Forbidden Spaghetti

  1. looks like packing from some surgery. I don’t know how the horses eyes aren’t rolling back with every pull on that forbidden handkerchief

  2. I had packing in a surgery from infection… the gauze had to be pulled out and repacked with new gauze once a day. Let me tell you, that my packing was NOT up my nose… every time they pulled the gauze (looked like a long shoe string) I thought I was going to jump through my seat/ actually have a heart attack. This horse is an absolute legend for letting him pull it like that. It feels like the fabric is burning the inside of your body with every pull.

  3. Horse probably had surgery and they had to pack his nose with gauze. No parasite would come out through the nose like that, definitely surgical packing.

  4. "Looks like removing the nasal packing for epistaxis (nose bleed), which if happening without any provocation, believe it or not, is a medical emergency.

  5. I'm no expert, but i remember in history class that they do this to remove the brain from the head. Then that and organs are placed in jars next to the sarcophagus. All part of the process to mummify the body.

  6. I had surgical packing exactly like this after my deviated septum surgery. It hurt so intensely while they were pulling it out that I passed out. This horse's non-reaction has me feeling like a real wuss right now.

  7. Same! I went through a nose job a couple years ago and removing the surgical packing was hands down the most uncomfortable part of the whole process

  8. The teal rod the assistant is holding is called a twitch, it basically wraps a chain around the horse’s lip that’s so tight and so painful that it can’t focus on whatever else is happening.

  9. An acquaintance told me that when this excruciating pain happened to her … and then finally ended, the relief was overwhelming. Until she remembered that they had to also do the left side.

  10. I'm contemplating the same surgery. How big a difference was it before/after this surgery? Do you breath better? Anything noticeably improved. Thanks.

  11. Grew up in southeast asia and the most terrifying traumatic sight i ever saw was my brother pulling on the head/upper thorax part of our small dog and my dad pulling out a tapeworm ,the dog was yelping, he kept pulling and pulling . It filled a huge half coconut shell. Did I mention the dog was small? that was probably like five meters of tapeworm or more . I have forgotten it until seeing this. Thanks for the memories OP.

  12. That is called horse flossing. One person feeds in the floss from the other end and another pulls it out from the nostrils. Flossing helps promote a healthy digestion and is recommended once every three months for adult horses.

  13. for everyone that wants to know what the hell is that this is exactly what happens to humans when we brake our nose and this poor horse also got his nose broken that his a gauze wich keeps the bones in its place so it heals properly like humans

  14. As a result of serial nose bleeds, I had my sinuses packed like this, when i was a kid. After a day, or so, I coughed, and felt something in the back of my throat. It was a bit of gauze. When I pulled on it, it kept on coming.i fished the other end out of my nostril, and started sawing the gauze back and forth.I had recently been to the Ten-In-One (AKA the Freak show), at the local Fair, and had seen someone do this with a small snake.I ran away with the Carnival, soon after.

  15. To myself: please don't look up parasite removal videos. Please don't look up parasite removal videos. Resist the urge!

  16. Oh my god I'm so glad I looked at the comments. I thought it was a worm parasite and found a new meaning for nope rope.

  17. Jesus H Christ that's like a basketball-sized wad of packing!! Where the hell is it all coming from? And HOW did they get all that in there??

  18. They have a chain on the end of the blue stick that's wrapped around the upper lip. You give it a little twist and you can do pretty much whatever you want without too much resistance, it hurts like hell but unless you're an absolute monster when you twist it, you won't do any damage to them. It's the only way to work on some things without getting a hoof to the face.

  19. I thought having a NPA getting put in my nose was bad enough. Can't even imagine what this must feel like.

  20. Am I the only one who was waiting for the gauze rope to change colors, or perhaps include a brassiere on the line?

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