Robot dance be on point

  1. Glad that the top 2 comments are my 1st 2 thoughts. Why did he have to grab Greta by the Thunberg.

  2. As a woman, I thought the exact same thing. Yes it’s not technically where the vagina is but if a man grabbed me there that’s exactly how I would’ve described it because I sure as hell wouldn’t have been like “oh he grabbed me by my pelvic bone from behind” 🤣🤣

  3. Glad that the top 2 comments are my 1st 2 thoughts. Why did he have to grab Greta by the Thunberg.

  4. I think about this all the time. Planet of the Apes and Terminator will be replayed on TV.... Both the Apes and Robots will be like "Not this racist ass shit again!"

  5. That or they'll be laughing and going "Haha she was a robot all along and they really just fell for this?! Send in the rest!"

  6. Probably the best way to pick her entire weight up without moving her arms, trying to sell the robot and all. Also they probably rehearsed many times and realized this was the best way. But, of course we know better in comments, they are stupid and are trying to molest the girl on stage

  7. Was it? I’m not close to the genre but it seemed like it was sort of leaning then overbalancing / correcting, and a lot more fluid than the up limbs. Like, super controlled moves but not ‘robotic’ if that makes sense?

  8. I liked the quick, jerky movements. I don't often see that kind of stuttering in robot acts, but it's definitely a motion that actual robots do for small adjustments.

  9. This is Jaja. She did a great popping dance off with Blondie with some robot moves in there that’s pretty great to watch.

  10. I'm glad someone else gave her the right credit here. I instantly recognized her from the competition she did with B-Dash, the Puppet and Puppetmaster routine that is just awesome to me.

  11. It's so funny that humans trying to be more robotic have actually entered into the creepy valley, for me. While robots trying to be more human are emerging from the valley.

  12. If you think picking her up like that was strange, you should never watch cheerleading performances. You'll lose your goddam mind.

  13. Given that there aren’t really walking robots (or very few), how is it we all agree that this is how they walk?

  14. Maybe it's just me, but this is not next level. Not really even that impressive. I've probably seen a hundred other robot dance videos with better execution.

  15. Bruh the fact everyone is talking about how he grabbed her vagina instead of the dance is wild. She obviously wasn’t too upset by it and they’re quite clearly rehearsed dance partners so I don’t see the issue if she doesn’t.

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