Washing dirty carpets are always oddly satisfying.

  1. Also incredibly stupid to use a pressure washer and what looks like an electric floor polisher on a hand made Oriental carpet.

  2. A huge chunk of "Repair" "Clean up", etc... videos start from a faked condition. That is, they intentionally break/dirty the shit out of something and then repair it. One big warning here is that often, the final shot of the item as "brand new" is actually just the item before it was repaired.

  3. It’s almost a shame to clean it. Before they started the dirt was so thick they could’ve used it to grow vegetables.

  4. I often wonder, how much are these rugs worth to pay someone to clean them? Id imagine it's not cheap to have cleaned like that and if it's worth money, how did it become so flithy

  5. Was also thinking this. At some point you have to be like "man, I think we need a new rug". I guess if it's super valuable but another comment pointed out you shouldn't clean them this way if they're handmade, which I assume would make them valuable.

  6. These videos are probably a combination of people paying to get their rugs cleaned and these guys restoring rugs to sell. Ordinary rugs themselves aren't cheap and sell for a couple hundred dollars or more so depending on the cost and the size of the rug, this would be reasonable in some cases.

  7. So, I'm a bit of an oriental rug freak. My house is covered with them. They vary strongly in value depending on many factors. My most valuable rug appraised at ~$17,500 and is a gorgeous 9x12 in my dining room. All in all I've got about $50k worth of oriental rugs in my home.

  8. Absolutely, the brightness and saturation are slowly brought up to make it seem like the carpet regains more color or something. It's most noticeable at 1:12 when it cuts to a much brighter/more saturated scene.

  9. Yeah, at the very end they crank up the brightness and saturation a huge amount to make it look like the rug is cleaner than it is

  10. Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that they don't do this over some sort of grate to let dirty water flow? I've watched several of this kind of videos and the guys seem to spend half the time cleaning the floor itself and putting back dirt into the carpet. Very annoying.

  11. Advanced Cleaning Systems on YouTube uses a grate to clean rugs! They even have videos showing how they clean the grate when it starts accumulating too much dirt.

  12. I think it would go twice as fast if half the dirt wasn't trapped during the whole ordeal. I also think this rug is small enough to pop in the washer. But that wouldn't make a satisfying video.

  13. While I appreciate watching something that dirty get cleaned, the whole time i was thinking: they’re using sooo much water!!!. Surely there’s a way to do this that wouldn’t waste quite as much water.

  14. I also think you could do the whole job with a pressure washer and soap instead of all these multiple methods. Pressure washer would be much more efficient if he just stuck with it the whole time.

  15. Sometimes I think that the creators of such videos make the carpets extra dirty beforehand (roll them in mud or whatever), so that the video is even more extreme in the end. I can’t believe that someone had this thing in their living room

  16. Persian rugs can last a very, very long time. There are museums in Istanbul with rugs that are over 800 years old. I saw one that was 400 years old and it looked brand new.

  17. Maybe after flooding? I'd like to know where all that graywater with carpet cleaner is going after it hits the drain? Looked like they might be using something stronger than laundry detergent.

  18. Some ornamental rugs can be worth thousands because they are antiques. Not that I would be able to tell the difference between that and a 100 dollar rug bought a couple years ago. I also wouldn't be surprised if this was staged because content farming is super common in the "oddly satisfying" genre.

  19. And the water and chemicals used to clean it, is the environmental impact of cleaning it more costly than just throwing it away/possibly getting a new one?

  20. I was thinking that too. Between labor alone, not to mention all the water and enough soap to wash a large elephant and up to two of its family members and hose them down, I feel like it would be a waste to wash that rug and just get a new one.

  21. Wouldn’t it be more efficient and effective if this was done on a grid, grate, or a floor that let the water drain straight through? All the dirt immediately gets trapped on the bottom side of the rug. This is not satisfying, it is frustrating.

  22. This is a total waste of water. When it’s so dirty, first, you need to beat it with some stick or some specialized machine that will check it very quickly.

  23. I'm shocked I had to scroll really, really far to find this comment. I'm not even that environmentally conscious, but that's all I could think for the whole clip.

  24. Totally the wrong way of cleaning a carpet. I’m surprised there’s any material left after this guy has hacked away at it for 10 minutes

  25. I feel like hanging it on a wall and power washing it for a bit would get 70% of that off faster

  26. I’m astonished how someone who seems to be doing this professionally doesn’t have better drainage in place in order for the carpets not to lie in the dirt.

  27. Yeah, everyone, including the OP, keeps calling this a carpet. It is most definitely not a carpet, unless it fits in the world’s tiniest, octagon shaped room.

  28. It would be interesting for someone smarter than me to do the math to see the trade-off between the water usage to clean this rug and the water usage required to make this rug. Assuming it’s the real deal and made using animal fibers, I’d have to guess it’d take way more water to create the rug than to clean it. In that case, cleaning it would be the lesser of two evils (depending on water availability in the location of the cleaner).

  29. I think it’s more impressive that the people filming were able to pack that much shit inside that carpet.

  30. It would have been cheaper to buy 2 new carpets then to wash this one. Looking how much water and cleaning products he used.

  31. Reason number 17,952 why carpet is gross. (I know this is a rug and not carpet, but carpet can't be power washed like this)

  32. Being a California extremely concerned with water ( to the extent both my wife and I take military showers, have let 90% of our landscaping die and are generally over zealous at turning the water off during normal routines)...

  33. These videos seem to feature suspiciously dirty rugs. I might even call them intentionally dirty if I were a cynic.

  34. This is all for show. This is definitely not the correct way to clean a carpet. The excessive brushing and power washing will damage the material of old carpets.

  35. Took an entire city's monthly water supply to clean that thing. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm inclined to believe those suggesting it's staged.

  36. Is this a training video? Because I can’t think of any real world situation where someone would bring such dirty carpet

  37. "What did you do today at work, hon?" "I spent 8 hours and 100,000 litres of water cleaning a floor mat that someone fished out of a river "

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