bringing my foreskin back.

  58. Conservatives love tradition. Conservatives love the founding fathers. Conservatives do not love that Thomas Paine (a founding father) said “Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself in all cases as the ages and generations which preceded it. The vanity of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies.” AG Steve Marshall needs to stop being so concerned with tradition, and focus on guaranteeing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans.

  59. Oh they totally will, it's just easier to go after minors first, and that gives them the best ways to get their thralls excited about things anyway.

  60. Bullies who never grew up picking on the weakest target, that's what they are. That's why they target children. It's not about safety or capacity to consent.

  61. Personally I think the AMA (American Medical Association) should sue these politicians who legislate medical care for practicing medicine without a license.

  62. Alabama, ladies and gentlemen. Always ranked at the bottom of the list for crime, education and medical care...but always top 3 for racism and desire to live in the 1930's.

  63. This is what mask-off “freedom” is. The prison capital of the world wants to enact more laws for more chances to hurt as many people as possible. Our government is killing us, and gaslighting us while they’re at it. Their idea of “freedom” is enacting unmeasurable harm for generations and then tossing us just so they can keep their cushy job for one more election

  64. There is going to be a constitutional crisis if the GOP manages to start passing these regressive laws on a federal level. Blue states are going to outright refuse to enforce any Christo-fascist legislation. I don’t understand how civil unrest is good for our corporate oligarchs.

  65. Yeah, if federal GOP tried imposing this on blue states they would refuse. How would the feds then respond? Violence? Against half of the states in the union? Not feasible.

  66. Can we just quarantine off a little section of the country for the hate filled conservatives to go languish in? They offer nothing of value and constantly try to make the country worse off for everyone. They are worthless.

  67. It was never about fairness in women's sports. They've been pushing wedge after wedge with things like bathroom bans, and they finally found one that a lot of ignorant moderates and liberals are willing to say "well ok, I can see that" on, even though there's a general lack of scientific rigor in the position.

  68. And so it begins. They are coming for you next. The GQP are Fascists. Reeducation camps will be next. Followed by some good old fashioned concentration camps.

  69. Alabama isn't content with the rest of the states considering them to be bottom of the bucket trash, they have to make sure there's no doubt about it

  70. That's a tough one. You left out FL and AZ though, and to be fair all 4 states are really gunning for the title of "most white supremacist friendly state".

  71. Republicans are going all out on removing rights and freedom.... the US is becoming more and more a fascist country, thanks to Republicans!

  72. I am nonbinary/trans. Most of my legal documents are in my correct name and gender marker (X). One of my fears is that in the future the government will issue laws preventing me from using my passport or driver's license to freely travel, and that I will be prosecuted for fraud.

  73. Both sides are literally exactly the same right guys? We'd literally be in the same place if Hillary won right?

  74. These people make me sick. Open heart surgery and cancer treatment aren't "deeply rooted" in the nation's history either but you don't see people wanting to stop that!

  75. Transgender youth have an alarmingly high suicide rate. This will make their already difficult lives much worse.

  76. Everyone needs to realize the Far Right doesn’t see things as politics or the civic good, they see things as all out WAR. They don’t care about the constitution, they don’t care about life or unity or equality or liberty in any way. They only want to traumatize, divide and conquer. They say they live for Jesus while their actions show they actually live for the Devil.

  77. I saw TERFs posting about how trans people were "rushing to make this about them" because we raised concerns about how it wasnt gonna stop at abortions.

  78. Anyone reading this, please don’t exclusively use this as an opportunity to make fun of Alabama. There is a lot to make fun of, don’t get me wrong— this state sucks and I will be the first to admit it. But speaking as a trans Alabaman: please use this as an opportunity to extend support your trans loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc across the country, donate to LGBT orgs & human rights orgs in Alabama that will be combatting this, and recognize that once this begins, other states of similar politics are soon to follow suit. Keep a kind eye on us— we’re not just canaries in the coal mine, we’re your community members and we’re being targeted.

  79. It turns out 2016 actually was the most important election of our lives and people didn’t show up bEcAuSe HiLLaRy.

  80. All they had to do was vote for the cringe lady. I didn't exactly like her either but I voted for her because I saw the writing on the wall. Now we're stuck like this.

  81. “Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who also joined the majority, wrote in his own concurrence that the decision to overturn Roe was only abortion, saying that "[o]verruling Roe does not mean the overruling of those precedents, and does not threaten or cast doubt on those precedents."

  82. As a healthcare provider in Alabama it is indescribably sad to watch my patients human rights evaporate. The majority of people here are uneducated, hateful, zealots. Voting democrat here is like pissing into the wind. The system is broken. When we lose separation of church and state, we lose what makes us “free” in the USA. This country is quickly becoming one of the worst countries in the world. I hate it here.

  83. That is ridiculous, for me that implies they don't consider trans has human or "normal" people. I ain't no LGBTQ team but for fuck sake... These are people that deserve the same respect as all even if you don't see eye to eye with them

  84. Isn’t it amazing how “concerned” all these people are about trans children’s bodies and “mutilation” and how they shouldn’t be allowed to make any permanent changes to their bodies before they’re 18…

  85. See? Slippery slope. It is not just "pro-life." They are intent on making Christian doctrine the law of the land. It makes me sick.

  86. Having lived through the 70’s and 80’s I too thought the 80’s were bringing a lot of hope and progress. You’re not wrong. But we are truly moving backwards. When Reagan have his famous speech at the Neshoba County fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi I was there. And even then there were many racist, profane things that were whispered in small groups. Now those same things are shouted with a bullhorn and GOP politicians campaign on them.

  87. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, we need to get people out of these backwards nations and into homes in civilized states.

  88. States rights folks don't want their state to have more power so they can do better things. These conservative states rights folks want the authority to hurt people without the federal government being able to interfere. These motherfuckers are going to do everything they can, everywhere they can, to hurt people given the ability to do so. It is fundamentally baked into the whole proposition of states rights movement. The "right" this whole bullshit started over was the "right" to own other humans as slaves. And you can tell it's about hurting people because they're not advocating for human rights, they're advocating for more power in their hands and less accountability to the bill of rights and the constitution. The more the Supreme Court gives them, the more they will take, and the more people they will hurt. They will not stop of their own accord.

  89. The masks are off, the gates are opened, and the dogs of culture war are roaming the land. Welcome to Republican hell.

  90. A lot of people will pat themselves on the back for calling them out and telling them to leave us alone, but will still refuse to listen to us to what we actually need help with politically to be safe and supported and then wonder how we got here. This includes people here.

  91. Dude they're not even trying to be covert or quiet about either. They're just like fuck it let's start taking shit from people we don't accept/like

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