[Adam Schefter] Panthers announced that QB Baker Mayfield will start today.

  1. "I beat the pot the dough like Joseph beat Mike and Jermain." – Baker "Freddie Gibbs" Mayfield.

  2. It's the first preseason game, as the Jets learned, you don't throw your franchise QB in and start chuckin' it

  3. Fake news media won't report that GEQBUS beat Faker Mayfield so badly that GEQBUS felt too bad when Faker started crying. LET him have the starting job for the preseason before saving the Panthers!

  4. What's the chances they trade Darnold to a QB needy team in the next week or two? I can see the Jets needing a QB. It might be hard to imagine, but I could see Darnold in a Jets uniform.

  5. If you have Sam Darnold on your roster, and a QB on your roster is worse than Darnold, you either cut that dude or your team is tanking and rebuilding.

  6. I really, really hope he makes Cleveland regret their stupid ass decision to not only bring on Watson but give him an unprecedented, fully guaranteed contract.

  7. Faker can have the preseason but when the real games come the GEQBUS will get the start. Remember, Darnold was 3-0 and leading the league in rushing touchdowns before he was targeted by the crooked NFL last year


  9. Let’s go Baker, will always be my favorite browns QB. In 29 years of disappointing football you were the best thing for the browns. Will always be a fan of his and argue against the fans who tagged on him for years

  10. How many QB battles has Baker won between college and pros, feels like he’s had to prove himself to a bunch of new teams

  11. I hope he fucking kills it with the Panthers. Dude came into the league cocky as shit ready to be the next Johnny Football and instead became fully bought in, buckled down, got serious, and sacrificed for the Browns. Dude has shown grit and toughness many other QB.s wouldn’t play through especially on a team like the Browns. I’ve gone from hating the guy in the Progressive commercials to respecting the QB.

  12. He did the bare minimum as a QB1 for the Browns. Never practiced in the offseason and never saw a QB coach like literally every single QB does. Lightly followed COVID guidelines then tested positive during a critical point in the season and had to have Hoyer bail him out that week. Don't forget the maskless pictures where he was shoulder to shoulder with a group full of maskless kids. Always threw the coaching staff and sometimes other players under the bus. He acted like he was the GOAT and never accomplished anything. There was a reason the Browns FO put out that message about "wanting an adult" for a QB, or however that was worded. He skated by on his talent for a couple years but he never developed his game at all and teams had him figured out pretty easily. Even before he tore his labrum the Browns were a run first offense.

  13. I’m glad. The treatment of Mayfield and the motherfucker they replaced him with is why I dropped being a Browns fan.

  14. If history and his college days show us anything, Baker will ball out for the Panthers. He needs adversity and a chip on his shoulder (NPI) to succeed. The Browns certainly gave him both.

  15. Ain’t gonna matter what team BM plays for…he’ll be an Eli on the field and a doofus the rest of the time. White country boy acting all cool and shit; that’s entertaining, but it ain’t football. Leave the leading to someone else.

  16. Hot take: I honestly think Baker is right on that fringe of being a Top 10 QB (when he's healthy). I think people were wayyyy too down on him last year given that he was playing with an injury.

  17. Unfortunately what Baker needs is coaching stability and talent, and the Panthers have the worst HC and OC combo in the league by a massive margin

  18. Bakers biggest issue, imo, is the fact that he panics under pressure. In the pocket he's great, but as soon as the rubber hits the road and he has to make a quick decision it's like he forgets how to play football and makes some of the dumbest throws ever, or just freezes up and pump fakes 10 times before getting sacked.

  19. Mind-boggling bro. This is all besides the point if you actually watch a healthy Baker play, the talent is CLEARLY evident. Idk if it’s bc he was on the browns or just his personality rubs people the wrong way so they love to see him fail? But I REALLY want to see him ball out in Carolina so he can shut everyone up, almost as bad as I want to see Tua shut everyone tf up…almost…

  20. Yea. I definitely would have preferred for him to have gone somewhere not in the division.

  21. What worries me is his mental Game, the lack of a QB Coach until this season, streaming Halo 30 hours in a game week where he's starting and throwing 4 picks, allegedly despising the very successful run first offense, it sounds like there's immaturity and a "me first" arrogance, I'd rather have that than Watson 1000 times out of 10 but some of the stuff from his Cleveland tenure and that exit interview where he blamed the fans and said he'd boo them back kinda is rough.

  22. I've always kind of liked Baker. I didn't completely buy into all the hype after his good season, but I also didn't completely buy into all the hate after last season. It's a shame he's on the Panthers now because I've never rooted for a Panthers QB. Well, I kind of started liking Cam once he left the Panthers.

  23. If your team has a “locker room cancer” at QB, that is a culture problem way more than a QB problem. The Browns are broken. We’ll see how the panthers fair.

  24. I just cut cable to save money and trying to figure out how to watch the games without having to go out each Sunday. I have a Roku smart TV. Any suggestions

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