Man fired from 7-Eleven for inviting homeless people to grab edible food that was to be discarded.

  1. I worked at 7-eleven before and asked my boss the same thing. So here is the answer... "If its pass the sell by date they have to throw it. People can shift through their trash but we can't be involved in giving them out or risk a fat lawsuit if people started getting sick."

  2. It's not the restaurants. When I was in the military, I proposed that our left-over galley food be donated to food banks and soup kitchens and was told that FDA and food safety regulations make it almost impossible to donate any prepared food.

  3. Oh, the CEO’s and top shareholders are actually barred by the blood-signed contract from having compassion for their fellow man. Instantly voids their riches.

  4. At least the place I work for donates as much as they can. They’ll take everything the deli didn’t sell, extra produce, bakery stuff, and some extra grocery stuff and donate it to the local food banks

  5. A lot of businesses do this. I know for a fact Panera at least used to, prob still does. There are a few reasons cited for this- not wanting to encourage giving away product to anyone for free because it would devalue the product; concern that product that isn't 100% perfectly fresh will cause loss of future business from individuals or from negative publicity from word of mouth (in this instance, having more product than is likely to sell would result in spoilage and if it was still on the shelf but not at an ideal freshness level, someone may purchase it and complain about the level of freshness); and finally concern that if product goes truly bad and someone consumes it- even for free- and gets sick that it may result in a lawsuit or at least that loss of future business (there are very few instances of lawsuit attempts over food poisoning from products like this and most places have laws that would protect from a lawsuit in these situations since the food would be free but that doesn't mean companies aren't concerned about the possibility of having to pay a settlement or fine or deal with that aforementioned negative publicity).

  6. when I worked at Costco we had a situation where one of the large freezer units failed. We caught it mid fail, just couldn't get the part we needed quick enough. The food was still frozen, still perfectly fine. But because Costco knew it would eventually thaw and not be good, they made us toss ALL OF IT. Like thousands of dollars worth of food, perfectly fine, frozen goods. I asked about donating it to a local food bank or shelter and I was told the corporate stance on that is a strong NO. Reasoning for it....liability. If someone who you gave the food to was to get sick I guess there is something in the laws that would allow for a lawsuit. Not sure if that was corporate BS or not but I hated it. Made no damn sense to me and still doesn't to this day.

  7. I worked at a mall tim hortons when I was in high school, and they close down every night so they throw all of the extra doughnuts and bagels away

  8. It is stupid but if it doesn't go to a program and the company just lets people have the food like this gentleman was trying to do. The people that eat that food can sue the company if they get sick. Stupid stupid laws really take away from a lot of people just looking out for one another

  9. As shitty as it sounds, where I live(ontario canada) it's against city bylaws to feed the homeless. You can loose your business license. Or recieve a fine if observed giving them food while waking around. My city hates the poor.

  10. Pretty sure it has to do with lawsuits people will sue for anything these days and these big corporations don’t wanna risk taking any chances

  11. Use to work for superstore waaaaay back in high school days. The bakery did the same thing. Throw it all out... even us employees couldn't eat what was being thrown out or else it was stealing. I threw away so many baked goods that could have been given to shelters.

  12. I watched an undercover boss episode recently. The CEO of 7-Eleven himself was the center of the show and when he saw that his stores were just throwing away good food he was royally upset. At the end of the show he sat down with his chair heads and one of the things he wanted to make sure that happened was they stopped throwing away all of this food and gave it to homeless shelters or back to the community. If I can find the episode on YouTube I'll come back here and post it. This man needs to show that episode to his boss and if his boss still bitches about it he needs to somehow get into contact with the CEO, he seemed like a genuinely good dude.

  13. There's couple of reasons, it's still technically their property even if it's in the garbage. There's still a possibility that the food has gone bad and it would cause food poisoning or something like that, so that's one of the reasons dumpster diving for food isn't exactly legal either.

  14. The reason is that is customers get use to being able to get discounted food when it’s ready to be thrown away, they would just wait for the price to decrease. Just throwing away food is more profitable… Source: I use to be a barista at Starbucks.

  15. It is a liability thing, if someone got sick from the food or "claimed" to get sick that person could potentially sue the sucks, but so do some people...and at the end of the day these big companies are gonna protect their interest

  16. I worked a a local bagel shop when I was in college. We threw away at least one trash bag of day-old bagels every night. So I started dropping off a couple a week to a nearby homeless shelter at the end of the night when I closed. Owner found out, I was fired. Fuck that guy.

  17. It's easy to understand ( I don't agree with it) but 2 reasons come to mind. 1, they lose potential profit, also if someone got sick they can sue.

  18. Because the company is trying to earn money. If they are going to give it away, less people eill pay the full price for it. So when an employee gives away your property, you will have to defend yourself.

  19. I love that he did this but this is one of those times you just shouldn’t have recorded yourself doing it. Businesses have strict rules on this because if someone gets ill from that food (extremely small chance I know) then there’s potential that person can sue. As frustrating as it is they just can’t take the risk

  20. Exactly this. Everybody is always on the constant lookout for a quick payday via lawsuit now-a-days. How about people stop suing companies for literally anything and maybe they'd be more willing to hand out this stuff.

  21. The Good Samaritan Act for food donation should protect companies from any legal liability. I think the caveat is that the food must be donated to an organisation like a food bank and not to a needy person directly.

  22. Its been a while but I believe that you can not sue if you get sick from donated food. Businesses just have strict rules about their profit.

  23. I know its because of liability but this whole not giving people food thats just gonna be thrown away is such crap. Like kroger and their zero waste policy but yet my spouse that works there has seen so much waste. Fucking lying hypocrites is all they are.

  24. Companies want you to believe it’s cause of liability and I’ll be the first to tell you that’s not true. I worked for a major coffee chain and each store could donate expired pastries and such to food banks. The food banks would come pick it up every morning.

  25. Fun fact: you actually can’t sue someone for food donations made in good faith, specifically to avoid this issue. Most companies are either intentionally ignorant or actually don’t know, but the Good Samaritan Act makes it impossible to sue an entity in the US for bad food donations.

  26. Honestly, it’s pretty common ya. Fair bit of homeless people in my city; I’d say at least 50% of them have a cell phone. Public wifi all over the place

  27. Smartphones becoming closer and closer to being basic necessity. You don’t need a wireless plan to hook up to some wifi. Plus if they homeless cuz their circumstances changed. I could see it.

  28. Exactly bro ain’t the smartest, should’ve just taken that after work and dropped off by homeless camp, would’ve kept job and fed the homeless

  29. I paid $20 for the shitty prepaid smartphone I'm using to type this comment. Costs $20 for 90 days of service, but the wifi would continue working if I stopped buying minutes. You don't need a $1000 iPhone and an unlimited plan to use Instagram.

  30. Stores do this out of fear of litigation due to poor or vague laws and regulation. So many class action lawsuits involving E. coli and listeriosis. I mean if you really are demanding some proof I would be more than happy to recite just a few case laws involving food poisoning and or product liability involving grocery stores, etc.

  31. Costco Deli Associated with Salmonella Outbreak Food from the deli at the Costco in Issaquah, Washington, is associated with a Salmonella I,4,[5], 12:i:- outbreak. Seven people were sickened, one of whom was hospitalized. Outbreak victims reported onset-of-illness dates ranging from August 28, 2017, to July 13, 2018. The food source has not been identified. Some of the many foods sold at the deli at the Costco Wholesale Warehouse in Issaquah included rotisserie chicken, pork ribs, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, and wraps. Tests on raw poultry and environmental samples collected on August 7, 2018, were negative for Salmonella I,4,[5], 12:i:-. However, all of the people sickened in the outbreak had eaten food from the deli in the days before becoming ill. One was a Costco employee.

  32. "your honor I pulled food out of a trash bag and now am sick so they owe me." That isn't it at all man, how is this different from if it actually was thrown away? If it was 5 feet over in the dumpster people could still get it, eat it, and get sick. That does not open them toa law suit. He was fired for showing the waste and communicating where already free food was available

  33. A friend was fired and charged for theft for digging food out of the trash behind the restaurant (still sealed and not expired) and giving it to the homeless nearby. It’s fucked up that so many places would rather throw food away than give it to the homeless or a shelter.

  34. There are many levels and types of homelessness. They're not all living in tents or wandering in dirty clothes on drugs, those are just the ones that stand out. Countless # of people living in their cars, using public wifi and cheap gym memberships to get by. Sadly this # is going to grow significantly over the next months/years.

  35. If I were about to become homeless, my cell phone is the last thing I would give up. Without a phone number and an email address it's going to be hard to get ahead.

  36. So he’s gonna leave it sit out for hours to spoil and then be bad…. And I guess all those homeless people checking their Instagram account will be stoked.

  37. That's exactly why I got fired from 7-Eleven in 2003. I didn't throw the food into the dumpster but into a different bag so they could take it. They considered it me stealing.

  38. Our local Wawa and Walmart and Chick-fil-A donate food to the local food bank. It can be done. Maybe they even get to claim it as a donation on their taxes. And people who need it get free food. And the businesses know that only people who actually need it are getting it so they're not missing out on revenue. It's just shitty not to.

  39. why would you film yourself doing this tho? this is something basically everyone knows happens, you aren't really exposing anything. he could have kept it up and helped more people if he didn't film.

  40. There are ways to do this and have an impact. Keep it low key, but recording it so everyone can see WhAt A GoOd PeRsOn I Am is how you get caught and fired like the idiot you are.

  41. Here’s how you do it: tell your friend what time you’ll take the trash out and have them come at the same time. Then put the bag down and turn away to let them grab the bag and run off with it. They then proceed to bring said bag of food to homeless camp, but you don’t know that. What’s your boss gonna say, don’t get robbed?

  42. You could do a good thing and haven't filmed yourself doing it. And still have a job. And continue to give away good food what would be thrown away for the homeless. But no... You film yourself doing something against your company policy even if it's absolute BS of a policy and get yourself fired. I definitely don't say its fair and good that it get him fired just for the record. I hate wasting food and companies like this shouldn't even consider to throw away still good food. Next day expiration date? Tell your workers to get some for themselves and what they won't take give to the people in need.

  43. I used to do this when I worked at Starbucks. We'd throw out the entire case of food every night. As the only guy on closing shift, it was my responsibility to take that bag to the dumpster. I'd just set it behind the dumpster and let the homeless folks that hung out by our store know that it was there for them, just as long as they grabbed it after we closed so our manager didn't see.

  44. They did this poorly, just bring it to a food shelter or personally hand it out to homeless. I'd say ask your boss, but I tried that at my grocery store and they told me "it was too much liability for them" while standing next to a zero waste poster...

  45. That sucks he got fired, but there better ways to accomplish this, for one don't put yourself on blast doing something that's gonna get you fired, now all that food is going in the trash because the one employee willing to use it for good, got fired.

  46. Over here in Scotland we have an app where you can go on to all local and big chains from Costa to McDonald's to Greggs etc and buy bulk bags of random food that's about to go in bin at massively reduced price. I see a lot of people are doing it now as a cost cutting measure and using that food for next 2 or 3 days if they are in a pinch. It's a great idea to help those in need. Tbh colleagues of mine sometimes even do it for weekly lunches etc for a 90% reduced rate. The app is made for all, not just the homeless or poor.

  47. A sandwich/bakery shop in my middled size town started an initiative, where on Fridays after the shop closes, homeless and anyone who likes can take the stuff that hasn't sold during the week for free. All within expiration dates as they are closed on weekends.

  48. Just let me pause this video an Google maps that on my smart phone real quick said no homeless person ever.

  49. The lesson here is: if you’re gonna do nice things for the less fortunate, don’t let your ego take hold and broadcast it to the world to see. The company probably didn’t fire him because he fed the homeless, they fired him because he had them look bad for throwing out good food and they couldn’t just let that slide and get torn apart by the internet. Albeit they should be giving that food to the less fortunate anyway but yknow. Just saying this man just had to post on social media instead I just doing a nice thing.

  50. The fact that he filmed it kinda forced their hand, they don’t want to be liable for any potential harm done by giving away old food. That being said it’s basically harmless and he could have done it and continued doing it but wanted internet clout and people to see so he put it on the internet and got fired.

  51. It was a wholesome thing to do but don’t record yourself doing it, especially while companies are still firing people for doing exactly this. Just give it away quietly, no one needs to know. Now there’s no one to give it away to homeless and you don’t have a job.

  52. Used to work at Safeway in the bakery. We would throw Carts full of stuff. Sometimes multiple carts. We would just set it out side the door out back. And if someone took it so be it. We were not allowed to donate

  53. If you actually want to do good with something like this, start a charity or business that verifies the safety of food before giving it out. I volunteered in a food donation nonprofit that needs permits and cooks fresh meals to donate to the LA homeless. The worker isn't "giving" when it's not his food to give, not his safety to verify, not his time to donate on a job, not his liability when the store gets sued. The only thing he did was be ignorant and give possible inedible food that wasn't his own to begin with. If you guys want to support someone, there are many benevolent people out there using their own time or resources or effort to help others. This guy is only causing trouble.

  54. The reason business throw out the food instead of donating is that if someone gets sick or accuses the company that they got sick from their food then they are liable Dont blame the business..blame the sue for everything culture that has forced business to throw out good food instead of dontating

  55. This has been happening for years....the reason is the liability involved in giving it away. If someone gets sick they sue the company. Don't blame the company. Blame the SHIT human beings that are sue happy and just looking for a free paycheck. Lazy fucks

  56. He got fired because he recorded it. Dumb dumb just hate to Google nearest homeless shelter and take it there himself.

  57. They don't let them eat them because they have had lawsuits filed against them from homeless people who've cqlaimed they got sick from the food. It's a liability thing.

  58. I applaud this guy for sharing food but I caution people about recording everything they do. People were feeding the hungry from store discards long before everyone had a camera in their pockets. Just do good and don't electronic advertise it - word will get around without the higher-ups finding out.

  59. So he’s done a really moral action by putting it on the internet and leaving it for the homeless. But what homeless person has a mobile phone with internet connection or a phone contract that would see this video. :/

  60. What he could've done was reach out to a local food bank, or charity that could've gotten the food through the boss. That way it would've gone to homeless people, and the boss would've been okay with it, by being able claim it on business taxes.

  61. Lol. He wasn’t fired for giving the food to homeless people, he was fired for that explanation. Cause if this video gets out and larger, or just as it is, it could be used against the owner for tax fraud, illegally writing off product. That’s my speculation on the matter. Also, how many homeless people does he know with phones and snap or w/e he’s on lol

  62. Uhhh…have you seen the group of homeless people that hang out in front of the 7/11s? The ones who get aggressive and hostile towards people that don’t give them money? This guy put A LOT of peoples safety at risk by giving homeless free food like this because they’re going to just congregate even more now.

  63. I get this dude’s stance but he should’ve taken it to a shelter. Realistically how many homeless are looking at Reddit videos when they’re hungry

  64. I used to work at 7/11 and every night I’d have to throw out pounds and pounds of good food. I started to give it to a homeless guy Paul who would walk down the river handing it out. That didn’t last long.

  65. there was a project in our army to give unused food to people who needed it. not too long after complaints and then sues were rolling in. so they stopped the project. i assume such legal liabilty can hinder any business that tries to do something like this. so they have no chioce but to avoid it and throw all the food.

  66. I used to work in the bakery of a big chain grocery store and we gave several shopping carts of bread to the food bank every day. My manager would literally take the carts to the trash before the food bank person got there whenever she could, it was so awful and bizarre

  67. In France it's absolutely forbidden to throw edibles in market etc ... They must give to associations or things like that. One of the best law ever in this country.

  68. I worked 4 years at a Gas Station. Every evening we had to throw everything baked away, always like 10-15 sandwiches and whatnot... My Boss even checked the list of things we threw away and counted everything in the trashbin. Fucking pathetic

  69. This so ridiculous, i was just visiting Greece, at the meat market whatever bones and cuts they can’t or don’t sell they put it in bags and to the side of the wall for people to take whatever they like. Yes in the US u get fired for trying to help!

  70. Had similar issues when I ran restaurants. I grew up poor, so when people came in hungry and I had food to be discarded I would give it away. I refused to throw away food when there is hungry people around.

  71. That food should be kept cold. If it’s hot outside that food will spoil fast. And make someone sick or possibly kill somebody.

  72. Store the food somewhere so after work pick it up and take it to the homeless people. Do NOT record your process from what I've known some grifters who are not homeless will seize an opportunity to snatch it up for themselves just to resell them.

  73. It's because they are afraid that if they get sick from the food they'll sue them i think this is why at least although it's pretty stupid and they should make a system so that homeless and poor people can get the food instead of it being thrown away

  74. I really hope this guy gets hired somewhere else at double the pay. If you get fired for trying to legitimately help those in need, and that help comes from discarded food, management needs to be disgraced and fired.

  75. Stores aren’t legally required to throw it away but it does greatly reduce their legal liability. Otherwise if someone eats it and gets sick the company can get sued, which does happen. What is needed is laws that prevent litigation from donating expired goods.

  76. My aunt feeds the homeless and Panera bread gives her garbage bags full of the over bake when they have too much. I don’t understand this.

  77. Man is living out Jesus better than 99% of the Christians I know/grew up with. "I ain't gonna be the one" is a small throw away line but it speaks volumes imo

  78. It’s because IF any of that food is spoilt, then the company can get sued. Of course, they’re too cheap to hire lawyers, draft a little sticker and paste it on all packages that are discarded that state that they are not liable for food poisoning after expiration date. It’s fucking callous and damn right criminal to throw this food away while people are going hungry

  79. This is by far one of the best ways to end hunger while people are homeless, but businesses and franchises see this as a cardinal sin!!!! Pure SENSELESSNESS to me!!

  80. When I was a teenager I worked at IGA (kinda like Safeway) in the rotisserie chicken section and at the end of every night we would throw away 20-30 perfectly good cooked chickens, it was disgusting . Then I got fired for smoking weed at work 😅 lol (don’t do that anymore obviously )

  81. Its awesome that he did this but if it was me i woulda recorded it and said damn this bag of fresh unopened edible food is really heavy and i cant get it in the trash so i guess ill just leave it here at this address beside the bin instead

  82. For those wondering. In Canada donors are protected from liability from donated food, each province having different wording but essentially the same. In the U.S they have "When you’re giving food to food banks and other nonprofit organizations, you’re protected from criminal and civil lawsuits by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, a federal law signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996."

  83. I looked into this when I worked as a chef for Marriot and watched thousands of meals thrown in the trash daily and questioned why we didn't donate to a food line or Food not Bombs. I was then written up for learning and then pointing out the actual law.

  84. It’s this, lawsuits . Lawsuits from homeless for things such as food poisoning. The lawyers would have a field day with it. It’s not that they’re heartless, it’s that paying lawyers is big time expensive.

  85. It sucks businesses do this, but does no one in here understand how many sue happy people are in this country? One person suing because the food “looked good” but they got sick ruins it for everyone

  86. It's a legal thing. They don't want to risk getting sued by someone saying they got sick from being given something expired. It's super depressing how much perfectly food goes to waste, but from a business standpoint, that's why most companies don't take any chances

  87. I get why they would want to fire him "because they get it for free" but when u think about it logically, it wouldnt matter at all either way.

  88. You'd be hard pressed to find a company that doesn't have this policy. I am a chef for a privately owned gourmet grocery store that touts "community" and "strong values", yet absolutely does not allow any food out of the door that is not paid for at full price. The amount of safely edible food I throw away every day is sickening and knowing that it isn't better anywhere else is the only reason I stay where I am 😭

  89. I was recently fired for being homeless! My boss texted me and said "my unstable living situation is a major problem for the company". So, now I basically beg everyday to get a motel room while I wait for state assistance. If anyone can help send a DM please!

  90. I got fired from the pirates house for taking a BLT salad home to my then pregnant wife that was getting thrown away because someone put bacon on it and the person was a vegetarian.. just retarted fucking rules. As a person how could you fire someone else for being nice?? It was getting thrown away anyway!!!

  91. They probably fired him coz the company would be losing customers, if the store just stated to hand out free food to people. This being said throwing inventory doesn't make any sense either. Also I don't think homeless people watch tiktok or have phones in the first place

  92. They 100 percent don’t want to share food. Fucking rather die than share it. Fucking absolute domestic war crimes. Right in front of our eyes.

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