To the guy at Tesco on castlereagh road last night screaming at the worker at checkouts…

  1. Used to live just up the road from there and shopped there on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, didn't have much hastle in there, but my missus was roared at on a few occasions in there by a few reprobates.

  2. I live here and I will only go on Fri or Sat nights when everyone else is drinking instead, or I go fancy and treat myself with a drive to Newtownbreda.

  3. I saw a mum standing outside Castlereagh tescos with her daughter in her primary school uniform smoking a feg.

  4. I work in a supermarket, people talk to the staff like their pieces os shit everyday. I wonder how they would feel if their daughter was on a till and being spoken to like this

  5. Kin hell, if you're so bothered about the bag charge, put it back in the trolley and load it in the car.

  6. Or use self checkout and lie to the machine whilst taking a few bags. I don't think the teenager 'supervising' will give a shit/notice from having their head glued to their phone.

  7. 15p bag ROFL.cant people just sort there disagreements out like adults and not like a child which has lost his FECKING dummy lol.

  8. Last time this particular Tesco was mentioned the Northern Ireland subreddit the security guard was hortin a young man's lungs.

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