Walmart in Anchorage, Ak

  1. I would never take my parrot in a store. Too many bad things could happen. Someone could grab it. It could get startled and fly off. An employee could spray a cleaning product that’s fumes are poisonous to the bird. If it’s a pet store, someone’s large dog could jump up and grab it, or they could catch a bird disease. I hate seeing irresponsible bird owners.

  2. As I just got done with my prayers and appreciation list I find this and add to my list of blessings. I’m thankful everyone has someone to love.

  3. I would love to have a parrot or cockatoo or any long living species of birds that talk but the shitting anywhere at anytime is the main reason I don’t. My dad had a small bird that he and the family loved and stayed in a cage mostly but when it was let out it was like it had been holding it’s bowels all day And would release them wherever it landed. I still can’t do it.

  4. That is a health issue being in a store where food is. She has no right to put the health of other in jeopardy because she is weak and needs a GD bird with her in public.

  5. Hey, don't make fun of the crippled people. That's the poor lady's service parrot. They are trained to fly into the aisles at the store and retrieve assorted items within a tolerable weigh limit - bags of chips, instant ramen, marshmallows, gum. They also squawk when spotting ships on the horizon, but that is a holdover from their original training and subsequent genetic breeding by the pirates centuries ago.

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