An Indian executioner

  1. I'd imagine wrestling/jujitsu are completely out the window if you were fighting somebody wearing a bunch of knives as armor.

  2. Reminds me of a berserker dwarf that wears armor that has razor sharp blades all over it and the tactic they use is to literally charge their enemies, jump on them, and shake like crazy. It's hilarious because they also don't clean their armor so it covered in blood and rust.

  3. He's Indian. Why do you need feet spikes when this terrifying motherfucker probably did his job while standing on a bed of nails?

  4. Why would an executioner need a shield and spiked armor? Something doesn’t seem right about this… sigh* now i gotta fact check ya!

  5. Not sure if this is right but I think he is dressed to look like Yamraj. Yamraj is the Indian equivalent of Hades which explains the bull horn helmet. As for the armor, I’d say it’s to make him look scary.

  6. Idk if this is right but I wondered the same thing and it hit me, he's an executioner. If a prisoner freaks out and tries to rush him, he's still going to get his job done.

  7. Not oddly terrifying; terrifying. Edit: why on Earth would he have a shield? Do the condemned usually have a shot at fighting back in India?

  8. Imagine the laundry involved in the upkeep. Remove the spikes. Wash the spikes separately and fabric pieces separately. Reassemble.

  9. Bet that's real fun when he's walking to the gallows on unpaved streets covered in animal shit and piss

  10. Seems corny. Spikes are to protect you from bites or being tackled. Ain't nobody biting or tackling my boy

  11. I see these old pics and I often wonder how historically accurate they are. This guy has a look on his face like "my wife made me this outfit and now she's taking a picture so everyone can see how ridiculous I look"

  12. Dude looks like one of those two heavy brute infantry warriors that pop up before you get to face the actual boss battle

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