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  1. This happened to me once. There was a talking crow in my hometown for a few years - it had apparently been raised from a chick by inexperienced wildlife rehabbers. (Side note - if you read John Marzluff's book "The Gifts of the Crow" he explains that this is typically how speech develops in corvids. They are not quite as casually vocal as parrots so don't pick it up unless they're near humans for quite some time.)

  2. can i just say THIS HAPPENED to me !!! went for a hike in 2016 at sunrise with my pup and just as we started up the trail a voice from the bushes was cursing at us and telling us to run away. this is in a p wild place mind you. absolutely terrifying. i made it 10 minutes up the trail and had to turn around we felt like someone was following us. called the ranger about it but never heard back..

  3. You know what? That would actually explain alot because it happened to be before so I would have to stay sharp Incase I got robbed and killed out there while sleeping...

  4. Had it happen before I knew they could talk, good bird sounded exactly like a person. If I'd been in a horror movie, I would have been easier prey than Georgie Denbrough, just stood there trying to figure out who said hello and calling back to see if they'd come closer

  5. There are large groups of crows here where I live. I love looking up cause you often see them flying from redwood to redwood. But occasionally you see a hawk fly though and none of them have it. They will gang up and have dog fights. It’s pretty amazing.

  6. "Hey, c'mere, come on, come on, quick quick, boy" fuckin eerie to emagine someone just being in a bad traveling accident and this is the first thing they set their eyes on

  7. Did you know ravens are actually one of the smartest birds on the planet? The fact still doesn’t make this video any less terrifying though

  8. Ravens can talk and sing They have a vast repertoire of 100 or more vocalizations. With their deep voice, ravens can mimic human speech and singing and can imitate other bird sounds. They call to inform their mate to join them when food is found.

  9. I wonder if a majority of those native tales of things like skinwalkers, wendigoes, and kushtakas were just ravens or other corvids?

  10. These things freak me the fuck out. My neighbour owned one as a pet in like 2014, and it somehow managed to escape. I was shitting my pants while this demon bird sat outside my window saying “poop” and “fart” at 4 AM. Rip Greg, the evil bird.

  11. Goddamn that is creepy. I at least expected to sound like a bird speaking. Not sound like the guy hiding in my closet with a knife.

  12. It’s interesting… it’s clearly replicating the same communication that someone had with a dog… or multiple. We know that ravens will develop relationships with both wolf and coyotes at a young age and work cooperatively for prey and carrion acquisition.. almost feels like an attempt to bring the human (because of their relationship with a canine) into this relationship. Really cool stuff actually… not terrifying at all. More inspiring.

  13. How fucking cool would it be to find a raven like that in the wild and it actually leads you somewhere?

  14. Imagine you're hiking alone somewhere and you hear "Come here. Good boy." You look around see there is nobody around. You start to hurry your step. The Raven flies above you and lands in one of the trees ahead of you and you hear it again. "Come here. Good boy."

  15. I had a baby raven but he got a dam poisoned rat from my next door neighbour tried getting it if him never seen him again was gutted

  16. Ok so I know the "c'mon" part lines up with him opening his beak but that has to be the dude filming ...? Right,? The good boy is clearly the bird

  17. Come on! B̴̢̯͓̞̯͎͑̒͒O̴̥̲̜̪͕̩͖̼͎̝̱͒͒̍͗̎̇̇̑͆̔̽͋̚͘͜͝Ÿ̸͙̥̙̭̘͕́́ͅ

  18. Corvids are not terrifying. They're amazing and we should treat them with dignity and respect. They're another self-conscious species next to us. They even recognize our faces.

  19. Humans use their mouths and tongues to form words, right? How the hell do birds imitate our noises with beaks and much different tongues?

  20. Fun fact about raven birds is that they don’t just copy words but speak in the voice of the person who said the word too

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