Have your say: Do you support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act during the 'Freedom Convoy'?

  1. Shouldn't have had gotten to that level in the first place. Police, the city, the province all abandoned the city and left it to Trudeau to bring order.

  2. What’s the break through this stupid trash survey is talking about? When the morons managed to lynch and or have sex with Trudeau? What a rag.

  3. I absolutely love how most people who have an opinion on the use of the emergency act weren’t affected by the convoy. Most people I hear saying it wasn’t warranted weren’t living in Ottawa and hadn’t experienced this shit first hand.

  4. This myth that there was a negotiated "breakthrough" is really annoying and is certainly misleading. Watson accomplished nothing and very few vehicles moved.

  5. I’m visiting from Niagara, was shocked to see folks still driving around honking and screaming about freedom with their (what looks like) nazi salutes out the window of the Ford.

  6. The hopes for a "breakthrough" were on Parliament's end trying to negotiate with these people like some kind of protest. Like you said, that was bogus, and the government pulled the Act out the next day. Nothing about the proof the government tried to take them seriously is also proof the mob did too, like they try to make it sound.

  7. Posted because I noticed there was a distinct disconnect between the poll results and the comment section. As an Ottawa citizen who felt genuinely scared to leave the house with the harassment we were dealing with, I figured maybe some other people in Ottawa might also want to comment.

  8. Have had that happen many times on Reddit. Right wingers think it’s funny to take away resources from people who need them because someone disagrees with their love of fascism.

  9. When the convoy was camping out here so many people got reported as suicidal for any comment against the convoy. Happened to me too, guess some are still lurking

  10. From Ottawa and was living downtown during the protests (still am) and it was awful just as others have said

  11. Absolutely. If you did not live in Ottawa at the time you do not really get a say- full stop. It was terrifying to go anywhere

  12. If the survey only asked Ottawa residents, the ones actually impacted by the “protest”, I wonder what the results would be. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be 84% “No”.

  13. Well my Republican friend from Alaska apparently knows more about the convoy than I do. You know, a resident of Ottawa.

  14. That’s very true I’m sure that same poll is getting tossed around conspiracy subs or pro freedumb groups and they are voting on it to.

  15. I doubt this poll result is at all representative of anything other than it being shared on some alt right forum and then brigaded.

  16. It's the kind of thing dumb MAGA types pass around amongst heir channels, giggling to each other about how clever they are.

  17. The only way to get an accurate response is through random sampling, as people are saying, it's easy enough to spread these website polls around to push for a desired result. With a random poll no one can brigade it in either direction.

  18. It’s crazy how many people I met in travelling who would start giving me their take on the convoy while I was skiing in Quebec and the USA last year.

  19. considering both the City and the province essentially abandoned the 50k people who live in Centretown, Lowertown, the Market and Sandy Hill and left us with no reason to think the occupation would end due to their acting on our behalf, i feel that the feds using the Emergency Act was the only way we were going to get things back to normal.

  20. Don't forget Vanier/Overbrook. That Coventry location was a total mess, and the city willingly gave it up to them as a sacrifice for downtown.

  21. Yeah it's infuriating to me how Trudeau is the one still taking flak for this while it basically didn't affect Dougie "Gone Snowmobilin'!" Ford at all.

  22. This. They can cry about over reach and all that shit, but the fact is the PM waited till the absolute last minute before invoicing the act. He gave the opportunity for the municipal and provincial levels to take action and they didn't. The federal was the last step available and after three weeks, they were 100% within their rights to invoke it.

  23. As a downtown Ottawa resident, I am indebted to citizens like you who, from across Canada, invested their time to keep informed with what happened in my home town and our capital. I detest the Liberal government but this concerted attempt to rewrite what happened - and was clearly recorded - throughout February is nothing short of treasonable hot air. Thank you.

  24. ‘Occupation’ is correct. This was beyond a protest. They were attracting people who wanted it to get violent. We all saw what happened in the US in January and didn’t want to see the same bloody nightmare happen here.

  25. I still don't get the "breakthrough" thing. Lich and King both made it clear that their "deal" with the mayor would never be respected. The only way they would completely clear was if the mandates were 100% removed, which, again, was not possible because the feds couldn't do anything about provincial mandates.

  26. The violence started on day one, this is why most of the business on Rideau shut down. LCBO on King Ed made it about an hour before they had to call it quits. Every one of these muppets who try to inform me how peaceful the whole experience was and how it was nothing but love and hugging can kiss my butt. I live in Lowertown. I’ve probably experienced more convoy than most people in these threads. It was fucking hostile. I’m sure some Qanons had a nice time jerking each other off in a home brew hot tub, but from my experience it was full of persecution-hungry crybabies swinging at liquor store security and throwing tantrums at the hotel checkin counter. Out-of-towners telling check-in clerks to go back to where they came from because they were too dumb to book a room ahead of time. Adults dressed up as holocaust victims because they were asked to wear a mask sometimes. And that’s before all these guest speaker conspiracy theorists were invited to spew their garbage for 3 weeks like Romana Didulo and Rat King. Shoveling a bit of snow doesn’t absolve any of these people from being at worst hostile extremists or at the very least useful idiots who helped a few scumbags grift millions of dollars that is no doubt being laundered through TUPOC’s merch/donation page.

  27. Going to the border was their biggest mistake. People wouldn’t let that slide as now they are national security risk. Holding up the border will get you no sympathy from anyone sane.

  28. What’s crazy is that it was even justified if you ignore the economic ramifications of the blockades. The protestors were significantly disrupting the way of life of anyone in and around the core. Whether that be by blocking access to roads/services, heckling, vandalism, or consistently honking in the middle of the night, it was hell

  29. The alt right love to flood these online polls then are shocked when it turns out that most people don't actually agree with them. It happened to the local ctv news polls all through the occupation.

  30. I got mocked for pointing out the CTV poll spiking when it came to anything mandate or convoy related. They repost in their echo chambers and skew numbers heavily. When most polls come in at 3-4k per night and then a 12-15k pops up that mandate/convoy. You know what just happened.

  31. I do not support the Federal Government’s use of the emergencies act. There are way more people to blame before you get to the Prime Minister. I am not a fan of our government but the whole situation should have been stopped by the city and the province long before it escalated to the use of the emergencies act. The emergencies act is a scape goat for the failures of the Police and the Province.

  32. This is the point though. Most people I know are in agreement. The act was overkill but the city and the province failed us so there was no choice. Had the city not been incompetent and the province been actively engaged in protecting it's citizens the act would not have been required but here we are.

  33. I would've preferred that the RCMP, Ottawa and Ontario police services did their job but here we are. Ottawa police especially dropped the ball. Maybe they didn't have the resources but they neither asked for help or even tried.

  34. As an Ottawa resident whose work was impacted, has two colleagues who suffered assaults, and passed through the protests on numerous occasions, I have felt gaslit by the media. Family in Europe and colleagues in Montreal have suggested my accounts and experiences were exaggerated and told me it was a friendly well organised protest. I am astonished how my own trauma (primarily feeling unsafe and threatened but also gas fumes and honking, experiencing people marching down residential streets and trying explain to my young kids why people were screaming profanities) are minimised. I continue to be horrified by reasonable people I know justifying the protests and/or explaining that as an Ottawa resident I cannot complain about “reasonable” or “legitimate” protests.

  35. Totally agree. I was minimally impacted because where I live and work was not in the police perimeter, but have many friends/colleagues that were. It is so upsetting to know the harassment/racism they experienced is being easily brushed aside. Recently I had a family member visit and mentioned where the perimeter was. He had no clue that such a large area was impacted, stating “I thought it was just one street”. The media totally failed to capture the scope and impact on ordinary citizens.

  36. Yes. It's unfortunate collective (mayor, police, Ford) incompetence led to such action being required but that's what happened.

  37. This is the frustrating bit about polling nationally. My friends in other cities/provinces didn't seem to get what the big deal was and thought the Emergencies Act was a total overreaction and abuse of powers.

  38. As an Ottawa resident absolutely. I am dumbfounded this is all on the PM and not on the Premier. Ford didn’t act, someone had to.

  39. To be fair, there were plenty of real alternatives that could have been actioned, especially even just at the provincial level.

  40. They cost the economy literally billions and coincidentally closed the border crossing just as Russia invaded Ukraine. They should have been tossed in jail the whole idiotic conspiracy theorists bunch of them.

  41. The emergency act should not have been used because the provincial government had all the tools but did not use them. Instead Doug Ford played politics with us and then forced the federal government to act. What can you say when all lower levels of government utterly failed us? The feds provided the only solution because they were the only group who were competent (unlike the city) and willing to act (unlike the province).

  42. I'm invested in the hearing and investigation into the legitimacy of the usage of the Emergencies Act as it unfolds over the next few years. The enactment itself has set a historical precedence and I don't doubt that this will be examined and debated in academia from a sociological, political, and criminological standpoint for many, many years to come.

  43. He shouldn't have had to if the Ottawa Police had done their job in the first place, something had to be done to remove those fascist morons.

  44. I will never understand how the discussion focuses on whether the Act was needed (it clearly was) and not on the sheet incompetence of every other level of government who failed to act appropriately and forced the feds to step in.

  45. If any of the people who actually had the ability to fix the issue did their jobs it wouldn't have had to go all the way up to requiring the federal government. That's why it took so long for it to get used, they were waiting for everyone to actually do their job... The police/city did nothing, The province did nothing, the next in line to do something is the federal government which finally decided to do something.

  46. I don't like seeing governments implement things like this but if there was another way to end that mess it wasn't done in three weeks. The Emergency Act was the only option left after a complete failure from OPS.

  47. It enabled the gov to achieve the result that Canada as a whole wanted quickly and efficiently what other justification do you need? The problem with the freedumb convoy wasn't the use of the emergencies act it was that the convoy was allowed to get to the point where there was no other option than to use the emergencies act to deal with it.

  48. yeah, that gas depot they set up at the edge of Confederation Park maybe 20 feet from their open fire pits was really something else.

  49. 100% Should have used it sooner. The second they didn't have the permits and chose not to leave. Should have been "escorted" until they followed the proper channels.

  50. Since everyone else was sitting on their hands there was no other choice that I could support at the moment, if provincial forces would had done something similar I would’ve supported too.

  51. 100%. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills some days with the push back on it…of course I wish it never came to that position, but it did…and I’m happy the ‘order’ was issued

  52. Absolutely, it would be great if it wasn’t needed, but clearly nothing else was working (or rather nothing else serious was done to end it). They did not abuse that power that was used for exactly what they said it would and then ended

  53. Yes. 100 times yes. Don't come to my city to blockade it and don't blockade borders that are important to the economic functioning of this country and people with jobs.

  54. I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I don't support JT's use ot the Emergencies Act. Not because of some potential "breakthrough", which i doubt there was, but because it was just overkill and unecessary.

  55. Don’t disagree about the failure of other layers of government but his move finally got the ball rolling to end the siege.

  56. Absolutely. The local police weren't doing anything (or were too afraid) and this act allowed the MTL police to come in and help

  57. Had the local authorities done their jobs it wouldnt have been necessary. Fact is we would probably still be up to our elbows in mouth breathers screaming about something, something, freedom.

  58. Nothing matters. If you live in FOXLANDIA then the convoy was peaceful freedom fighters who were demonized by a Marxist liberal media funded by the pro open border, one world currency, Jewish elites.

  59. As someone who hates Justin Trudeau with a burning passion....Yes. I don't like Trudeau, but I dislike Lich, Poullivere, Pat King and The Freedumb Convoy more.

  60. I just want the Canadian flag to be a normal thing again and not associated with this crap. It’s slowly losing its connection.

  61. I'm generally opposed to emergency powers, but it got to the point where the Old Ottawa South dog-walkers Facebook group set up an illegal roadblock. I knew then that something had to move because the rule of law became a joke.

  62. I do NOT give a shit if they were close to a “breakthrough” on negotiations, which I don’t buy for a second. The protest lasting forever was always the point. It raises money. It’s a grift. Lots of people are continuing to make a shitload of money off of it. I hate that there were negotiations at all. They made their point known and had their message heard… people didn’t care. Now fuck off, forever, please.

  63. when they started blocking road, and harassing Ottawa citizens that is when they made sure all the rights of others were violated and that's when they lost the right to protest.

  64. Whatever side you are on with this issue, we should all be terribly worried about the government being able to freeze bank accounts. It sets a very dangerous precedent. PS...The emergencies act was used during war time. This was a protest...the government needs to tell the difference.

  65. OPS Interm Chief Bell said it was nessasary. Listen for yourself. I also agree with him. I live here and the train horns were off the chart loud 24/7

  66. People who don't think that the invocation of the Emergencies Act was warranted have to acknowledge that the people who live(d) downtown in Ottawa during the events of January and February went through an awful time. Given the failure of any level of law enforcement to deal with the situation, the Emergencies Act was necessary in order to allow people who live and work in downtown Ottawa to return to their lives.

  67. Talk about taking context out of the equation. Most of the information was redacted, and it was in reference to Watsons attempt to do something. We know how that turned out.

  68. To many outside the city or province - the news was unable to adequately cover it, so it didn’t look like a big deal. Meanwhile, as somebody who lives a few blocks from the hill - I was scared to leave my apartment. Building manager hired security as we had some less than favourable incidents of people getting in and going to peoples units and harassing residents. On a walk I was physically assaulted, verbally assaulted and followed. In a 2 block radius.

  69. yes, every level of government amd law enforcement were all refusing to act, this made them start clearing out the terrorists

  70. Yup. Just because those morons didn’t shoot anyone doesn’t mean it was peaceful. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a moron and never once set food down there.

  71. That's pretty normal with these crappy little online polls that news orgs put out; they'll generally get brigaded and such.

  72. It was judiciously and responsible applied, to end a growing threat from a far-right mob linked both financially and ideologically to the violent Republican christian neo-fascists in the US. So yes.

  73. I'm an ottawa resident, ik I'll get down voted for saying this bur the protesters I encountered were super nice. They offered my friends gloves and were cleaning up the streets.

  74. Yes, and anyone who disagrees either doesn’t live in Ottawa or wasn’t affected by the convoy and can pound sand.

  75. My support of it is irrelevant. Things were approaching a boiling point. When regular people began turning away occupiers at Billings Bridge, that was the signal to the authorities that organizers with union support were about to take things into their own hands.

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