Do you slice cheese with one of these?

  1. Yes but the ones you can find at Briscoes and the like are crap and don't slice at all. Have a Boska (dutch brand) and it it never fails

  2. I have a Boska one that I bought in The Netherlands and its bloody fantastic even after 10 years!

  3. My briscoes one (in trash) ripped the cheese as much as it sliced 1/10. Got a bosja now, night and day difference. Just over $20 on Amazon au if anyone needs one.

  4. Somehow we ended up with a silver one that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It’s the shit though so I’m not complaining.

  5. I have a very good one. It took a bit to get used to, I have a scar on my thumb from where it also took a slice off.

  6. Yes! The ostehøvel (Norwegian), one of the best damn things I brought back with me from there. Well that and brunøst (brown cheese).

  7. We had a small cheese guillotine-type thing (like a mini-paper guillotine), with a plastic cover so the entire block of cheese was kept in the fridge like that. Unfortunately I tried to chop my Barbie's head off with it and broke it.

  8. Maybe it's because I'm stupid, but I used a slicer all the time and the only time I used a knife, I cut in my thumb. So yeah, never again...

  9. You could use a blunt knife, hell even a piece or cardboard and it still would work better than one of these.

  10. I disagree. Apart from being flimsy and prone to breaking, they also have a bad habit of turning your cheese into a skate-park half pipe if you aren't careful. OP's one doesn't have this issue.

  11. Fuck that. $6 for something that cost less than 10 cents to make and probably 20c for them to buy.

  12. This is a fancy tool for smug cheese gourmets. I bite or break my cheese off with my hands like a regular person.

  13. I wish we had these. 10 years in the Netherlands. That is THE cheese slicer. As I can imagine it is also probably the case in all Scandinavian countries. 10/10 utensil there. Must have.

  14. We had one many years ago but it wasn’t wide enough for the standard 1kg block and became frustrating. Do they make them wide enough now?

  15. You can usually find at least one in any op shop in the country but they are always the shit ones that don't slice well. My parents have a good one and nothing else has ever compared to it

  16. Nah. I just use a knife. My Parents had an excellent one when I was a child. I tried a couple after leaving home and they all sucked.

  17. I’m sorry to do you dirty but youre reflection lowkey looks like that megamind blue alien guy from the incredibles I think he’s from?

  18. A kaaschaaf! My mummy-in-law brought us a proper one that was flat across. My English mother has one that looks just like that and I took me three hours one Christmas to convince her it was not for serving cake. Lol

  19. Grab a Kuhn Rikon swiss veggie peeler. Carbon steel blade, stays sharp and rated the best there is. It's like using a good knife for the first time.

  20. Hiya Jim Carrey … how are you liking our kiwi cheese? I can recommend Mainland Swiss Style Cheese - it actually is sweet and nutty … just like you.

  21. I've got one with a roller and a wire, works pretty well. The plastic stick ones with the wire tend to break, so I wanted one with no plastic parts. Been going strong for two years so far

  22. Had a cheap one with a wooden handle that was amazing until it gave up on me (the metal bent too often and softened at the weakest point). That’s after 15 years of use.

  23. I have one of these that I use for small cheeses, and a wide one with an adjustable wire and roller for bigger cheeses so I don't end up with an unevenly sliced block of cheese.

  24. Actually you'll want to expand your collection and find one that doesn't have the larger flat bit. The one you have there works great for aged cheeses, the ones that are slightly more brittle. The flap on the end prevents the piece you just sliced from bending and then probably breaking apart.

  25. When I discovered this in the Netherlands (called the kaseschaf sp.), my whole world changed. It's probably the second-most crazy magical thing I've seen since European windows.

  26. It is not the most common item in stores here - had to hunt this one down. Seems like wire cheese slicers are more popular

  27. Firstly, love the eyes, secondly, almost 10 years as a cook/ chef. No never was just making fun of those things yesterday when I found a plastic one in with some babies toys, "just as useful as the real thing etc" it was a slow day

  28. Yes and how the fuck to I uses the cause every time I do I just create a cascade of cheese and then I'm surround by a pile of peices so miss shapen and of block of crumbling cheese.

  29. I’m going to hunt one of these down, they’re awesome. I usually have those plastic ones with the wire from Briscoes but these are way better.

  30. My mum bought one at the edam cheese factory in Europe on her OE about 50odd years ago. It's had several new handles but still the best damn cheese slicer I've ever used. New models are cheap thick steel and suck.

  31. We use them in restaurants and cafe's to make sure the cuts are all uniform for. You always get some dumbass who decides to use a knife and ends up cutting thick slices to go on a burger and it sits weird.

  32. Never other people found them so unreliable, the only one we ever had works amazingly. Perfect, even-thickness slices every time. Mostly use it for toasties and stuff

  33. Told I'm weird for using it to cut cheese patrently is for flipin shit in a pan or something. Asked what the slit is for. Told its for the fats to drain out of.

  34. I have a shit Pam’s one that lost the handle almost immediately. But most of the time I just use the mandolin type side on the 4 sided cheese grater.

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