Where is the quality management in the company?

  1. One time I got a prepackaged salad. Ate the whole thing and at the bottom was a massive dead moth. Definitely not as bad a finding an amphibian but it was still kinda tough to keep that salad down.

  2. Guess I'm never buying blue bunny. I've worked in a couple frozen food plants and if you've got live animals able to just mosey on into the production lines, that is a place that gives 0 fucks about food safety.

  3. I'm with you, I'm more concerned about how it got there, food processing plants shouldn't have a gangplank from the floor to the finished product 🤮

  4. It’s almost too crazy to think they’re that bad with QC. Would make more sense if a worker threw it in there as a prank

  5. I mean, not to be that guy... but doesn't this just seem incredibly unlikely. I mean, frogs don't just HOP into a highly automated manufacturing facility... seems more likely somebody is creating bullshit to me.

  6. On the contrary since it's such a big company, my first thought was that an angry employee/psycho put this in there on purpose, from factory. Who knows. I only buy my ice cream from the paletero 🤙

  7. "Better to bite into an apple and find a worm than to bite into an apple and find half a worm." My drunken family member used to repeat this saying like a loony tune followed by giggles instead of solutions to the problem I was asking about.

  8. While the particular saying has some wisdom, I am getting the feeling no wisdom was issued when this family member used that statement.

  9. I once found the severed tail of what must have been a gigantic rat because this tail was girthy as fuck and it was like perfectly preserved in a block of Feta cheese at the pizza place I worked at a n high school…. It made me nauseous..

  10. I feel like this had to be done on purpose. Someone who wanted to smite the company or someone who was fucking around. There's no way, surely, that a big fuck off toad (maybe even two? Looks like there's another deeper into the ice cream) would get in it without being shoved in. Don't toads prefer the warm? Why on earth would it hop into a tub of fucking ice cream unless it was actively put there by someone else?

  11. Yea, that was my first thought. There's just no way. He would have felt that cold and noped right on out of there. It seriously ticks me off that someone would use an animal for something like this though.

  12. It looks like it was chasing a bug, but still. You’d think the toad felt the cold and would be out of there.

  13. Number twelve. Dead frog in a carton of ice cream. The last thing you'd want in your ice cream is a dead frog. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.

  14. Why didn't the toad sink into the ice-cream? Even during the trip between the supermarket and the customer's house when it would've melted slightly? And why would a toad jump into a tub of frozen ice-cream to begin with?

  15. It makes no sense. The most logical explanation is someone outside the factory put it there for a shocking picture. Can't believe more people aren't suspicious about this post

  16. Dethaw the little fella and he might come back to life. I know some toads/frogs can survive being frozen, some even do it on purpose to hibernate.

  17. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the toad was added by whoever bought that. Oddly terrifying part of this is all the morons that just blindly buy this type of BS and will probably cost blue bunny a lot of money for no reason.

  18. Seeing this just reminds me of when cinnamon toast crunch on Twitter tried to gaslight a customer who found a shrimp tail by saying "no you didn't"

  19. I sold ice cream at a shop a few years ago. The industry is a total scam, pushing prices and favoring deliveries. Like many industries there are only a few in my area the keep a strict monopoly to drive wholesale prices high.

  20. You’re telling me you can’t just go to a family dollar and get like $2 ice cream? Like where do you live that cheap ice cream is that scarce lol

  21. When it comes to Quality Control and Inspections, you can always tell what was produced on a Friday because everyone is trying to get out of there and aint no one doing their job lol

  22. I once worked at a FiveGuys and opened a jar of pickles and there was a live centipede on the top of jar just living in there. Reporting it caused a state wide pickle recall :)

  23. Some people are so ungrateful. They got a free frog, probably fresh, and they still want to complain. Count your blessings man , always count your blessings.

  24. I worked as a consultant for a national ice cream company and the first day I came in they were having a meeting and held up a baggie with purple fingernails that a customer had sent in that was found in the ice cream. I looked around and there was at least a dozen women with purple fingernails.

  25. Ain’t most ice cream kinda runny when it’s being packed and then it gets frozen?only asked as I watched a Facebook video of a ice cream factory lately and it popped in my head

  26. I've worked QA in food manufacturing for years. This is a plant from a worker, no other way. It would be shocking for a large toad to even make it's way into a factory door, let alone achieve that, make it's way to a product line, scale the high speed machinery, and then jump into a tub in the seconds between fill and lidding. Disgruntled worker is the cause.

  27. Ice cream is soft when filled in the container then frozen solid. This implies the toad was placed in the container post frozen…on top of the frozen ice cream. Unlikely in the factory

  28. Reminds me of the time I found a frogsicle unthawing and waking up for spring. It would be amazing if this one somehow survived

  29. Well I am never eating ice cream again, in a fact I don’t think I’m eating tonight at all. Thank you OP for helping my diet I guess.

  30. "A high concentration of glucose or sugar in the frog's vital organs inhibits freezing and without this physical process, the ice crystals would damage tissue and result in the frog's death. As much as 70 percent of the water in a frog's body can be frozen. However, if it does get too cold, the frog can die." Sorry, man. That thing is dead as a doornail.

  31. Some frogs can be frozen and come back out alive I think. You should warm it up and see if he comes back to life, then you get a free pet frog.

  32. Milton: We use only the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose.

  33. i wonder if that's the phroge that freezes in winter. In that case u got a free phrog pet!

  34. Who the hell put all that I’ve cream with a perfectly good pair of frog legs? What is the world coming to?

  35. Fred from the QC team has been missing for weeks now. His wife and kids are devastated i hope his wife and kids win the lawsuit. OSHA will come down on them and the rest of the frog QC team need to fight for better working conditions this is frog shit.

  36. Well, as someone that works in quality management in the food industry I can tell you that not every single package gets checked. You check it by the pallet(check one box of maybe 300 boxes) or sometimes even by the truckload(check one pallet of maybe 30) so things like this can easily get thru. This is why i wash EVERYTHING i buy and take home. You never know where that shit has been or who coughed on it.

  37. Found a snail in my cabbage once. Was insanely depressed so cognition was shot and I didn’t know what to do. Made it a habitat and misted and fed it for weeks until the temp rose so it wouldn’t freeze to death. Then released it.

  38. Best what the store can do is give you a new one for free same goes for the People that make them maybe a bit more but best is to contact them so they can do a total recall and check those

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