Women for Trump co-founder and Jan. 6 rally organizer: Trump is ‘disconnected from the base’

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  1. "back to our first principles". Back to being racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, fake Christians, white nationalists and so on.

  2. I will never truly understand how Trump won the first time. When I heard that tape I thought no woman can vote for him. Even now I wonder how any woman can vote for him. When I see a group called woman for Trump I think, really?

  3. Women enablers have always been a thing. I know several. It’s sad. But it’s what they’re raised into and what they believe.

  4. These past years have pretty much ground my hope into nihilistic dust, but there looks to be enough smoke that the oligarchs are trying to push Trump aside for DeSantis. Hey universe, if you want to make it up to us you can have Trump wage a war with the Republican party and split them like we all thought would happen eventually.

  5. I’d love it if Trump suddenly announced that all his followers, male and female, must make themselves known in public by shaving their heads and at all times wear a maroon robe with a giant ‘T’ on the right side.

  6. He’s disconnected from the base because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself! He doesn’t care about the good of his constituents, he only wants to win.

  7. Of course he's disconnected from his base. He absolutely loathes the unwashed masses that make up his base and wants nothing to do with them outside their cheers and their money.

  8. I think Trump is very connected to his base of support, feeding them exactly what they want to hear, regardless of truth or consequence.

  9. The woman - Amy Kremer - actually believed that Trump considered her to be a real capable human being equal in every way to the Donald himself.

  10. Yes, Trump is disconnected from the GOP base. That's why Biden won. Trump and his supporters are the reason why we have Biden. Just like with Hillary vs. Trump, Trump vs. Biden was votes against Trump and not because people really liked Biden.

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