A new gimmick for the Pokemon TCG has been revealed: Peelable Ditto cards

  1. Bro I was buying fake cards for years as a kid. I was so mad when I took them to the card shop and they told me they was fake. But some the fakes were so good, only I could tell! RIP my retro collection I sold for $60

  2. Cue future Non-Peeled Cards fetching an absolute fortune with people who did peel theirs regretting doing so.

  3. Unpeeled, you can always peel them later if it's not the case while keeping the condition under it free of scuffs and scratches

  4. If I used this competitively, I would probably put it in a sleeve unpeeled and then have. a peeled one to pull out when ready to use it.

  5. I still have an Ancient Mew card from the second Pokemon movie over 20 years ago, never opened, still in its package, and I'm pretty sure it's still not worth anything

  6. Rule of thumb is to keep collectibles as original as possible to how they were produced & packaged. Even an old booster back can accrue value.

  7. Unpeeled. It's the same principle of why people collect booster packs and not the cards in a booster pack - whenever the cards in a booster pack become rare, sought after, valuable, whatever, the value of the booster pack will always go up, while the value of an individual card might go up a lot if it's that one card, but will otherwise in fact go down from other people opening booster packs, getting that card, and increasing supply.

  8. Most definitely unpeeled. In fact expect to see shit like "ALL GEN 1 LEGENDARY DITTO CARDS UNPEELED [[[GRADE 9]]] MINT!!!!!"

  9. Except now everyone will keep em unpeeled and itll flood the market. Even in 5 years they will still be a ton of em unpeeled. Just the way the industry is going now.

  10. I assume you'd keep them unpeeled. The pokemon on top will be the main rarity of this card. Everyone will know it's a ditto underneath, but maybe some rare pokemon on top.

  11. I'd honestly prefer it. Could you imagine pulling a holographic deoxys or something with a ditto in the bottom left. It's like 2 cards in one

  12. How long will this stay on if you just sleeve it and page it? I'd keep mine un-peeled, but worried it would start coming off due to age at some point?

  13. I was going to comment this as well, and the textured foils in the next set for mtg will probably be similar to the texture foils from pokemon.

  14. You’re telling me they let you know with a little icon in the corner… instead of giving the Pokémon a ditto face. What a missed opportunity!

  15. Gonna pull out my soap box here but the ditto face is not an aspect of all dittos, just one ditto who was having a hard time in one episode of the Kanto anime

  16. In pokemon go the transformed dittos just look like the normal pokemon. I assume they didn't want the ditto face because pokemon go doesn't have it. There are other tcg cards with ditto transformed as pokemon with the ditto face.

  17. I would definitely keep the card unpeeled or keep the "peel" if it had a ditto face. Keeping it basic encourages the intention behind the cards which is to peel them.

  18. Is this to troll those guys who weigh packs in store to find packs with shiny cards? Now Dittos will be slightly heavier too.

  19. This is this year's first limited set, in that the packs can only be bought from their premium collections in groups.

  20. Imagine how cool/rare it would be, if they did like...a deoxys ditto? You open a pack and see a ditto at the bottom of your deoxys?! Like this mf really saw a deoxys, transformed into it, and YOU happened to see it in that form?! And if they made a card like that?! Never peeling it off.

  21. I ruined my original holo scyther card as a kid because I thought it was a sticker. Glad to see this dream of mine come to fruition.

  22. It would have been way cooler if the card was a ditto and you peel it to reveal what it transforms into, the new card would retain the ditto logo at the bottom corner. (IMO)

  23. I… CANNOT wait for the creators to put out a super limited time rare card only for it to actually reveal itself as a ditto

  24. Inb4 these take off and become a big collectors item unpeeled but people find a way to cleanly reattach the peel to a different card and then start selling fake dittos and ruin the market for everyone.

  25. Bruhhhhhhhh I’d be absolutely too the moon if I thought it was a genuine super secret rare card and nahhhh it’s just a ditto 😂😂😂

  26. But why would you prefer a Ditto over the GOD of Pokémon (who's also the only pokemon able to rick roll the entire fanbase)?

  27. I’m thinking back to those cheap knockoff Pokémon and yugioh cards I bought for 3 quarters in a grocery store bubblegum machine when I was a kid. They had crazy Holo and could be peeled. It was just a sticker not some ultra rare card! 😭😭😭

  28. Don't know why they don't Double-Face them like Magic: the Gathering's transformation gimmick does. I guess because Kids would have to learn to sleeve and the Championship series would require kids to "proxy"/use the paper card that marks the transformation information for judges?

  29. 20 yrs ago there was a little coin vending machine that had stickers of what would be fancy looking rare cards like legendaries, the cool evolutions, and for Yugioh it had the God Cards since that was the hot stuff back then. We buy the entire lot of stickers and stick them on cards and make huge profit. We thought we were pretty slick for 10yr olds, but really we were just a group of Bebe's kids.

  30. Haha as someone who just likes stickers a whole lot, the idea of peeling a card and then sticking the top layer (idk if it’d be sticky or just cling-like) in my journal already has me thinking of getting a pack for myself.

  31. I used to make fake Yu-Gi-Oh cards by printing out expensive ones and gluing them to real ones, funny to see this similar application being done officially

  32. i cant fucking read it its so blurry, I think it says "this mon can use attacks of any basic pokemon in your discard pile except something something vmax pokemon"

  33. I hate to be that guy cause this is a fun idea and I think its awesome, but it would make more sense with Zoroark instead of ditto if its going from disguise to true form

  34. Buy any ready made deck. Learn to play with that. As you get better buy some booster packs. The deck box will have instructions. Although you need someone to play with. Convince your family to play too or hit up a card shop. You can even play online with pokemon online? I think it's called. Every box,deck, booster comes with a code you use to get that product virtually.

  35. I gave like 600 Pokémon cards and over 1000 Yu-gi-oh! cards to my nephews and cousins who proceeded to rip them up and eat them. This was early-mid 2000s. No telling what I might’ve been sitting on. I enjoyed playing g with them more than collecting them.

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