my rift s sensors are not working should I just sell it and get the quest 2

  1. Do you mean rift s headset sensors or controllers? How do you know which? Could it just be the cable?

  2. It's the headset sensors I have tried all sorts usb stuff checking the ports unplug and replug in all the ports All drivers are up to date spent 3 days trying to figure it out And now getting really annoyed

  3. I mean your quest controllers are going to break for no reason a few months after you get them but sure go for it

  4. Both, quest 2 controllers(own them since about 8 months) and my Rift s/Quest 1 controllers(own the left one since about 2 years and the right one since about 3) work perfectly. The only thing that occasionally happens is that my left Rift S controller sometimes develops stick drift which is always easily fixed by spraying a bit of contact cleaner into/onto them.

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