Young woman's reaction to being asked to donate to the Democratic party after the overturning of Roe v Wade

  1. Exactly! The DNC doesn’t care about your rights! They just use your fear of losing them to get votes! It’s time for a change and it’s not coming on the back of an ass or an elephant

  2. Yup, they held out on codifying it into law simply so they could milk it election after election the same as the Republicans milking it forever and ever from the other side. It's a weak party and they aren't doing shit but sending emails and maybe saying snarky tweets here and there. What a useless party

  3. I hate the whole "both parties are not the same" debate. Like we know, Republicans will flat out tell you what they want to do. And quite often it's fkn terrifying. But dems have known this (among many other issues) has been coming for 50 years. Yet: Crickets on action.

  4. And you’re playing right into the hands of the elephant. That elephant may get to elect more Justices.

  5. Well I hope you have an idea other than courting the progressive vote. Do tell how we get these rights back when fighting a fascist theocracy. I’ll wait patiently.

  6. RNC does the same thing, it's just the intelligence level isn't the same. RNC, NRA, Trump etc have people who will blindly donate their money to them, even when they financially shouldn't.

  7. The sound feels wrong too. It's weird because I think it is live out there, it's just some kinda weird lighting setup

  8. all they do is lie and hop to every hot button activist topic like its a corner stone of the party a few months past and they forget about it and move on to next buzzword headline

  9. i still cant wrap my head around how the first few weeks in primaries someone loses a few states and completely drops out and how the smallest first states in usa really pick the party finalists

  10. Here's the thing, the folks from the pro-life organizations are currently talking to senators and representatives about outlawing abortion nationwide.

  11. We really need third party candidates to be successful. It would really just take one year of independents making it to the predestinarian debates to change the entire country

  12. Republicans love when the left tears itself apart. Who stripped the rights? It wasn't Dems. Circular firing squads benefit the GOP.

  13. We all voted in 2020 to stop this from happening and here we are lol. Maybe it’s time to recognize our system is too inherently flawed to function in a way that’s serving the population it is meant to be working to protect.

  14. You know what these clowns won’t show you? The fucking emails asking for donations? Why? Because they’re not getting them. they’re on the Democrats email list for a reason; they voluntarily gave their email to them. Maybe the Caucus (not the actual White House) sent them one email since mid terms are coming up, but what they’re talking about with their false rage isn’t happening. Fucking Rep trolls again, I swear. LOL

  15. I get this take. The dems are corporate hacks at the federal level but this could escalate very quickly for the worse should people abandon dems en masse.

  16. If they cared about abortion rights, gun control, health care reform, police reform, parental leave they'd have done something about it already. Democrats control everything currently other than the SCOTUS and could get all of this done IF THEY ACTUALLY WANTED TO. They do not, they lie every 4 years and every 4 years people eat it up. Note, both sides lie to get into office, but the Dems controlled everything under Obama and now again under Biden and both times have seen no action taken to actually do anything they promise.

  17. This isn't about what's been codified into law, Laws making it legal were already on the books. If you mean make the rights made available by the Roe vs Wade decision a part of the constitution, and enforce laws nation wide to reflect that, then maybe that might work. This is about about the political power, machinations, long term planning and manipulation of the American democratic system being used to overturn previous positions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  18. So I theory democrats are not worried how the decision will affect women. They are worried that they do not have a campaign point to continue to promote to divide America.

  19. I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS!! I hope people wake up now. Its not just conservatives and the NRA. They’re all scum. It doesn’t matter what they pretend they care about.

  20. Pretty sure thats not accurate... whenever democrats have had a majority they never had the votes to codify roe because of pro life democrats. Even under Obama, the Democratic Party had to roll back ACA funding for abortion because pro life dems didn't want tax dollars to go to abortion. Takes like this come from an ignorant understanding of the political obstacles when getting legislation pass.

  21. I have been a liberal in most my life but I met this wonderful lady who through actual good conversations and arguments turned me into a "conservative".

  22. The uncomfortable truth is if you don’t vote blue we will be living in a fascist state. Justice Clarence Thomas said very clearly he was coming for gay rights, coming for contraception and was going to get involved with what two consenting adults do in their bedroom.

  23. Damn, dems have no shame... They think the people are stupid. Trying to profit from this, that us their own doing in the end. Sickening.

  24. That's why Democrats will always lose. Republican voters are suckers who donate and vote unthinkingly without independent thought. Democrats are always trying to draw distinctions and principles without recognizing that winning elections is the most important thing in politics.

  25. How can you make the statement that democrats will always lose? The House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House are controlled by democrats today.

  26. I mean they actually do shit that their supporters want as well. The democrats are all fucking lip service they don’t do a goddamn thing but talk. I hate everything the Republican Party stands for but at least they fucking stand for something and crooked or not find ways to get it done. Democrats are just a bunch of spineless cowards anymore and they have no to blame this on but themselves.

  27. Well yeah, it's been a nearly 50 year long scam by the Democratic Party dangling this infront of the American people and now the scheme has collapsed. They should suffer for it.

  28. Oh look they're finally starting to realize the Democratic party is no different from the Republican party. But God forbid I dare say that for years, just to get berated and harassed by leftists for daring to speak the truth. There's little difference in the parties. They just use a different facade to get your money and votes

  29. It was Republican appointed Supreme Court judges that voted against woman’s rights here and your answer is to give the Republicans more power.

  30. My point exactly, i have been telling people. Dems are nothing but fundraising tools pretending to be goody goody

  31. I Was for the overturning of Roe for that exact reason. There is nothing in the text of the constitution/bill of rights protecting abortion. It’s up to the law makers to protect it, and they didn’t. Then they want to sit here with the pickachu face dumbfounded because the court finally realized they never had the authority to impose roe…. If you want to create laws and rights do it, don’t force the courts to do your job for you. People out there mad at the courts need to re direct their anger to lawmakers who say they care but actually don’t.

  32. I know the Supreme Court could have done this whenever but it definitely makes the Democratic Party look bad that they did it when a Dem president is in office and democrats are the majority in congress.

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