1. I'm keeping a 5 gallon bucket of baking soda in my trunk at all times. Perpetually ready for flame retardation, rustic dental hygiene, and excellently leavened baked goods.

  2. Properly maintained is the key here. I had one in my car but when I checked it about two years in all the propellant had slowly leaked away.

  3. Is it OK to leave an extinguisher in your vehicle long term, given the extreme temperature fluctuations inside a parked vehicle?

  4. Yeah they can take the heat. Additionally, its a pretty regulated/monitored industry (for good cause!), so there aren't any dodgy/sketchy ones even out there to buy. Even old/expired ones are fine to use (but not ideal o'course). Spray and pray...

  5. I do this, but it would be a lot easier for others to do it if they weren't so expensive. If any product should be government subsidized for individuals you would think it would be fire extinguishers.

  6. Driving through a long taco bell drive through recently, I had to step out and put out someone’s cigarette that had burned about a 6” circle in the wood bark landscaping.

  7. I've put out more barkdust fires than I can remember. Why people would keep so much of that stuff so close to their homes, I'll never know.

  8. Yeah definitely. I keep a fire extinguisher in my jeep at all times. As a matter of fact you can see it clearly through the back window. It’s attached to the roll bar. Anyone could unzip my back window and access it in an emergency. Keep a first aid kit back there too. Luckily nobody has tried to steal them.

  9. Same here with my Wrangler. I go offroading a fair amount and having that as part of my off and on road equipment has been beneficial for my piece of mind.

  10. My work truck - a 2019 F-150 with 20k miles on it - had a random, wildly destructive engine fire on it a few weeks back. The extinguisher saved the day - bigger is better!

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