The Speed of The USA Relay Team

  1. The way it was shot made it hard to follow, but it looked like the anchor was running against the record book rather than the other teams.

  2. That’s my old teammate from college, Tori Bowie. She was primarily a Long Jumper and switched to sprints after college.

  3. For sure. But man as a pure spectator she (3) was so exciting to watch! Pure grace and power and precision for the other three. Incredible all around.

  4. If I remember correctly, this may be the race that English Gardner (3rd runner) didn’t bring her shoes to the finals race so she borrowed Allyson Felix’s shoes- but they don’t wear the same size in shoes. This was after the had to rerun the qualifying run bc Brazil’s runner bumped into Allyson during the baton exchange.

  5. Isnt it important that team usa is running on the inside track? Smaller circle makes it look like youre running faster?

  6. Last week I tried to sprint for the first time in years and was fucking baffled at how I ever did that as a kid for more than 6 seconds. Gonna maybe try it again this week with less witnesses. Maybe get up to 8 seconds.

  7. It’s just about repetition, building the muscles back up, building endurance, getting your lungs and heart back into sprinting shape. It takes time and patience as well as effort. Just be kind to your joints and make sure your form isn’t destroying them. Stay hydrated and eat and build muscle too, cardio is great but it does burn muscle as well as fat.

  8. Good way to get back into things- find a parking lot with power poles along the side, sprint from one pole to the next, and jog to the next pole, then sprint to the next, and just keep alternating like that. And in the evenings there’s fewer witnesses.

  9. I was late to work and had to clock in within the minute, so I decided to “sprint” the skywalk that leads to the time clock. My ankles said nope, I pulled a hammy and haven’t walked right since. I think it’s charming how I still picture myself as an 8-year old girl who can run and sprint at a moment’s notice. My body is like “we are going to now need that notice on writing, 6-months in advance of activity, signed by your orthopedic surgeon and your cardiologist”.

  10. Same. I've been jogging semi-regularly and decided to do a sprinters mile like I used to when I played sports in school (for anyone who doesn't know, a sprinters mile is where you start on the straightaway of a track at a jog, picking up pace until midway through youre at a dead sprint basically running a 40 yd dash. Then you walk the corner until you come to the next straight. Rinse and repeat for 4 laps.)

  11. I used to be so fast at sprinting. I haven't in a very long time other than very short and futile attempts to catch my dog. After I left the Marines I basically didn't so shit. I look fit still but I'm not. I couldn't imagine sprinting fifty yards. Pretty much wasted my physical prime.

  12. Obviously they were incredibly fast, but I just want to point out that being on the inside track does give a little extra illusion to the speed

  13. What did you expect ? They are wearing blue , sonic is blue therefore they go fast. It's simple math people.

  14. They are amazingly fast for sure, but the clip makes them seem even faster because it's very zoomed in so the background moves faster. Also they are in the innermost lane so they should catch up to the ones on the outside. Also in the clip you see them pass some runners with blazing speed, those are runners who already ran and are stopping.

  15. Probably a response to some social media prompt like "What's the most impressive sporting achievement by women you've seen" or some such. "It's really this USA relay for me" would make perfect sense

  16. There was a song a couple years back with the line "it's the _____ for me" in the chorus. Since it's been a line used in socials used for saying what you like.

  17. Did you just say “people really just be” and then complain about the colloquialism “it’s really this?”

  18. The thing I noticed the most was their head stability. They don’t move at all, it’s insane.

  19. Imagine how much faster they would be going if they had their hands to their sides and were bending forward while running

  20. That's Kendra Harrison, the gif is from when she set the record in the 100m hurdles in 2020. She was not a part of the 2016 4x100 relay.

  21. Mmmmmmmm that's prime athletics at work. Great form and great passing. I LOVE when the relay goes well. I swear the speed the teams move at seems inhuman. Brilliant.

  22. It's fantastic that they were so far ahead and the anchor didn't slow up or showboat at the end. Breath of fresh air and I am really proud of them.

  23. Not really, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce was closing in fast on the anchor. You don't see her because of the crop.

  24. It’s not that often (as an American) I can really say F Ya!! GO USA!!! But thanks to these ladies …. F YA!! GO USA!!

  25. I took a second and did the math based on this being the 4x100m relay. If you convert their time, you end up at approximately 21.7 mph. However, you have to take in account that it takes time to build up speed from the start. Probably somewhere around 23 or 24 MPH.

  26. Well, at least some people actually follow track, I got upvotes and I’m still negative lmao, found the delusional quickly 🤣

  27. I was always second leg on my team in high school. Although that was not my best event I moved over to the 4 by 200 relay cause I was faster at running mid distance events. 200, 400, 800. We ended up setting school record in 4 by 200 relay my freshman year.

  28. They be FAST and the others be slow. Training, determination, hard work and attitude… it all pays off. Damn good show ladies.

  29. My favorite race is still the 1988 Olympics 4x100 with Evelyn Ashford’s come-from-behind anchor leg. She tore it up.

  30. It's almost inhuman to see how fast some of those professional athletes run. And they say super humans don't exist? Have you watched the Olympics?

  31. The way runner 3 was like "we won, dont drop this" and runner 4 slapped back and was like "ya ya... let me run fast too".

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