[OC] Guy I know worked at a sign printing company. Dozens were printed before they caught it.

  1. I'm British and spent two minutes wondering if this was some sort of pun and "zachbostic" was an American word I'd not heard of before.

  2. It really took a bit. Kept scanning the words trying to find an error, which can be tough sometimes as your brain likes to autocorrect small errors. Then thought maybe the elephant. Does it have a dick visible? Too many legs, too few? Then I saw the negative space between the legs.

  3. Looking through the comments, everyone seems to be only looking at the klan hoods. I think there are two other subtleties the artist hid:

  4. Yes. And all of these facts provide absolute evidence that this was an intentional choice on the designer's part, rather than an accident.

  5. It's absolutely crazy that candidates get away with things like this. People that support the KKK are running for (or are in) office, yet we're being gaslit into believing that we're being "too sensitive," because we don't want racists/fascists running the country. The games the right plays are unbelievable.

  6. The more annoying thing for me is that you can actually see where the image has been placed down ontop of the sign because the border loses a pixel line of colour

  7. Ugh. And here I am staring at the god awful typography and didn’t even notice that. This is what happens when someone says “my cousin’s nephew is good with all that computer stuff.”

  8. So here’s the best part - it was stolen from a mother Jones article that’s all about how racist the gop has become. Mother Jones is notoriously liberal so there little chance this guy was reading it and found it cool. More than likely the designer he hired hated him and slipped it in as an Easter egg.

  9. Pretty much my suspicion. If reddit is staring at this image knowing it's fucky but can't figure out why, there's little chance your average pol would even notice.

  10. See knowing this makes it weird. Like this image doesn't come up easily if you need just an image. It feels like someone who read this article would've been the person to find the image and if so why use it? It's just odd

  11. I would be inclined to believe that it was an accident were it not for the absence of the dots preceding and following the elephant as to imply a path in the background. Those dots are not intended to be an artistic road in the background. They are intended to be as they appear.

  12. Bostick, ok look for a typo that spells dick, nope, ok look for images that are phallic in nature, ok nope, look at the flag, ok nope, look at the elephant tail, ok nope. Fuck it, read the comments, oh!

  13. What is your company’s policy on printing racist materials like this? Did they explain what they saw to the client and say they would not print more?

  14. I would not have caught with this is supposed to be hiding. All I could think of was Easy A because “Here’s the thing, mmmMELODY BOSSSSTICK.”

  15. I saw it after about 20 seconds. At first confused. But I'm old (68) and raised in an era where we were very often reminded about how sacred the American flag is and how important to treat it right, handle it right, represent it right. Cutting out parts of the stars and stripes in a photo is definitely not OK in the hearts/minds of the people who buy into the old school worship of the American flag (which I sort of don't).

  16. OH SHIT I was like oh what are those black dots in between the legs of the elephant that must of been a misprint and then I zoomed in

  17. “Well fuck all y’all. I’m going home. I watched my wife work all day, getting 30 bags together for you ungrateful sons of bitches and all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize. From now on, don’t ask me and mine for nothin!”

  18. Stupid question cos I'm not American: Why would you want your sherrif to be a member of a political party? Doesn't this set them up for clientalism and huge conflicts of interest?

  19. I literally never would have thought that those were klan hoods if someone hadn’t said in the comments. I thought the dots represented the ground seen between the elephants legs.

  20. I can only imagine what Zach bostick looks like. I’m guessing he’s fat. He’s white. He’s ugly as fuck. And he’s dumb as hell. Lmao quick google search confirms literally all of it

  21. The Klan, btw, is a prime reason why we shouldn't elect sheriffs. I don't want "the majority" to elect people who have huge discretion in their use of force with no oversight.

  22. How is it a mistake? He's a republican running for sheriff. A not insignificant amount of his votes will come from racists and KKK members.

  23. Sending this to my wife and said, here is a puzzle, it’s offensive in a horrible way, can you find out why.

  24. I swear to God I had looked at this like a magic eye for almost 10 minutes, like "ok, I guess 'Bostick' is a little off, but ..no" I eventually just thought the dots were maybe poop or something

  25. That's an intentional dog whistle. I'd bet anything Bostick's people had it in the image for a reason and someone is disappointed it was caught at all.

  26. This is either a racist trying to be sneaky or someone wanted to be funny and designed some bad looking aliens. It could be either

  27. Wait wait wait. Sheriffs are elected?! And they have stated like election-sign level party political affiliations?!?!? Arent sheriffs supposed to be cops??!??!!!! How is ANYONE surprised that cops are corrupt if cops are ALSO POLITICIANS??!!!!!!

  28. Everybody’s talking about the hoods but the first thing I saw was the upside down American flag.

  29. Took me a long time to see the hoods, but looking at it also made me realize how odd it is that a sheriff has election campaign signs. The number of elected positions in the US is wild.

  30. Explain like I'm five, why is this bad? What was caught? I mean sure, it's great that you'd refuse to print anything from the right but usually businesses don't care what's printed - I'm missing the point here!

  31. Ignoring the klan hoods, it’s troubling to me a sheriff is putting political symbols on his election posters and thinks that’s ok. I don’t want to know or ever have to care what the political affiliation is of the guy enforcing laws. It isn’t and shouldn’t be a political office.

  32. I love how I can't figure out what's wrong with this post while the other guys, who do know, are illiterate and can't write a comment to tell everyone.

  33. The image is intentional though isn’t it? Like those are Klan hoods. Why else would someone put black dots between the legs?

  34. I bet the guy is a Constitutional Sheriff: only enforces laws he likes and happy to track down a pregnant runaway who doesn't want to carry their uncle's baby to term.

  35. Since he’s running for sheriff, it could be a dogwhistle for a certain subset of people 👮‍♀️

  36. The KKK reference is too subtle for the typical voter. It’s good they caught it so they can make it more clear.

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