Finnish Baggy Skin Foxes (they were bred to look like this)

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  1. Foxes are bred for their fur, like sheep. Regardless, this fox doesn't look like this because of breeding but because of over-feeding and is illegal. The farm that did this was shut down some 5 years ago. It's just posted on reddit as rage-bait.

  2. Think of it like a bloodhound. So much heavy saggy skin that it pulls down on the eyelids. Makes for easier eye infections and more likely to go blind. It’s why many bloodhounds often require surgery to correct it.

  3. looking at pugs who have breathing problems because of how they were bred to have squished faces, I'd say they probably are uncomfortable

  4. Breeding animals for slaughter is one thing, but there’s something disturbing about breeding an animal that will spend its entire life suffering for no other reason than profit.

  5. Here's some good news at least - the article you posted was from 2017. In 2020, the Finnish majority party voted to end fur farming. However, this is just a resolution, now the government needs to actually act on it.

  6. As someone with a form of EDS, the thought of specifically breeding an animal for that just for the loose, stretchy, soft skin is genuinely horrific.

  7. I can’t even finish reading the article. This is so inhumanly cruel. These fur farms should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. I don’t know the laws in Finland but people who do this are disgusting human beings.

  8. This was said in the article: "Animal breeding that causes pain and suffering is actually prohibited under the Finnish Animal Welfare Act, yet this practice has yet to be stopped, Muurimaa explained." But it's not a law though.

  9. I'm from Finland and I think it's a disgrace fur farms are still not prohibited completely here. Some political parties refuse to go against it. The excuses I've heard are something like "but if we don't have fur farms, they will do it in China in even worse conditions" or "but people will lose their jobs and businesses if we ban it"... It's disgusting, honestly. Anyone who says these animals live comfortably are in denial and should try living in a small cage like that with diseases going around.

  10. They do not leave the cage at all, there’s tons of videos of fur farms where the animals are completely insane and walk in circles over and over because that’s all they can do.

  11. You think that’s bad, you should see what my parents bred me to look like. And they knew exactly what genetic material they were working with.

  12. So creepy. Humans are sculpting living things into frankenstein creatures. Saint Bernards & chihuahuas are as man-made as Tang & polyester pants. Nothing new, sadly

  13. Well, Finns don't exactly buy much fur anymore, but some business owners see a source of easy money in exporting fur, so the abuse flies under the radar of the average Finnish consumer who isn't gonna buy anything anyway. It would've been easier to outlaw fur farms when they were more visible in our society, I'd theorize. "Out of sight; out of mind", as one of our sayings goes...

  14. Dog breeding has resulted in some terrible breeds, including ones with recurring health problems and physical features that are torture through the dogs life. This is sick and should stop.

  15. I'm Finnish, and I did not even know such an animal existed. That's awful! :( Literally the first time hearing about this animal and seeing it. God, that's just inhumane. This is why I'm vegan. :/ Pains me to think about all the other animals used for fur and skin, such as angora rabbits and minks, the animals have no quality of life whatsoever, no value. The only thing they'll ever know is mental and physical pain. :( Not to mention the meat industry...

  16. My god that’s look like so much yeasty infections in those folds. Those breeders who breed “cute/profitable, but prone to health problems” animals together instead of the “not as cute, but healthier in the long run” animal SUCK!

  17. You're telling me people bred these to look like their entire body had been degloved, wow, we sure are the worst species to ever walk the face of the planet aren't we

  18. As a Finn I'm surprised that this industry is still a thing. Like no normal person would buy a real fur coat

  19. This is so disgusting. These poor animals living in tiny cages until they’re killed for their fur. And to top it off genetically mutated. Fuck people who wear fur. Seriously. Fuck. Them.

  20. It’s just incredible to me how we as a people have done this to various species for commercial or otherwise selfish reasons. What I hate more is that it’s considered liberal, hippie, tree-hugger mentality to say something like “hey we shouldn’t breed sentient animals in cages to harvest their fur”

  21. Human beings don't deserve to walk this earth. We as a race are cruel and selfish. I can't believe anyone would do this. Absolutely appalling.

  22. Does anyone know what exactly is up with the eyes ? They are all red and don’t even really look like eyes :( can they see ? Are they blind ?

  23. Holy shit this is awful. They literally breed them to have excess fur, so they can have a miserable existence, only to then be killed for their fur for rich cunts to parade about in? Fuck me

  24. Hate to break it to you, but there's no such thing as a Finnish Baggy skin fox. Those are horribly obese foxes that they feed that way for their skins.

  25. That’s disgusting! Poor little fucker, born to be taken advantage of. Come on why do you even need that fur? Because we are the true fuckers, that’s why!

  26. anyone wanna tell me I'm wrong that breeding animals to this extent is one of the most disgusting and hell-worthy things humans do to animals

  27. I’m from Finland and I never knew about this, that is so freaking upsetting to see 💔 I wish I could just save all of them

  28. Humans are a sick species honestly. If aliens were to do this stuff to us it would be a horror movie and we would deserve it.

  29. I didn’t even know these animals existed before today. Fuck fur, dude, and fuck anyone who buys it for fashion. Put the people running those farms in those cages and leave them there.

  30. This comment section is either full of vegans or hypocrites, there is no inbetween. If you feel empathy for this animal because it is being bred for slaughter, surely you must feel the same for other animals that are just as intelligent, and thereby refuse to purchase animal products which fuel the industry.

  31. Please don't breed deformities like this. Living like this is torture to the animals. Just let these things die out without breeding them.

  32. His eyes tell a story i didn't want to hear but now I'll carry it like a burden through the rest of my days.

  33. What kind of Baron Harkonnen psychopath bred these poor creatures to be so dysfunctional? Dogs are alive, have feelings, and can suffer. Take up sculpture if you need to create monstrosities.

  34. Humans and their endless quest to F*** with nature. We just can’t leave it alone. These poor creatures, what a hideously cruel thing to do to such a beautiful, clever animal.

  35. Pretty sure kokoomus just budgeted 32 mil € into this business but I hope to christ that it's just fake news. Seems odd, they don't actually seem to turn a profit either... Somehow

  36. Ah humanity a plague upon the earth that should never of come into existence there is no god I know because if there were humanity would not exist and he sure as hell would not want to look like us...humanity is truly the worst species on the planet I mean think about some of the stuff we do its horrible I genuinely feel ashamed to be a human sometimes...its sad that we have so much control over a world which was perfect the way it was and we have ultimately destroyed it and killed about 90 percent of the species that once existed...and in probably not much longer now we will have polluted so much earth will become uninhabitable and yet there's nothing we can do about it...its all about the money when it comes to humanity a meaningless piece of paper given importance by people that have a infinite supply of it, that can ruin restrict or end the lives of others. And we think we are the best species no we were the worst thing that could of possibly happened to this planet.

  37. Friendly reminder to not make hasty conclusions after seeing a few pictures. This was a truly awful case, where the "farmer" intentionally fed these poor foxes to be super fat, so as to have more fur per fox. It was highly illegal and after this saw the daylight the whole farm was shut down and the farmer was punished by authorities.

  38. It looks like it’s existence is pain 🥺 humans always playing god with breeding things. EDIT was corrected in the comment, they actually aren’t bred to look like this they are just fat lol

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