Convoy supporters, March 5, protesting Tamara Lich's incarceration.

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  1. I had never heard of her before, but when I seen her claim the first amendment in Canada. I instantly realized that this person is a fucking moron.

  2. I saw a truck getting by the church early afternoon and left from there on my way back home with those 2 cops blocking the right lane yesterday and thought it was just a worshipper who went to pray while waiving the flags (but didn't understand the cops), now it makes more sense lol

  3. There's bigger fish to fry in the world now. Complaining about your lack of freedumb in one of the freest countries in the world is silly, laughable and worthy of being shamed or ignored. Lich made her bed and now she's lying in it.

  4. Patriotism is the western word for terrorism. I mean both look alike its the book they use and the gun origins that is different lmao. Quran/bible and Ak47/M4.

  5. Didn’t he also say “Think of how dumb the average person is and realize that half the people out there are stupider than that”

  6. Also this: "Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?''

  7. Those stupid snake flags is the fastest way for me to think you have the emotional stability of a 6 year old.

  8. I can't see those flags without seeing the anti-convoy sign with a VERY crudely drawn snake that said NO STEP ON SNEK, which is an accurate portrayal of the protesters' maturity.

  9. Hate that they defile the Canadian flag by wrapping themselves in it, all the while they despise the very democratic values it represents.

  10. Saw way too many of those in Ottawa, and while I think is stupid at least it’s along the lines of the protest…. But all the “Brandon” memes on Canadian flags left me nonplussed

  11. The internet was an incredible creation but also a terrible creation as it gave dumb people a way to connect with each other and further degrade their intelligence.

  12. She used to share conspiracy theories on Facebook. She thought a series of doctors in Florida were being assasinated.

  13. my grandfather was born in 1921, he was an intellectual, died in 2009, he thought the internet would free man of his burdens and bring us into a new age of enlightenment with all this power at our fingertips to access all horribly wrong things have went...

  14. My dad was a computer geek since the '70. When the net was opening to the masses, he envisioned a smarter more informed world. Instead we have this.

  15. Ever since the Russian sanctions torpedoed the entire social influence of the alt-right'o'sphere I can't even bother with these goons.

  16. I can't help but feel that this sort of thing is antithetical to their goal. Part of the bail conditions are that she won't re-offend and yet here these kiddos are demonstrating that they're more than happy to make it easy for her to breach her bail conditions, especially with a new surety who lives 20 minutes from her house!

  17. I know the SCJ probably isn’t suppose to take this into account since it wasn’t presented as “evidence” but I do wonder if Karimjee will introduce it at her next bail hearing.

  18. If I here people saying on the internet later about how what the police are doing to the convoy supporters is somehow "Opression/Discrimination" or how it "Exposes the corruption of the Canadian police" I will lose it! Because these people clearly don't know what true oppression and/or Discrimination look like, and there are actual better examples to use like the BLM Protests and the Pipeline protests that truly proof the corruption of police.

  19. I've seen a depressing amount of videos recently of people saying the war in Ukraine is a hoax invented by the media... I would not be surprised if a handful of these free thinkers are in that boat

  20. They have the audacity to continue with the current situation across the pond where freedom is really at stake. They can whine all they want it’s a constitutional right but we are all free to think they’re very spoiled toddlers

  21. The only thing I really don't like, is that they are waving Canadian flags, while acting in the most un-Canadian way possible.

  22. Just a bunch of people who let their emotions overtake their sensibilities and can’t handle the truth when life gets really tough. I feel sympathetic but also recognize that they are rightly the most hated group of people in all of Canada and they need a firm shaking or hug or something.

  23. My favourite was when her husband referenced his first amendment rights to the judge. Just the dumbest and most entitled of us.

  24. She learned the "fuck around and find out". Being a professional protestor when your protests have been told to disperse... yeah. Of course you are "at risk to do this again".

  25. It saddens me that after all this nonsense, now after seeing a gathering of ppl holding the Canadian flag or one on a vehicle, I have an instant of judgement and distain towards that person. I do not like that I have this now.

  26. Honestly, the government has taken a very light line with the protestors in general. I wouldn't mind seeing some consequences for their actions, act like spoiled children, get treated like children. Consequence for their actions are the only thing they're going to understand otherwise they'll just keep acting out and we're going to be back at square one, I understand the frustration of health restrictions, but the method they chose to go about "protesting" is beyond what I would call peaceful and had the intention of virtually shutting down businesses, infringing on the rights of others, and holding downtown Ottawa hostage. They deserve to receive the full judicial power of the courts for the criminal acts they perpetrated. Otherwise they're just going to do it again and possibly to a greater extent.

  27. Is there any gatherings to support her incarceration? Just to a group of people out to wave flags and say how happy we are that she's in there ?

  28. Only tangentially related, but has anyone else noticed how many of the pro-convoy social media accounts are also pro-Russia/Putin?

  29. Open your eyes and look at what is going on in the world, children. Stop going on about how “yur rights” are being trampled on because nobody cares about your #HonkHonk toddler tantrum. You had your moment in the spotlight and you handled it terribly. Your t-shirt with Trudeau as Chairman Mao was my favourite. You’ve taken all the crazy pills, your bottle is empty. Back to work now.

  30. I would like to say that detainment is a better word than incarceration. I can't seem to edit my post to add that...lets call this the edit. ☺️

  31. What a fucking joke and disgrace , they should use whatever disgusting lazy ass energy they have left and show support for the Ukrainian people that are clearly not free but oh ya that would take to much brain power to put together between all of them

  32. Think yourselves lucky living in Canada and not Ukraine where real freedom is being taken away .

  33. They all need to fuck right off, there are bigger more important things happening right now. Little whiner party they are holding needs to finally end. Clearly people elsewhere have it way worse than those babies right now.

  34. I watched most of the convoy leaders press conferences and I still can’t understand how a group of people that thick and poorly informed could even convince that many people to follow them.

  35. As outraged as I was about the shit show that was allowed downtown, I am not upset about this. This seems to be a legal protest!

  36. Imagine your mind being diluted enough to find a way of viewing that literal cunt scab as some sort of idol.

  37. Probably an awful lot of people feeling silly for joining this clown parade now that they are seeing what real tyranny is and what it really means to fight for freedom. Bet they'd all throw on a mask in a second if they were faced with what nations actually oppressed are faced with. We are so spoiled and nothing makes that more apparent than this convoy movement.

  38. We will be taking donations to buy peanuts that can be thrown through the bars for Convoy Karen. If you would like to contribute please send a dollar to #thepriceofgasismorecincernibgthanthishorseshit

  39. Oh, how they use the word “FREEDOM” so lightly just coz there's a major mediocre inconvenience in their lives. Social media should not give these people a platform coz it encourages other stupid people with low IQs around the world to do the same. The more we ignore them and not give them a presence on the media the faster they’ll stop.

  40. I guess it’s a nice spring day. Time to go out for some fresh air while Mommy cleans their basement man cave and washes their wanking sock.

  41. Separatists for Canada convention? She wants out of Canada but they fly the flag for her? And her white nationalist fellow leaders also in it for all Canadians. Fuck. Makes sense to me…. Freedumb

  42. “Hey, you can’t use the law! Only we’re allowed to use the law to perpetuate our agenda and use it incorrectly because we can’t read!”

  43. I would encourage you to not advocate jailing simple protesters even in jest. Those protesters in the video don't seem to be doing anything that warrants jail.

  44. These protesters have been deceived into supporting a nonsense cause and it’s built up into a moronic temporary identity.

  45. Ok, fair. Now, this will seem a little off topic, but our main consumption of law based shows are all (mostly) American based. That doesn't completely justify the confusion, though I do believe it makes it somewhat more understandable. All that doesn't change the fact we had a right to peaceful assembly, free speech and thought. Now, when a standing pm says "unacceptable views"... well, so much for freedom of speech and thought

  46. Oh look the Reddit propaganda machine is showing and upvoting all the comments against the poor lady wanting freedom in her country. I literally work for Uber and 9/10 in real life believe this isn’t fair to put her in prison for protesting for their beliefs and even fucking scarier freezing people’s bank accounts. But here on Reddit all the bots commenting and upvoting makes it look like everyone’s against fucking freedom. Disgusting.

  47. Good question. These domestic terrorists are ready to undermine our country at a time when Russia is ravaging Eastern Europe and threatening nuclear war. Miserable deplorable cowards and ignorant fools

  48. Here’s a little bit of info for anyone wanting to discuss. Friend of mine was stabbed to death two years ago when he defended a girl from an abusive guy and a party. That guy was released on bail a week later. Then breached his bail. That’s for 2nd degree murder. Whether you agree with the protest or not that doesn’t matter. Tamera is nothing less then a political prisoner. She was arrested for mischief.. Not murder. No one was hurt at the protests until the cops came. The way Trudeau handled the situation and the name calling was so childish. And he’s suppose to be running our country. Although I don’t agree with the honking, blocking roads and I felt bad for the people living downtown Ottawa having to deal with it. I agree with some one the messages they brought forward. My close friend who is 25 years old had a mild stroke 12 hours after his second Pfizer vaccine. He’s otherwise perfectly healthy. People have Serous concerns about the road of country is heading. And our government and too busy arguing with each other in the House of Commons. Is a clown show watching these people.

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