Leaders of truck convoy protests sought to overthrow government, Canada’s national security adviser says

  1. Doesn't matter , I've had arguments with people who still think a. they never really wanted to overthrow the govt b. There demands were never changing and simple to respond to since the beginning.

  2. Some people say Trudeau is ruining the country. But I can't imagine the dystopian hellscape Canada would have become under a Qonvoy dictatorship. Not that that would ever happen.

  3. Someone on this sub yesterday had a meltdown trying to claim it wasn't a coup attempt. Their only evidence was this blog post FROM FEBRUARY 2ND LOL:

  4. And everyone wondered why JT would not meet with the organizers ... yet the disgusting conservatives were in there shaking hands and getting their pictures taken with them.

  5. The smarter, creepier ones were looking for ways up the escalation ladder with the cops. That said, I doubt there were that many who thought along those lines. Convites are a coalition and true whackos did not have control.

  6. There was no plan. I know it was their stated goal, but there was no plan whatsoever. Show up, block the roads, refuse to leave and be shit-heads. That's why I just can't take the claim of wanting to overthrow the government too seriously. It was just a lot of hot air. I don't discount what they did accomplish, which is gridlock downtown Ottawa and spread hate and misery for 3 straight weeks. And definitively they need to be held accountable. And if it helps to throw back their mission statement in their faces in court, I'm all for it. But it was never a real attempt at overthrowing anything.

  7. The security agencies and experts were paid to warn of this in advance and take action to prevent it, not to merely commentate after the fact.

  8. When are we going to get answers to questions like who let them in, let them stay, did not issue tickets, and why did it take 3 weeks to organize an operation to remove them?

  9. … why did they tell us it was our fault for not reporting crimes, why did nobody do ANYTHING about the train horn, why did they just forget about the ‘call for service’ when someone tried to burn down an apartment building, why did they suggest from the beginning that the government should negotiate with the people trying to overthrow the government….

  10. bah, people said this about trump. 30% of this country will only ever vote "conservative" no matter what that party stands for. we have to take all leadership candidates seriously.

  11. What gave it away, their demand for the elected pm to step down or the part where they would form the government themselves?

  12. They spent the whole time implying they had guns (which many did) and used their kids as shields simultaneously. Bouncy castles, hot tubs, and concerts used as perception management. It was a disturbingly intricate and manipulative coup attempt. It was much more sophisticated than January 6th and clear they learned from it.

  13. How do you think they figured that out? Do you think they did it by listening to how they said they wanted to replace the democratically elected government with a theocratic government which would've made the Hapsburgs look genetically diverse?

  14. Gee, who would have guessed? It’s not like they told us in advance and at regular intervals that this was their plan. Jesus, these people have lost the plot.

  15. While I supported the concept of anti mandate protesting.....the idea of overthrowing the govt is just plain dumb. Actually I wake up every day and wish someone would overthrow our city council. Lets be honest....this so called security advisor has an arts degree and no real world experience other than political govt appointments. Cant take them too seriously.

  16. Yes, we already knew. They were not shy about it. Edit: not directed at OP, it's just that...why was this written, it is not news anymore

  17. Of course they did, because they are having to back peddle to invent a justification for using the Emergencies Act, which they had no legal grounds to use.

  18. Yeahh, they were waiting for the 4th week of the protest to overthrow the government. They just needed more time to assemble a few more hot tubs and bouncy castles before they mounted the seige. This whole thing is ridiculous. Not only did it not say it, they took no actual action resembling it. 3 weeks of non-stop video footage people. You'll down vote me but I won't get much of an arguement in reply to this.

  19. At the very worst the convoy was irritating to people who lived near by and some people were harassed for whatever reason. To say that the convoy was attempting to overthrow the gov is hilarious. Just more fear mongering from the people who disagree with what the convoy was protesting against. You’ve been downvoted but nobody has replied because there are literally 0 examples of events that took place that prove that anyone was trying to overthrow the government

  20. This is legit just an opinion. Where's to juicy texts with them saying it. Don't doubt they wanted it . But like you still need to back it up. Give me the juice!

  21. Probably deep down when anyone goes to vote they have a desire to overthrow the other side. ...I mean, if you disagree with policy and are unhappy you are going to fantasize about what you would do if you were king or queen. You might even tell your friends...if I were in charge I would... ...it's quite different to wishful think compared to actually having the ability and support overall to do something.

  22. We do not negotiate with terrorists. Even if they're seemingly only honking or putting up bouncy castles.

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