Guy caught a phone during a rollercoaster ride

  1. I once caught a person's hat sitting in front of me on a roller coaster when I was a kid. So I know how awesome that kid felt catching yours. Or if it was like 25 years ago that this happened to you, you're welcome.

  2. I accidentally read this as ‘cat’ instead of hat. 10/10 confused for a split second til my brain fixed it.

  3. I once caught a hat from a guy in front of me on Raging Bull at six flags Great America…Was that you man? It was raining and you right. I felt like a legend😭🤙🏽

  4. I’d tell everyone about this forever. That’s amazing spatial awareness to have while going wooo on a roller coaster and actually catching it.

  5. The next week? The rest of his life! Every time he gets drunk: "did I ever tell you bout the time *hiccup, the time I caught a cell phone? On a roller coaster? Shut up, I'll tell it again."

  6. Imagine being the one that dropped their phone. You think it's sure to be destroyed, only to find out some fucking legend caught.

  7. plot twist: he kept quiet afterwards and carried out systematic process of identity theft via info gleaned from the unlocked phone’s contents before ultimately wiping the device and selling it on the resale market.

  8. This kinda happened to me when my favorite hat flew off on a ride. I got off the ride and a guy sitting a few rows back returned my hat. Too cool!

  9. Dude can catch a cell phone flying by him on a roller coaster but can’t dislocate his shoulder to high five my guy behnd him? That’s some bullshit.

  10. I read the title: "guy caught on a phone during a rollercoaster ride", but this is even better.

  11. It looked like there was a camera flash at the exact moment he caught it. I bet the ride's still camera got an awesome shot of him snatching it out of the air.

  12. Look at that brilliant form, there can be no doubt, this is the true power, complete in all its majesty - this is ultra instinct

  13. This happened to me but it was during the big 90 degree drop on one of the rollercoasters at Bush Gardens. We were falling at the same speed as the phone and it looked like it was floating there while slowly spinning. I just reached out and grabbed it without thinking

  14. I had a moment like this, years ago, where a 2$ coin fell out of my pocket near one of the peaks on the coaster I was riding. It was pretty cool for a second, seeing it float like it was in zero G. I swiped at it with one hand, missing completely before the ride dipped down and the coin flew off somewhere. This guy's got some skills snatching a phone like that!

  15. I used to work at a six flags and sometimes coming down the service roads you would have to dodge iPhones coming at you like missiles. That man may have just saved a life, or at least a head injury. 🤣

  16. I've had this happen to me before too! Before phones had cameras lol. The person in front of me had no idea she had lost her phone and looked at me as though I stole her phone.

  17. Does it look like he clips the top of the phone on a rail near the end? I mean, I can’t imagine he would since it would be so dangerous for it to come that close to someone’s hand or arm, but that’s what it looks like.

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