Spotted in a cooking group I'm in .

  1. This dudes too good for placenta plate! What's next, you throw away your hotdog water before dabbing it on your wrists for cologne?

  2. Same thing here. No way in hell i would eat that. Some people ask to have their placenta back after we examined it. We made them sign a form that explain that a placenta isnt safe for human consumtion.

  3. Years ago, I was a secretary in a NICU. We had two families take theirs home to eat. One dehydrated, ground, and put into pills, not sure about the other. A third family wanted to take it home to bury it, as a cultural thing.

  4. Vice putting cannibal warlords in Africa on blast but meanwhile American women are eating a human egg shell and they have multiple recipes…

  5. I have a fb friend who is pregnant with her 3rd child and for the first 2 posted a bunch of shit about eating the placenta. Apparently it's pretty popular to dry them out and put them into capsules so you can swallow them like a pill

  6. You know, animals actually sort of do this. When the mothers clean off their newborns they're also ingesting the placental remains. This helps the mother by replacing lost nutrients from birthing.

  7. I recently learned there's an actual holiday in an eastern country (can't remember which one) where the grandfather would eat the foreskins of his circumcised grandchildren.

  8. Honestly I think it’s to avoid leaving a bunch of warm body fluids hanging about for predators to smell. Iunno. I encapsulated my placenta.

  9. Animals do this indeed and perhaps humans used to as well. but luckily in this day and age there is literally no need for this unless you want to be a fucking weirdo

  10. Is no one else weirded out by the 'had a home birth, no doctors or midwives' part? Not even a midwife? That's more insane than the placenta part to me.

  11. People that do homebirths with NO midwife or help are just people who want to roll the dice on their lives in exchange for being pretentious about how "natural" they are.

  12. That was the part that got me too. I've heard people eat the placenta or dry it out and turn it into vitamin-like capsules (not my thing, but you do you). But like....please have some kind of heathcare person around for the birth of a baby.

  13. The midwife canceled us jours before birth, my gf wanted to do it alone. In the end 2 ambulances and a helicopter arrived. Was a wild day, but in the end everything ok. Fu k the free birthers. Also im lucky living in germany and only habe to pay 10€ for each vehicle

  14. "Spotted in a cooking group I'm in" is the most terrifying part.. Is OP part of a cannibalist cooking group ? 😂

  15. Fuck me man. Who goes about looking at that shit coming out of a woman and goes like "damn fuck, yeah i want to eat that"

  16. You did a home birth with your dogs running around? I mean, I know humans used to give birth in the dirt and weeds but aren't sanitary conditions still considered a good thing?

  17. I also grew up on a farm, and was told the mothers would eat the placenta so that it wouldn't attract predators.

  18. The thing is that animals have absolutely no problem with cannibalism, they also t the baby after the placenta sometimes. What animal fo is completely irrelevant

  19. My mom saved our placentas but she used them as fertilizer for her garden...not whatever the fuck this is

  20. To take prion disease you need to eat someone who has prion disease... That's the whole point. Doubtful this woman has JCD.

  21. Interesting, a child has developed sepsis from dried placenta in a capsule and contains toxins like mercury.

  22. I'm surprised i had to scroll this far to see someone point that out, when so many other comments said it's not a big deal or even call it nutritious. No, it's can really make you sick. The misinformation in this thread is baffeling.

  23. It’s literally a filter to stop bad things reaching your baby. It contains all the toxins your body decided weren’t safe for little one.

  24. Thank you. I was weirded out by all the people in this thread who are like ew that's gross but at least it's healthy. Uh no, it's not. It's just downright disgusting. You're basically eating medical waste.

  25. I have seen a lot of shit on Reddit over the years. I have seen the goriest shit you can find on here. I have read the grossest stories you could imagine from here. But this post takes the cake for the worst thing I have EVER seen on the internet.

  26. Lol take a look at a birth group sometime. They talk about eating it raw, like chopping it up and putting it in smoothies

  27. Wait is it not common knowledge that people choose to eat their placentas? Never seen someone chop it up like that but I’ve heard of people getting them turned into capsules or putting it in smoothies apparently it’s very nutritious

  28. I am just learning about this trend today. And, while I understand why people do it...I'd prefer to have remained in perpetual ignorance on this thing.

  29. My science teacher use to keep his wife's placenta in a jar in the classroom, he would sometimes just have it on his desk and he would be poking it with a stick

  30. Oh my god I actually know that couple. Her hubs posted just a photo of the placenta yesterday which the caption “getting the placenta ready 💊” Didn’t think THATS WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO IT

  31. It indeed is , actually I've seen many Americans do that kind of sh*t and honestly idk why . I mean out of all things a person can eat they chose .... THIS .

  32. So many terrifying things in this post, I dont know where to begin. Ok, I'll begin with the obstetric recklesness for that involves maternal and infant death risk. All the other things are just plain disgusting...

  33. In recent studies it showed that eating the placenta did not make any difference over taking a placebo for postpartum depression , or any health benefits. It doesn't hurt you unless it is diseased. Also remember a lot of babies poop and pee while being born. So there's that. Also moms poop during delivery sometimes. Personally I think the equivalent would be having a limb amputated and taking it home and having your family eat it. Canobolism without the commitment.

  34. There is a service offered by some birthing centers where they take your placenta, dehydrate it then put it in pills capsules for you to take dailynas a supplement. There's a ton of oxytocin in placenta but I would be surprised if it would survive the cooking process.

  35. When our midwife told us that we had the option of taking my wife's placenta home we thought it was a joke so we laughed, she then proceeded to go into a very uncomfortable explanation on how many ways there are to eat placentas. Needless to say we did not take it home.

  36. While the idea sounds gross, it probably tastes like liver and is packed with a butt load of nutrients. Not for me though

  37. I don't care what you say & I most certainly don't care that it came out of you. This shit is cannibalism!!

  38. There is no reason. In anyway shape or form. For anyone to be this desperate to eat something like that. This has to fall under a mental health issue cause any self aware person would surely understand how fucked this is.

  39. I mean, definitely a pretty good troll post to get people going like this. I’m surprised there isn’t more people pointing out that the second picture is 100% beef, looks like a half assed brisket.

  40. TIL that a ton of people on Reddit didn't know this was a historically common practice. While it's considered unfathomable now, there have been plenty of cultures throughout time that consume their own placenta. Some see it as a religious ceremony, for some it's just cultural common sense not to waste edible meat. And if you really think about it, placenta isn't an organ, it's akin to the yolk of an egg. It's there to feed the growing fetus, so... why not make food from it?

  41. This came up on QI, they said there are absolutely no nutrients at all, it's all the waste from the birth and there is zero benefit from eating this and it was just started as a trend.

  42. We discovered hearts are delicious. One night we got a beef heart for less than a dollar. Tossed it on the grill and after everything else was done we started picking at it.

  43. Animals often eat the placenta (you'll see your cat or dog do this during birth), but I don't think it's a good idea for humans.

  44. i made a fake post on craigslist when i was a kid that i was looking for placenta because i’d eaten all mine and wanted seconds, super angry responses 😂

  45. Does anyone want my computer and all my devices? On balance I don't think the internet is for me.

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