How the hell is this even possible

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  1. Can’t imagine the type of person that insults someone for getting good at something lmao. I’ll pay for the bag of sand myself.

  2. The guy at the start isn’t roasting him. Second guy added his video to it as a reply roasting himself.

  3. Not how tiktok works. He put the first part up by itself and second dude is replying to roast himself

  4. Believe it or not, it’s not photographic. There are multiple clues that a location may give to determine the country, including Light poles, Road bollards (the posts on the shoulder that indicate where the road is with snow), and road lines. Some even use the quality of the google street view camera as a clue, since some countries have older street view coverage than others, as well as the color or model of the car. These factors can narrow down a location to one of very few countries. Then, once a general idea of the country is gathered, you use surrounding context clues of the geography and climate to find a more precise location, if possible. For instance, if the road lines and telephone poles indicate that you are in the US, you may look to the size of hills and mountains (or lack thereof), vegetation, and soil color and texture to make a more educated guess. (Dark red soil may indicate northwestern Texas, very light fine soil may indicate a River floodplain, etc.)

  5. i watched a few of his videos when he was first starting which led me to a livestream at the time of him doing it (on youtube or twitch stream) because the youtube algo led me down that after leaving it autoplay videos long enough haha

  6. Bro he’s done the moon and mars before, this man probably knows where lord Neptune goes to have a private wank

  7. I saw a video of him doing it with black and white pixelated images of only power poles that only stayed on screen for .1 seconds. He did just as well.

  8. Self-depreciation aside is fine and all, but there’s still something about posting a template for self-deprecation and then not being the subject of the joke for the second half that ruffles people’s feathers. It looks enough like other annoying generic tiktoks that way. Still surprised people were that sensitive to it though, reddit regularly makes jokes about redditors being NEETs and virgins. But you can’t really take reddit humor and go to facebook with it and expect people to not freak out, I guess. Different media bubbles and norms.

  9. I know who rainbolt is, as a close friend is a Geoguessr player and I've watched a few videos about Geoguessr with him. I was kind of taken aback by somebody calling him out so rudely, and it took me the whole tiktok before I realised who's tag had posted the video.

  10. When people talk about the human mind being beautiful, this is exactly what they mean. Youth is the scramble to find meaning in life, but once found people fly.

  11. The amount of people here that don’t know that the second guy added the clip of himself after the first clip is hilarious. It’s a self burn

  12. GeoGuessr is a geography game, in which you are dropped somewhere in the world in a street view panorama and your mission is to find clues and guess your location on the world map.

  13. This is true. I spend time in the backcountry, canyoneer, and volunteer with SAR and have excellent map/compass skills. As soon as I get in the car with the wife…guaranteed to make one wrong turn any trip we take.

  14. The second guy is the one who made the video. He added in the initial clip of the first guy. It’s a self roast, in case anyone was confused.

  15. He's playing a game where they put you in a random location with a panaromic pic and he guesses where it is from in the world

  16. He's playing a game where they put you in a random location with a panaromic pic and he guesses where it is from in the world

  17. He plays enough to remember not only geographical info, but also info about the google car itself. A lot of time dedicated to one thing generally makes someone insanely talented at that one thing.

  18. I missed the boat on this shit. Wtf is he in such a hurry , and what’s he looking for now??! Please explain. These videos have done nothing but annoy me.

  19. It's a game called geoguessr - he gets a random location on google streetview and guesses his location on a map. He's guessing very quickly because that's the sort of play style that he enjoys and works in a short video format

  20. He's playing a game where they put you in a random location with a panaromic pic and he guesses where it is from in the world

  21. You can start from one photo. Then you begin to understand that the flora can be very different in different countries. It's easy when the photos are from different parts of the world, but it's more difficult when the photos are only from European countries, for example.

  22. The guy playing the game made the video. So he’s roasting himself, and showing how good he is at geoguessr

  23. He's playing a game where they put you in a random location with a panaromic pic and he guesses where it is from in the world

  24. I know this guy. He made a whole yt video on how he does it but he mainly looks at the road and the camera and car can also leave hints on where it is. Forgot his yt tho.

  25. It's Rainbolt - he organizes tournaments where teams of 4 people play geoguessr against each other. You can find him on twitch. He also does challenges like guessing from black-and-white pictures or guessing after seeing the picture only for 0.1 second

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