I stained my landlord's foam mattress with period blood... do I have to pay for damages?

  1. Let her know what happened and offer to buy her a new one whenever you are ready to move out. It's the decent thing to do. Start putting some money away in a foam mattress fund for when the time comes.

  2. Ethically, replace when you leave. However, you wouldn't if you exfoliate naturally into the mattress. Gross situations either way.

  3. Some LLs will write the cost off as wear and tear, and some will expect you to pay to remedy the damage. The longer you live there the more lenient I would personally be. Do you know the brand/model? Try to get an understanding of what it costs and put away money to replace it.

  4. No tenant's insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the mattress. The insurance is for things like floods or fire. You can flip the mattress over. Then forget about it. Women have periods. It's not a huge deal.

  5. In the future use a mattress protector. It will prevent these accidents. I don't think your disability has anything to do with your period, and in the off chance it does, than I don't know why there wasn't a mattress cover. Either way do the right thing and correct your damages

  6. "period accident due to my medical condition" sounded weird to me. Period accidents happen to everyone who has a period. I'm curious as to what a medical condition would have to do with it.

  7. Not sure why so many people in here are being shitty. While I imagine you would may be responsible to have it professionally cleaned, I don’t think I’d call it “damage” that warrants having to buying a new mattress. It doesn’t affect the ability to sleep on it, etc. it’s an aesthetic issues. if she tries to get you to buy another one tell her to kick rocks.

  8. Buy a proper stain remover. That's how I remove stains on my mattress cover, also always always ALWAYS use a mattress cover. It keeps you off others peoples bodily fluids, and keeps yours off the bed.

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