Least brain poisoned by Marvel breaking bad fan

  1. i’d actually love an episode of Marie and jessie deciding to cook together. idk why but i think there’s a lot of comedy there. plus she can make the meth purple

  2. Not going to lie, I would watch Breaking Bad: Zombies, something like a single parody episode leaning hard into black comedy disconnected from the main timeline, à la the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption

  3. honestly what if lalo won isn’t such a bad premise, would like to see how that would play out given the circumstances that almost lead to

  4. What if Walt wasn’t an insecure prideful dumbass and accepted grey matters offer to pay for chemo and give him a job, and not completely destroy his entire family’s lives

  5. Or Saul helps Walter secure the royalties and shares he's owed for his work at grey matter, thus securing Walt's future and legitimizing Saul as a lawyer.

  6. Okbc when someone asks about a what if scenario, a topic that has existed for several decades (it's a marvel reference)

  7. I am not crazy! I know he murdered his own dog just to cover up his meth cooking! I knew it was the cervical vertebra. One above the thoracic vertebra. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He - he covered his tracks, he got that idiot at Los Pollos Hermanos to make it look like an accident. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That cat they had before the dog! Are you telling me that a cat just happens to fall like that and break its neck? No! He orchestrated it! Sussy waltuh! He grabbed his nuts at Bogdan! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own pro bono firm! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 50, always the same! Couldn't keep his hands out off his pregnant wife with green goo on her face! But not our sussy waltuh! Couldn't be precious sussy wultuh! Touching them blind! And he gets to be a meth king? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you - you have to stop him!

  8. /uc What if: Wayfarer 515 never happened? Chuck didn’t kill himself? Jimmy never got disbarred? Hector didn’t wake up?

  9. uc/ id actually really like a show like that, itd be a way to provide more breaking bad content without having to force some unfitting new sequel or prequel

  10. UC/ Not gonna lie, I want to see a “what if”-esque where lalo wins the final showdown instead of Gus, making him the big bad of Breaking Bad. He’d probably kill Walt early on

  11. ok but fr what if has one of the most interesting premises in the marvel universe n bb’s emphasis on cause and effect makes it one of the most interesting series to do this sorta thing on

  12. While I have always thought that seeing other possible perspectives in shows would be cool, even well before Marvels What If multiverse shit, this dude literally chose some of the worst possible scenarios lmao

  13. What if they changed the title of the show to Metastasis and filmed it in Colombia and cast Diego Trujillo as Walt but changed his last name to Blanco?

  14. kid named what if scenarios werent invented by marvel even if the concept is more popularised recently by the multi billion dollar company

  15. Un/ i actually would have liked see Walt Jr. Try Blue Sky One time. Not getting hooked on It but Just trying It with some Friends as an intro scene to an episode

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