Saving two lives

  1. I feel sad for the situation she must be in that she contemplated this for herself and the baby…but I also glad for the heroism of the person who pulled them back. Hopefully things get better from here on for everyone

  2. I actually hope they take the baby away from her at least for a while. Somebody planing extended suicid is not fit to take care of a baby.

  3. Sorry to hijack the top comment, but OP (Former_Month75) appears to be a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on January 18, and woke seven days ago.

  4. Nobody wants that but damn,you must feel somehow when you know that you saved someone’s life(for moment at least)

  5. If you're at the point where you know going to end your own life, do it alone don't drag another person or animal into it.

  6. Someone contemplating suicide is not thinking like that. They're not in their right mind. It's a sickness and they think they're doing their child or pet or whoever a favor

  7. Suicide IS the right thing to do sometimes, but mostly only in specific, extreme circumstances, and for fuck's sake, you don't take out someone else with you.

  8. Jokes aside there’s going to be a lot more babies in dumpsters and toilets now that RvW was overturned. Absolutely terrifying.

  9. Maybe she does not know what to do because she is pregnant again from being raped and now that Roe v Wade is outlawed she thought well whats the point. And is already struggling to take care of her baby on her own because baby daddy decided to live the single childless life.

  10. Honestly I feel horrible for saying this about someone about to do something to most likely end whatever pain they’re in…. But fuck her for being so selfish as to bring her kid along for it. It’s your own suffering, your kid has a future ahead. It’s already honestly selfish to take yourself out of your kids life like this, but as someone who has these tendencies I get why someone may want out and shouldn’t be judged for it. Again, I’m judging her solely on the basis of killing her child because she is finished with this world

  11. The moral of the story is: if you truly want something, don't hesitate.. but also dont force others even animals to take the same path.

  12. What the fuck? Why are you telling people that they should kill themselves ASAP if they want to instead of seeking help?

  13. Why do people always need to walk up to them in a stealthy way? Couldn’t you develop some kind of harpoon that you shoot them from behind and reel back in, so that you don’t waste 20 seconds walking up to them, while they could either jump or full you down with them?

  14. And why would everyone have a harpoon on hand. Even if they did, stabbing someone in the back could count as assault regardless of intention.

  15. Because this isn't a Batman movie and a complex high power device like that is going to be prone to failure, either by the user, the machine, or some other crazy factor. God forbid it makes the situation worse. Whereas, sneaking up, if he didn't grab her perfectly as he did, he still had a lot of options to grab hold of her. You create a shot device like that and you get 1 shot. It would need a lot of force, yet it can't hurt her or what she's holding, it can't push her off the cliff, it can't startle her and cause he to fall off from imbalance... it has to work PERFECTLY and theres 0 room for adjustment afterwards.

  16. If I got that close to any edge, I’m falling off. Heights just have the weirdest effect on me. I’ll get sucked right off.

  17. I know the feeling. If I got a baby in my arms, I'm spiking it. I don't want to. I would never dare even think of doing such a thing. BUT DO NOT GIVE ME THAT BABY BECAUSE WHAT IF I DECIDE TO SPIKE IT.

  18. Did she Really got saved? No one does such things unless the pain of living is too much, unless they got proper treat now they have to live with a ptsd of near death as well

  19. Spider Asian man spider Asian man does whatever a spider Asian man can jumps a bridge bakes some bread , is your doctor so you don’t get dead (with your kid too) look out here’s The Spider Asian Man!

  20. I see way to much sympathy for the woman and why to little for the baby here. She was about to kill the baby. She was about to not only destroy her life but also the babys life and maybe also the fathers life. Even severely clinically depressed people (and believe me I know what that means) rarely ever kill their family. Just imagine what you would think about this if this were a man/the father that shot the baby while asleep before shooting himself. Same thing. She probably shouldn’t go to jail but to a closed mental hospital were they keep her untill it’s 100% sure she won’t kill anybody in extended suicid … and they definitely need to take the baby from her.

  21. It's not as simple as saving a life. You have to understand the context. For some people it can end a lifetime of suffering. In this case the baby was showing early signs of becoming a Mets fan.

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