How To Build A Sex Room on Netflix

  1. LOL me too. I went through several stages of confused before I got there. "People are building sex rooms on the Netflix app? THE NETFLIX APP HAS ROOMS?! LIKE SOME SORT OF SEXY WATCH PARTY?!!"

  2. I'll be watching this one. We have a spare room but we also have a couple of spare teenagers. Still, the show should be interesting.

  3. My husband and I started watching it yesterday and got through the first 5 episodes! We couldn't stop watching!! I said the same thing as you and fell in absolute love with the polycule. I LOVE the various rooms and I am SO happy about the wonderful way they present kink, consent, poly, etc... I also want to be best friends with the designer!

  4. I saw this on Netflix last night and had the EXACT SAME THOUGHT. It’s basically the marriage of my two greatest loves: home improvement/design and all things sexy! I can’t WAIT to watch it!!!!

  5. What! How? I used to have a kink room in my house and it was amazing! Nowhere near as fancy as the ones on the show but I loved it!

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