Fukushima, Japan 🇯🇵

  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing. I’m not that familiar with cherry blossoms so I didn’t know the pic was altered. It looks just as beautiful in the original.

  2. Since this isn't really Fukushima, I'm guessing they're just simulating what Fukushima looks like today...ya know, the ionized version.

  3. yup. there are plenty of opportunities & locations to capture a real picture of actual pink blossoms in Japan, there is no reason to fake them.

  4. I grew up around cherry trees and the photo manipulation here is so obvious. Why do people always feel the need to adjust the colors? Cherry trees look great in their natural colors.

  5. I wonder if for them it’s just like meh as if they’re desensitized, or if they appreciate it as being pretty damn cool all the time.

  6. I think it's only like that for a few weeks in spring, which makes it easier to appreciate than if it were like that all the time.

  7. Japan has a yearly event called Hanami from March to April for the purpose of watching the flowers in bloom, mainly the Sakura trees.

  8. No they love the cherry blossoms. They're Japan's national tree and represents a lot of pride for the nation. As much a symbol of Japan as the flag.

  9. My first day in Japan I stepped off a train and saw a sizeable inflatable Godzilla, people dressed in all manner of cosplay and groups in go-karts. I specifically recall looking around expecting everyone to be gawking like me, but it was just business as usual. It can be surreal.

  10. Sakura in Japan are pretty cherished. Most of the people I worked with/knew would go to at least one party a year with a picnic under a tree. Weather broadcasts will forecast the short season as it passes through japan from the south up to the north. People will take day trips to famous spots or get on special trains like this picture to see more. A lot of spots are lit up at night too.

  11. Every year in spring there are massive hanami (flower viewing) festivals where people go out to parks and have picnics under the cherry trees. It's a huge thing, the tradition is over 1000 years old. Hanami usually peaks between the last week of March and the first week of April

  12. how I wish soon I can have that trees on my place. i have 0.12 hectare house vicinity and planning to plant cherry trees on the sides.

  13. I'm colourblind and can still see the sliders have been abused on this one, holy shit. Why ruin a perfectly good picture?

  14. At its peak (few days) Fukushima city registered a radioactivity level of 60 microsieverts/day, which is only 10 times higher than the natural radioactive background of, say, Rome in Italy. No adverse health/environmental effect was expected and none have been statistically registered. By contrast Ramsar in Iran has a natural radioactive background of 712 microsieverts/day, which is more than 10 times the limit for radiation workers, yet no ill effects are observed.

  15. I know this is a joke, but the radioactive contamination was really not relevant for health nor the environment except for a few hundred meters from the plant.

  16. ah, I want to go to Japan when the cherry blossoms bloom! I went a hundred years ago, and it was awesome, but before the bloom.

  17. I would never use that walkway. It's pretty and all but I think the tram (trolley?) Would fall off and crush me

  18. I'm wondering if this is one of the oldest monorail systems in Japan? At first, it looked like a train...then thought....no...one rail. Beautiful colors.

  19. Beautiful. Just saw a post of a woman walking on a guardrail in China heading to work as the streets are flooded.

  20. As an American, I really wish I lived in Japan. They just seem to have the whole national identity and culture aspects worked out to a tee.

  21. Remember people. The Sakura trees (I think that's what they're called) are the motto of Japan because they only live for a couple of days/months (I really don't remember) so don't go to Japan in October and be siddapointed its white treees

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