my good people once again, conch, cat flap, or snug ( or any other piercing that might fit my ear) I'm only getting one.( I'm very indecisive)

  1. Of those, i'd do conch. Snug is a thick piece of cartilage that, from what i've heard, is a real pain to heal. Heal with a stud, then change to a ring.

  2. Cat flaps are so uncommon and cute, it would feel like a waste of potential to not do it if you have the anatomy.

  3. I think since you're in the unique position of having the anatomy for a cat flap, you should do that. But a conch with a ring once it heals would look amazing.

  4. So when you get pierced for a conch you have to get pierced with a stud unless you want a giant 10 gauge hoop. And that hoop is going to move around and it’s going to make you more prone to getting a piercing bump or other irritation. So hopefully you don’t mean for starter jewelry.

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