That baby's look on face

  1. i know we should let people do what they want with their bodies but it would actually have been nicer of someone to tell her that she will look shit.

  2. I think they do receive that feedback but it doesn’t register; like anorexics who can’t see themselves as they really are. Both conditions are probably as much about control as beauty.

  3. I'll be honest with something like this, I feel like we shouldn't. I mean this would ruin my day if I had seen it outside and that's definitely not just a my body my choice type of thing.

  4. People should be free to do what they want, and people should be free to judge them (as long as that judgement doesn't physically interfere with them doing what they want, and doing what they want doesn't interfere with others doing what they want)

  5. When she first lifts her head and looks at the camera in the beginning of the clip, it’s exactly like a jump-scare from a legitimately terrifying horror movie

  6. I dunno, I feel bad for people with such a strong desire to change how they look so radically. It's probably nice for her to be around babies and young children, they are less judgemental.

  7. How do shitty people like this get the millions to ruin their face when normal people can’t even afford food,,

  8. I die every time I see this vid. Do y’all see the way the baby jerks his face away as soon as he sees her?? 😭

  9. Babies are attracted to things of strong contrast (ie her hair) and cant see solid shapes well. The baby doesn't give a shit about her face. Its staring at her hair.

  10. can people stop reuploading this, people who do that are only hurting themselves and are setting a bad example for people who already have an unstable veiw of themselves this is why plastic surgery should have extreme limits sorry but i rather die looking old and lot like i pumped my face full of concreate and shit

  11. What the fuck is wrong with people. Why spend thousands just to become a fucking joke. Even surgeries need some sense and its very important to know when to stop. Cmon dude wtf is wrong wd them

  12. I wish doctors would tell these people the obsession they have with appearance has become unhealthy. Like, a real conversation with someone coming in for these surgeries should be, “yes, these changes can be made, but you’ll look horrific and people will wonder what happened to your psychological state”.

  13. Im a straight guy and id rather double marry Gothmog and He Who Shall Not Be Named, and flee from this world than look at the womans face. Jeez atlwast have some respect for what nature gave you, she looks like jigsaw lol

  14. I honestly think the ‘doctors’ that perform surgeries like this should loose their licence. No one would want to look like that without some kind of mental illness or serious body image issues.

  15. 2 questions… The point of plastic surgery is to make people look better, you know…more attractive than original, right. Yet a lot of these women are coming out of these operations looking more like gremlins than sexy womens(bars) and not only that it’s expensive, imagine paying 10-30,000 to look like a melted babydoll. Don’t get me wrong I love a good bbl here and again but why are plastic surgeons and ruining these women ? 2nd question Why the hell do these plastic surgeons not refusing service to people who are obviously mentally ill. I mean, there’s the money ofc, but these Botox Craving Creatures are like walking anti-advertising, everyone who jokingly ask who did their operations are going to blame you for them being busted. So is the money worth the damage to the public opinion of your company?

  16. You know her? I agree with you shame on that surgeon. She does not look alright at all and needs to stop. I wish she works on her mental health and get a reduction on what was done to her face.

  17. The baby looks fine. Babies don't know what things are supposed to look like, besides, this one is young enough it can barely focus.

  18. This baby is going to grow up with all kinds of mental health struggles and not understand what’s going on, and then someone will show him this and it’ll all register, THIS is his origin trauma story.

  19. ok but this is cute video. she looks so happy to be holding the baby and honestly it doesn’t matter what someone does to their body as long as they’re happy, she isn’t hurting anyone

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