How to carry two 40 kg (90 lbs) logs by yourself (no twerking in this clip - promise)

  1. I was thinking “how to dislocate your shoulders” when she got the straps on like a backpack. Wider straps might help, that rope looks like it could just sever her arms off

  2. In the moving industry we have a similar technique, called a “Montreal” strap same idea. Barely any strain on your back doing this but your core and legs feel it. Have seen a 140lb guy carry a fridge out on his back with this technique no problem.

  3. Doing things with your back doesn’t destroy it. Doing things like this on a regular basis will make you stronger. Why does everyone here think out bodies are made of cardboard and staples?

  4. You highlight the unfortunate disparity between what people think will hurt your back, and what will actually hurt your back. The closer something is to your centre of mass, the better, additionally, the less you have to bend while taking up the weight, the better, and finally, its 80 kilos, people use bars heavier than this. This is leagues safer strain wise than what most labourers do on a daily basis.

  5. Really if you are doing this type of thing frequently it wouldn’t be that bad, like I can walk around with 315 on a bar just fine, of course the position she’s carrying them in is kind of not great, but it’s not likely to do serious damage. If she squats like 250 then it’s not that much weight to carry around really

  6. This will, for sure, come in handy the next time I have a machete, railroad spikes and rope when I need to watch a small-framed girl carry two 90lbs logs.

  7. Easier to make videos that gather lots of views, earn money on it then pay someone to carry it for you.

  8. Only if you have good well maintained roads, which I’m not seeing. She could just be carrying the logs to where ever the roads are to put them on something with a wheel or two.

  9. Because there is a growing trend of Asian TikTok influencers who go out into the “woods” to show off their survival skills while wearing nice clothes and highlighting poor technique. It’s all for clicks

  10. She is fucking up her back, cutting her shoulders with the rope, risking tripping and getting buried by two logs bigger than her, fucking up her clothes and truly achieving nothing, carrying one log at a time might actually even be faster since you dont have to balance more than you bodyweight with each step and can move faster due to less weight carried. It looks cool for a short video but is extremly unpractical.

  11. I think most of the negativity comes from the weak boys of reddit that probably cannot replicate this.

  12. Guarantee most of the negativity are from people who have never lifted anything heavier than their keyboards.

  13. Because majority of the people here have never done anything actually physically demanding or challenging and assume any kind of strain or stress will destroy your body since their bodies are weak and fragile

  14. Yeah why carry logs… when you can rely on your old man’s money to pay someone else to do it for you!

  15. Not as much as you might think. Most of the load is on her back, the straps just help keep it there.

  16. Jesus everyone is so critical of everything. I think this video is just a demonstration that it CAN be possible, not that it SHOULD be done or is the most optimal way.

  17. All these comments are from “experts” who think lifting anything over 10 pounds will “definitely fuck up your back.”

  18. For real. So many comments about her outfit choice or the song or that its impractical or the video is cut... I don't care. Judge all you want. I'm 100% impressed. Girl is beautiful and strong af

  19. There are much easier, and less damaging ways to carry logs.. The first way would be to give one of the logs to the person holding the camera..

  20. why was it even necessary to say that there was no twerking in this clip? I mean there were no cats in it either but you did not need to say that. Is there this sudden fear of surprise twerking that I am unaware of?

  21. Hall and Oates. Great band and a great song. My personal favorite. Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

  22. Wouldn’t it be easier to carry one and then come back for the other?Also I seriously doubt this woman won’t have back and shoulder problems in 10 years.

  23. We're so lucky to be born where we were all born at poor girl, I assume she sells those logs or uses it for firewood?

  24. Floor installer here. That's how installers carry carpet in houses minus the ropes and it's often waaaay heavier than that. Carpet is almost always 12ft wide. Fold it in half to 6ft and roll it up. Stand it up with the fold side up. Reach up and grab the folds and rock it up on your back and carry it in. You'd be surprised how much weight you can carry on your legs like that. As long as it's ON YOUR LEGS. SMH. Had a few "helpful" customers over the 25 years I've been doing it that would "help" by reaching down and lifting the end that's pointed to the ground. lol That takes the weight from the legs and puts it on the back. Not fun.

  25. Impressive. Yet all I could think was...why doesn't the camera person just put the camera down and carry one of the logs? Where's that guy that shows a simpler way of doing things and then puts his palms up?

  26. Dunno, there is a.lack of twerking, also 40kg are 80pounds, and she is ruining her Back with this Methode for Sure. Not even Most soldiers carry more than 30/35kg .

  27. Was concerned she’d do a Wiley E Coyote and either face plant or the opposite and end up going backwards down the hill at the end.

  28. I watch her TikTok sometimes. She basically carries logs or heavy bags on her back every day. I assume there is a team around helping her set up the shots.

  29. No impressed, my daughter walks around school with her backpack all day at school like that. Lol

  30. She should have extentend a rope for her hands. Would be much easier. Nevertheless good effort. And thanks for not twerking like a cheap ass *o.

  31. Why is she using a sword as a hammer?! At least use the back side. Damn, that thing ain't cutting another piece of wood ever after that

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