Dutch Bros coffee…why are people so obsessed with it?

  1. I like sugary drinks but also do not understand the Dutch Bros loyalty either. They are gross from what I’ve had. I think it’s just because it’s a ‘locals’ thing so they have to support the og company till death do they part. It’s a whole personality from what I can tell (the loyal to the locals thing even if they aren’t great). This is one of the best videos I’ve seen describing how I feel about coffee snob personalities though!

  2. We can say the same about some start bucks drinks . Their both Sugary and tasty . And Dutch bros service is quick and efficient.. sometimes. and they have some cool drinks that slightly differ then S.B, but I wouldn’t say it’s better then star bucks just different. I still go to both.

  3. I'm an electrician, I wired a Dutch Bros stand and they gave me a lot of free coffee. The cold brew, no sugar is actually really good.

  4. Dutch Bros. started when two brothers in high school bought an espresso machine in 1992 and started hawking coffee drive-through style from under a pop-up tent in Grants Pass. They were so successful they were able to buy a piece of property and start a real coffee stand which grew into a few more coffee stands.

  5. To be fair you can make it decent. If you order as is it's going to be a sugar bomb. You can customize your order with a certain amount of whatever syrup you want so it's to your preference. Obviously it's still not top tier coffee, but I think a big selling point is how affordable it is compared to most coffee shops. Their largest are huge so you really get your money's worth, especially if you need alot of caffeine to get going. It's also one of only a few drive up chains which is very convenient for commuters

  6. Coffee tastes decent to me. It is a lighter roast though. I never go there because I just make my own at home but I don’t understand the snobbery.

  7. It used to be a lot better (like 15 years ago) I used to travel 10 minutes just to get a cup of coffee. They changed their supplier along the way and now I literally can’t drink it. I get americanos without sugar so the actual coffee matters to me!

  8. I’ve only had one type of drink from there, and while good, the way they are super positive and try to keep carrying on a convo puts me off. TBF, I’m an introvert so I dread going to places like that. Please ignore me and just give me my drink.

  9. I’m in my 50s so it’s amusing to watch them squirm and try to be chipper and chatty with me Them: “so what are you doing today?” Me: “I’m remodeling my basement “ Them: “cool cool cool my dad has a basement”

  10. That’s definitely a factor for me as well… those conversations are horrid and unjust for people who just need some coffee on the way to work. It’s like rolling up to a coke fueled music video and it’s atrociously offensive to be that aggressively perky.

  11. My hot take: Dutch Bros fills the same emotional niche that hooters does. Lonely people go there and pay a premium to have young, attractive staff be nice to them for a minute.

  12. As a former barista, my job/employer encouraged me to start conversations and create relationships with the customers.. it’s just part of the job

  13. Friendly service?!?! How very dare they serve me a delicious sugary beverage in a timely fashion and also make polite small talk, all while smiling right at me. Shut them all down. /s

  14. A lot of those coffee drive throughs are manned by teenagers who eat chocolate covered espresso beans all day. They aren't that friendly, they're just jacked up on caffeine.

  15. They ask me what I have planned for the day. I tell them I intend to get baked and watch Trailer Park Boys and they, well, you know… they're Corporate Positive (!!!).

  16. The people that work there are usually nice and efficient. You can ask to have your drink half or a quarter as sugary or order any latte you get anywhere else. That’s what I do. The prices are reasonable. And they’re huge on giving back to the community. They do annual fundraiser days but each locally owned stand does it’s own things too. The one in Hood River just did a day for the food bank where they gave $1 from each drink to the food bank.

  17. Same! Nitro cold brew with soft top for me. I totally get that it’s all stuff I can buy and assemble at home, but I love a nice reward for leaving the house 🥳

  18. This is what I feel is the correct answer. It’s a homegrown Oregon business that started on the premise of being a friendly drive thru and stayed that way. That being said, I don’t go because I don’t see their drinks as very great (and I live near Jet Black).

  19. Agree. People who didn’t grow up here don’t understand that Portland/Oregon has not always been a coffee Mecca. Espresso didn’t take off in the US in general until the late 90s. We certainly didn’t have local artisanal coffee roasters in Oregon until relatively recently.

  20. I try coffee from everywhere. Hit up every little roadside shop I can, try all the local brands, and I am anal about how I brew at home. Dutch Brothers is good coffee. It's not amazing, but it's good. Cold brew with cream no sugar

  21. I don't like coffee that much and I do like sugary things, but even I don't like DB. The last time I had one of their mochas, it made me ill.

  22. I think a lot of young kids (high school & after) get jobs there, make friends there, get their drinks & say hi to their friends there. Every time I'm in line (which is only for convenience cuz I'll make a latte at home), I see the workers chatting with their friends, their parents, the people they see at school & church. Then when you talk to them, they're always super positive & like to start small talk when they need some time. They work for tips so they are very bubbly & try to get those orders/drinks done quick regardless of how long the line is. As far as drive-thru coffee, it's a lot more inviting than Black Rock or most Starbucks... even if it's just Italian soda flavoring & simple recipes.

  23. To each their own. It’s simply a matter of preference. Given a choice (which I have), I’ll take DB over SB any day. Also, I gave up Human Bean completely due to poor quality. However, I tend to go to whichever is more convenient at the time. I frequent a local small coffee cart in my neighborhood.

  24. Dutch Bros is the coked up version of Starbucks. Mediocre coffee easily accessible on most street corners with a drive thru, bass bumping music and full BRO attitudes.

  25. Starbucks sucks. And I'm too old to be able to enjoy whatever Dutch Bros is trying to spit at me. Used to get the E-911 just to feel the caffeine buzz I was used to in high school. I actually quit coffee altogether about a year ago. I highly recommend it. Getting up in the morning now involves cold tea and I'm not a sweaty asshole when I show up at work.

  26. Coffee taste aside- I have a couple friends who worked for Dutch Bros through high school, college and now work for headquarters. It’s an amazing company that has great benefits and truly treats their employees well. I don’t buy coffee from stands often and I’m not big on their drinks, but I will support the company over Starbucks!

  27. They look like paint stores to me. Always! Every time I see a Dutch Bros. I think of it as a paint shop. "Dutch Bros." even sounds like a fucking paint shop!

  28. Same reason people think coffee in [town] or from [shop] is better. Different strokes for different folks. Lucky for us, nobody has to be right or wrong here.

  29. Their usually super positive and nice whichever location you’re at. Super sugary for sure. The stickers are a plus if you like stickers, they put a new one out every month.

  30. I agree, except McD’s coffee is exceptional - considering the factors involved. I’m always impressed by their black iced coffees…they save me on road trips.

  31. I used to always get drip from Starbucks and about half the time I’d be like when was this pot made? They’d look at the time then offer to make a fresh pot. I think a lot of stores just don’t do the volume of drip to justify selling it.

  32. Sugar free Double Rain Bro. Sugar free Red Bull, Sugar Free flavoring. It’s pretty good. No sugar.

  33. As a person who grew up in Southern Oregon I can tell you that one of the factors is that the Dutch bros brand was first on the scene to have a great coffee house in Grants Pass, I mean they rival if not hands down beat Starbucks for hitting this trend in it's infancy. I think they are the very first to have the coffee kiosks distribution method, so they created a huge groundswell with that especially once they were doing franchises for their long term employees. Then they continuously treat their employees well and encourage a positive community culture, which drove growth in new areas. They also have all the Dutch Mafia stuff that went along with that culture. Finally they contribute a lot of money to various causes and you can get a free coffee on your birthday, and they literally do not track if you got that coffee, so with four coffee kiosks you get 4 free coffees. I think all of these things and the sugary coffee, energy drinks, and smoothies all add up to them being super popular with young people as a place to work and a place to frequent, and with young married couples that are still addicted to the coffee from their younger days. You don't see a lot of folks older than my 45 years frequenting them, though when those kids work there grandma and grandpa often frequent to drop them a tip and then get hooked on the culture as well. These are my opinions, not backed by a fact sheet, hope they help you to understand. I do not frequent them, I prefer the other sugar coffee place locally Human Bean, I think they have a better poor and better product generally for my taste, but again I very rarely go there.

  34. It’s for the hillbillies because they shun elitist independent liberal coffee shops. There are literally tons of people who can’t tell the difference between a Water Ave roast and a Dunkin’ Donuts brew that was brewed 7 hours ago

  35. It's definitely not the coffee. It's horrible. It's the culture. "Hey bro, how you doin? Dude, looks like there's going to be some gnar gnar pow pow up on Mt. A this weekend."

  36. Americano Mondays are great. The workers are always friendly. I get a occasional free coffee. The coffee is good for my workday beverage. Oh and it’s convenient since there are about 5 on my way to work.

  37. I got a free coffee the other day because some guy cut in front of me in line and it pissed the worker off. I love getting free coffee. It made my day. And honestly, I didn’t even care the guy cut in front of me. I wouldn’t have said anything. We all need our Joe.

  38. Has nothing to do with coffee, people are paying for social interaction. They can stay in their "safe place" (car), they are exchanging currency which forces the other party to act grateful and pleasant. This human interaction releases the happy endorphins in the brain, also one of the brief moments people will look up from a screen.

  39. I'm happy Dutch Bros. is in Phoenix so it feels like back home. This is like people saying "who keeps Arby's in business?" Because people like it? lol

  40. Let people fucking enjoy things is what I have been trying to get in my brain, even if I think that most people’s opinions and likes are pretty damn garbage.

  41. People are weird/defensive/loyal when it comes to regional things. I’m from the northeast where Dunkin Donuts is just as much of a meme and Dunkin is wayyyy worse than Dutch Bros. Yet everytime I go home I get Dunkin Donuts (and then remember the coffee is shit, and swear I’ll never get it again).

  42. I’m from the Pacific NW and when I lived in New Hampshire I couldn’t find coffee and a local sent me to Dunkin Donuts. And I was so sad. Same with weed there… so so sad. 😶‍🌫️😄 What are you people even doing with your lives in New England?! ❤️

  43. Get a french press & some whole bean of your choice. Make your caffeine @home & it’ll spank Bucks or DB a thousand times over. I’m a hot or iced black coffee guy & don’t much care for DB or Bucks since their actual un-tainted, pure coffee tastes like dishwater to me.

  44. I get a coffee drink there maybe once a month as a treat. But occasionally I get an iced tea or Italian soda. Those are decently priced for the sizes and they have a large variety of flavors. Otherwise grind and brew Stumptown at home.

  45. My husband and I have been making nitro cold brew this summer, and we’ve just used the Kirkland brand beans from Costco. I was skeptical, but it’s honestly really good, very smooth. Since cold brew requires a higher ratio of grounds to water, it’s one of the more affordable routes to go.

  46. I don't really like their actual coffee so if I want coffee I'll just go to Starbucks but I LOVE their rebels, smoothies, sodas and frosts. They're SOOOO good. Especially their citrus-y flavors, they're the bomb.

  47. But what about anything else from them? Dutch soda, smoothie, teas, hot chocolate, etc. there is more to them than coffee. I miss Dutch bros since moving away, and I drink coffee maybe a couple times a year if I REALLY get a craving.

  48. Dutch Bros is all about marketing. They open them in places that Starbucks doesn’t see as profitable. It’s a lower price than SB and has a focus on customer service rather than product quality. They started in Grants Pass after SB declined to open a shop there. The rest is history.

  49. Convenient, at least where I am. Is better coffee than Starbucks (the bar is very low). They will cheerily make it less sweet, not be surly about it. The points to get free drinks add up quick enough to get that free drink in what feels like its a perk.

  50. Idk I’m from the east coast and had Dutch bros the first time when I was in Oregon a few years ago. I only ever get soy milk lattes tho with no added flavoring or sugar so I don’t find it to be too sweet. I think it’s better than Starbucks imo.

  51. I have to agree that it must have to do with their sugary drinks.. because their coffee is disgusting... reminds me of my grandmothers Sanka..

  52. I think a lot of people here are massively overestimating how many actual coffee drinks are ordered at these coffee stands. Most of my friends go for alternative drinks, like smoothies or flavored energy drinks.

  53. I don't get it either. It is not good coffee but I don't think people buy much coffee there. It's seems to be the sugar concoctions that they've come up with.

  54. Ive been saying this for years! I usually get a latte or cappuccino and if you order something sugar free, you really can taste how acidic and garbage their roast is. If I ever go there it’s because the kids want something and I get iced tea. They serve Harney and Sons which is my fave.

  55. I used to work there, and I grew up walking distance from the first Dutch. It used to be really community based and had honestly awesome coffee. They had gave so much back to the community, and put customers before profit. It’s really devolved into a corporate cult that’s got mediocre coffee at best. They pride themselves of customer service but it’s so fake and forced at this point. One thing that does brings me back there is their syrups and sauces, especially sugar free options. They’re free to add as much as you want, and there’s SO many options.

  56. They’re certainly not the best, but they are convenient. Like others have said the key is to order the less sugary options like the cold brew. I don’t go often but they’re often my treat for when I have work a weird shift or do some other dumb morning errand.

  57. Dutch Bros is coffee flavored sugary diarrhea. Calling Dutch Bros good coffee is like pouring liquid smoke in meat and comparing it to real smoked BBQ.

  58. Honestly since I’ve been working at dutch for almost a year now, I started getting “hooked” because we have people who are regulars, and when I was a customer/regular, I almost always went only because the people I made friends with were working. There’s a variety of drinks and you can order things less sweet if you want. I just like the culture of it and that’s a big reason why most people I know go there.

  59. I also do not get the big deal. They opened one by my house and the line has been around the building every day! I finally went and got a white chocolate cold brew..nothing special and kind of a waste of calories and sugar. I decided to give it a second chance today and got the pumpkin brulee cold brew..still not impressed! Never thought Id say, id rather have starbucks and their coffee tastes burnt!

  60. They use cans of Stumptown for their nitro cold brew. Which IS good coffee. But they’re just a drive thru vending machine for it. That adds sugar if you want it

  61. I had it once. Their mocha is just chocolate milk in coffee. I’ll never wait in their line. I prefer Coffee Rush. LOL, oh, this is Oregon. Not sure why it came up in my feed. I assumed it was Phoenix which I follow. We have Dutch Bros too everywhere. I don’t get it.

  62. Yeah, the coffee connoisseurs that I know don't go to Dutch Bros. Like, I'm guessing you wouldn't go there for a shot of espresso when it's about taste. I can't really talk because I've never had their coffee, but I'm not interested in sugary non-traditional coffee drinks. I want to go somewhere that doesn't ask me, "what size?" when I ask for a cappuccino. Their target consumer is different than other local coffee companies like Coava or Barista. Having been a fan of coffee and lived in PDX for so long, it's possible I'm a coffee nerd/snob now haha.

  63. Their coffee taste like burnt garbage. Their lattes are bad, I don't think I have ever had one there that had any foam on it. Their employees are way too forward for my taste. I just want to get a cup of coffee, not be grilled about what I am doing fore the rest of the day.

  64. I think people like the atmosphere maybe? I don’t really like their coffee and the only food they have is super sugary. I also hate that I have to repeat my order because my voice doesn’t carry and they always have loud music.

  65. I order Americanos without tons of sugar and like the taste of their coffee. It’s also great that they have convenient drive through locations and a rewards program.

  66. I like lattes and cappuccinos that are low on sugar. My old standby used to be a Blackberry Latte from Thomas Hammer or Daily Grind before I moved to Oregon. I would have the occasional Starbucks cappuccino.

  67. I would much rather see Burrito Amigos expand to Portland than Dutch Bros. Anecdotally I've been told (and saw a few times) that DB has a pretty toxic work environment for women. The coffee isn't even that great anyways.

  68. I'm always confused by the number of people who order out and pay/wait in a line for coffee rather than make it themselves.

  69. I spend close to an hour in the mornings on the iPad, drinking coffee. Some people want to face the day- get out of the house immediately, so they stop for coffee.

  70. As someone who used to drink 911 and Double Tortures regularly and has since devoted an unreasonable amount of time to understanding and appreciating good coffee, Dutch has terrible espresso. If you don’t believe me next time you go order a double espresso and give it a taste. It’s burnt, sour, and unpalatable. it’s just really.. bad. But nobody seems to notice because everyone orders it sugary.

  71. I don’t get the hype either. At all. And personally I can’t stand the aggressively fake sincerity and energy. “omG, so like…. HOW is your day???!!!!”

  72. I went once and I think got diabetes, which explains why my kids like it. It’s like coffee for people who don’t like coffee ?? Once I went and asked for an Americano and got a blank stare so then I’m like coffee and hot water (poor phrasing on my part ) and got if possible an even blanker stare. They finally figured it out and it was mediocre at best

  73. Because it’s local, and HS kids like sugary stuff. And there will always be adults who copy what the kids to do try and stay hip.

  74. I've only had the Americano which are fine. Yes, I love coffeenand generally make my own, haven't had any of the "sugar drinks" I've heard noted. Think it's a combo of price + convenience. Dutch Bros is about 20% less expensive at least for what I get then other convenient options for me otw to work.

  75. it used to be waaaaay cheaper for a ginormous coffee and had a good reward system for us broke college kids that NEEDED caffeine. now it’s on par with starbs and the people that work there are fucking annoying and the company kinda sucks and treats people poorly!

  76. It is literally a cult disguising as a business. They have a manifesto. The company motto is "do it for the culture". They get their employees hooked who then rope others into "the lifestyle". Also, the amount of unpaid labor that goes on there is insane. Shift supervisors especially.

  77. Funny… title triggered me as I never heard of Dutch Bros coffee but i’m Dutch. Dutch = the language we speak in The Netherlands. Reading a lot about this coffee, most say it’s sweet af. In The Netherlands, most people drink their coffee black (or known as Americano in the US) and prefer it leaning to very strong/dark roasted. So dunno why this is called Dutch, but seems they actually don’t know how Dutch coffee should be.

  78. Its because it was founded in Oregon, Grants Pass to be exact. Starbeez Coffee is burnt as hell on purpose for cost effectiveness and is for basic bitches. Dutch is for real Oregonians.

  79. My guess is it's because it's not starbucks but is as accessible as starbucks complete with drive-thrus. And they can do that thing where they know the name of "their" drink already.

  80. Agreed Dutch bros doesn’t have any good drinks tbh probably none in my taste Starbucks has one or two drinks that are good but they are good good

  81. So the consensus is that people like sugar and are creatures of habit. I totally get that. I used to drink with milk and sugar but when I started hunting and waking up early in the morning, black coffee was my only option at camp. Now no matter where I go, I always order house coffee. Yea, it’s a lot cheaper too.

  82. They're a drive-through coffee that isn't Starbucks, so maybe because people can feel all counter-corporate while still getting their corporate drive-through coffee?

  83. I like dutch bros because they do a good breve. No sugar, just espresso and half and half. Almost every other coffee place in town tastes acrid and burnt. Some places don't know what a breve is. If or when I feel like a treat, Ill get something small and half to quarter sweet. They're accommodating. They're nice, I like the chit chat, and I am a major introvert. They also give my dog lots of treats because they love him there.

  84. I like Peet’s, House Blend or the single origins. I buy it for at home brewing. Not into the sugar (Dutch), or over roasted blech (Starbucks).

  85. Had it first in Colorado. Used to get regular coffee that was totally fine. Moved to OR, saw a DB and was shocked when they said they didn’t have regular coffee. It’s not the same thing here.

  86. It is honestly disgusting. I got a pumpkin spice latte once years ago and I swear to you they forgot the coffee because it tasted like overly sweetened pumpkin water

  87. One of my class members used to work at a DB and one day in class she said “it’s literally chocolate milk coffee” I stopped going way before this but her saying that confirmed why I’ll never get “coffee” from them again.

  88. I drink Dutch bros daily but never had their coffee. I order a sugar free iced rebel with sugar free peach. Hits the spot every morning.

  89. The coffee is awful, in my opinion, but according to my teenagers, it sounds like a lot of people are ordering frozen-type drinks, where coffee is not the main ingredient. (Sort of like how Starbucks actually sells way more milk than coffee.)

  90. "Dutch Sugars" is terrible, and many people who drink their "coffee" are too. Whenever I go out for a hike or a swim or pretty much anywhere out in nature that's not utterly isolated I find littered Dutch Bros cups. Usually more than just one. Every single time.

  91. I didn’t understand at first either. My expectations were very high and aligned with a coffee house experience. I would try to get a coffee every so often and never really liked it.

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