Special master appointed to review documents from Mar-a-Lago search; DOJ request to revive criminal probe rejected

  1. What I don't understand is why there's no news about the appeal DOJ said they would file. Have they not actually filed one? When it's so clear this is outside this court's jurisdiction?

  2. You can’t actually appeal a ruling until it’s been officially made. Since she has now actually appointed the special master the appeal is ripe.

  3. They were waiting until the last possible minute to file I believe. I think in their eyes, had she allowed their review of classified docs to continue but just wanted the master to review his personal records, they would have been okay with that. But this is far over that line and you can be sure they will now go all out in appeal.

  4. She didn't respond until late in the day so it's possible they either submitted it and it isn't processed since it was turned in late in the day or they're submitting it first thing tomorrow

  5. Trump has basically gotten everything he's asked of this judge. She granted a special master. She chose someone Trump nominated to serve that role. He'll examine the documents for executive privilege. All the classified documents have to go through him. He has a generous timeline to do the work. And so on.

  6. To be fair, the DOJ agreed with Trump-s pick, which is why he was chosen over Trump's other nominations. The special master was also one of the FISA judges to okay the surveillance of Carter Page, so clearly he's fine with going against Trump if need be.

  7. Not just that, she criticized the DOJ for “rely[ing] heavily on hypothetical scenarios and generalized explanations” which is wildly hypocritical given Trump’s team’s approach.

  8. Dearie was a Reagan nominee and he’s been on the bench for 35 years. The DOJ and Trump mutually agreed on Dearie. It was not the judge just picking someone.

  9. "I really think we should give the guy who appointed me and who stole classified documents and then lied about having them the benefit of the doubt."

  10. The fact that this judge is going on record against all laws written about this issue kind of scares the fuck out of me. It's very bold for a judge to in effect aid and abet espionage. I can't imagine what makes this judge so secure at having this decision on record.

  11. What are the chances that this could come back to bite him in the end? Even with out DOJ appealing. Say the SM actually is appointed, does their job and finds noting of consequence and little or nothing is held from the investigation?

  12. Does anyone know how this ended up in Cannon's jurisdiction, the right-wing 11th circuit? I thought it would normally be in the district of the investigating office.

  13. It’s absolutely insane to me that the federal government is being denied access to its own documents just because a former president who is now a private citizen decided to break the law and let these documents sit in his bribe shack for a year. Trump has this innate and unprecedented ability to rewrite the status quo with his egregious law breaking and somehow he’s just always rewarded for it. With the 11th circuit and SC stacked in his favor - what can the DOJ even do here?

  14. It’s amazing to me that even though he’s no longer president, he’s still the most powerful man in the nation. He can do literally anything, anything, and will not face consequences ever. Insanity. Shows how weak and fragile our nation and it’s institutions truly are.

  15. It's only 6 to 5 federalist society members in the 11th circuit, and the judges picked to review the appeal are picked at random, so there's a solid chance they'll get the ball rolling

  16. "But what about the precedent it sets if they start charging presidents for all their crimes?" - Bill Barr, probably.

  17. She took a single document labelled Top Secret and that was enough for several years of prison and now she's still not allowed to leave southern Texas until 2024. She was arrested 1 hour after The Intercept published the article. 1 hour. While for Trump the DOJ kept asking for months but was ignored.

  18. That's for those of us in the lower tier of the two-tier justice system. Those in the upper tier get to pick their own judges and have evidence withheld just in case it contains a personal document.

  19. Oh come on, she's auditioning, you can't expect her to just rule as if her career at the federalist society isn't at stake.

  20. If people want to know why Trump keeps getting away with this shit, look no further than this judge and her ass-backwards opinions in this case.

  21. so many levels of corruption. may the DOJ keep blasting through this decay until they see the light of justice.

  22. Not only that. Trump never even argued in court that they weren't classified or that he declassified them as executive nor did he present any evidence indicating that. She just made it up whole cloth to mount a defense on behalf of him.

  23. The Judge said that she doesn't believe that these documents are actually classified and that just because they are marked classified, doesn't mean they actually are.

  24. The judge that Trump appointed denied the justice department petition and appointed one the people Trump recommended instead of someone the justice department selected or a third party?

  25. I don't understand why the entire country has to bow down to a single judge in Florida who isn't even in the right jurisdiction for this.

  26. This is all a stall tactic so no more damaging news about trump comes out before midterms and further damages the gop.

  27. So you telling me, I can work for the US government, steal classified documents, be compromised, destroy evidence, try to overthrow the government, and get away with it? People have gotten jail time and faces extra judicial punishment for less. This is a joke.

  28. TS/SCI - if you even touch that folder, let alone open that folder, without the right clearance then you can and likely will face jail time.

  29. How is a judge appointment by the orange idiot allow to rule on a case involving him? We’re officially a banana republic.

  30. She also doesn't even appear to have jurisdiction in this case, considering the Presidential Records Act states that it should be under Washington DC's jurisdiction.

  31. Because the founders of America had misplaced faith that those who went into government would do so for the benefit of society and the governed... They were naïve.

  32. Trump bought and paid for this judge! Hopefully the justices on the 11th will actually care about the law and the constitution! All Cannon cares about is appeasing her dear leader!

  33. If only us little guys can get a nice cool couple $billion from respectable countries like the KSA for taking-without-asking some top secret nuclear weapon tech.

  34. To any future history students reading this, this doesn't make any goddamn sense to us too. Yes, these fucks were that obviously corrupt.

  35. The legal system in the US is absolutely broken. Period. Fucking 2 systems. Any normal person sneezes wrong on top secret documents and it’s jail for a good while. This scumbag steals them and he gets extra time for what!? It shouldn’t take long at all, but he’ll some how drag his feet for years probably…

  36. Absolutely insane that a trump appointed judge can shut down an investigation into the largest intelligence breach of national secrets ever and be entirely unmoved by the incalculable damage to the country

  37. She’s really got nothing to loose really, her reputation is already in the dumpster, even if she got impeached, I’m sure Fox will offer her a big fat check to be on their channel.

  38. Easy to blame Trump. And he deserves the worst we have to offer. But McConnell is the bigger of the two cancers. Trump, like he always has, is just putting his name on it.

  39. This is the damage done of Trump appointing so many Federal judges. Biden needs to start recalling them.

  40. Seriously, why haven’t they fucking put trump in jail yet? This is insane. Trump (probably) committed treason and yet nothing is going to happen. Fucking disgraceful.

  41. Simple. One of our parties, the party which controls the majority of states and most the federal judiciary, is completely lawless. None of what is happening should come as any fucking surprise. We, the American people, let this happen. Only 1/3rd of the eligible voters voted against Trump. Less than 25% of eligible voters vote against his criminal party in non-presidential elections.

  42. I don't think she needed paying tbh. The supreme court's example has had the intended effect of emboldening blatantly partisan behavior in the justice system all the way down. That entire arm of the government is a joke at this point, openly, willingly, a joke

  43. I would think that a NY judge would be ineligible as a conflict of interest to Trumps considerable influence in NYC for decades. Trump is going delay and stall and this thing won’t get resolved for at least five years.

  44. I think it should be noted that the judicial branch, which includes the justice department, is the 3rd branch of government.

  45. The government will never serve justice to Trump because he owns the Supreme Court and a ton of judges. Honestly, the only way things will get better is with total dissolution and reformation of the government, and with the arrest of all politicians with even a whiff of corruption.

  46. They must want violence really bad. Notice how quick the "justice" system jumped on a peasant that called this puppet judge's office and made a vague threat? Rules for thee but not for me in this farcical country.

  47. I dunno. Having information about foreign leader's sex lives kind of implies he's moved past the "pay them off" stage of his political career and moved onto the "blackmail" part.

  48. Classified documents are worth a lot of money to the right people. I've no doubt clown shoes had already sold some, if not since leaving, definitely while in office.

  49. he doesn’t have to pay her. if he runs and wins in 2024, guess who has a fast track to the 11th circuit court of appeals and eventually scotus?

  50. MAGA dimions keep giving this supposed best businessman ever donations on top of the money he's made selling classified documents and fleecing the RNC coffers and charging people to go to his ex wife's testing place and so forth.

  51. The RNC agreed to pay his legal fees a while back. I'm not sure if that arrangement is still in place, or if it applies to this case, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are still doing it. The upside is that all his legal fees are draining money from Repub election efforts.

  52. As a federal lawyer for over a decade, it's impossible to overstate how insanely corrupt this judge is. It's not possible for her to be so incompetent and unqualified that she actually believes that her ruling is legally correct. You have to reach 6+ mind blowingly brain dead legal conclusions before you can even begin to argue it makes any sense.

  53. yep. They are hoping the GOP can wrestle more power through the midterms to fuck shit up more. After which point they will seek out new methods to delay.

  54. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but isn’t there a huge conflict of interest with this judge, given that she was appointed by Trump? Would the DOJ be able to argue that?

  55. since it is a matter of national security, it should be pursued by the military, US cyber command, and the NSA, if the Department of Justice can't go near it. Find out what Trump leaked to whom, what he got in return, and what damage to national security has already occurred.

  56. As someone not following the details this feels so whack. Literal department of Justice: we have executed a warrant and obtained these papers for our investigation

  57. Boy when I steal national secrets and then don't return them when asked I sure hope I get to pick my own judge and then have her decide the country can't be trusted and lets me pick a second person to go over the files in case I get to hide some of the paperwork I had mixed in with the classified documents.

  58. The Court does not find it appropriate to accept the Government's conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party in an expedited and orderly fashion.

  59. I thought the judge was supposed to be the neutral third party! Apparently she considers herself part of Trump's legal team; she really should issue them an invoice.

  60. Don’t blame Trump entirely. The Republican Party had a dozen opportunities to off-ramp his ass and move on without him and they protected and enabled him every step of the way.

  61. Blocking judicial nominees so Trump could stack it for their agenda was the whole point, and gave him the ability for as much fuckery as he wants since he owns the courts.

  62. Drearie, Trump’s nominee that was accepted as Special Master, signed one of the four Carter Page FISAs. This could lend more credence to the theory that the classified documents Trump had at Mar a Lago related to Crossfire Hurricane

  63. Does anyone else worry that the Trump team proposing Judge Dearie might mean they have major dirt on him? I know that's super cynical, but it seems really out of character for the Trump team to suggest an incredibly qualified judge with a good reputation.

  64. Man, f what this judge says about not being able to review classified documents for national security. Biden should just tell the DOJ they can. What they gonna do? Arrest the President for saying who can and can't look at classified information? The President (current and always only current) is the ultimate authority on 99% of what is or isn't classified.

  65. The “law” is whatever a judge on the bench says it is. That’s all there is to it, and that is precisely why conservatives have been so obsessed with packing the courts. Their policy goals are deeply unpopular with voters, they cannot win national elections, yet they can exploit the judiciary to create quasi-feudal rule by decree and completely get away with it.

  66. Its why they've been using the term "liberal judges" for god knows how long. Just like "liberal media". It's not true, but it makes people believe it is and by forcing in "conservative judges", they're just "leveling the playing field".

  67. Why the hell is anything the DoJ does under the jurisdiction of some random judge? It's fucking stupid that the federal government can just be stopped in its tracks anytime any judge anywhere says so.

  68. It looks like some people are above the law. Fuck Trump, fuck anyone who supports this con man, fuck CNN, and a big fuck you to this piece of shit country.

  69. I'm confused. I thought the DOJ appealed this approval because "you don't need a "special master" to see the big red stamp that says "Classified" on a document"?

  70. Time to stack the courts now! If they win next election, the end will be upon us. Passing the point of no return. We just can't let that happen!

  71. Can't anything be done about this judge within the legal system? Is there no process to review her performance and take her to task for her obvious bias? Once you get appointed as a judge, are you above the law forever?

  72. Too many believe they are above our experiment known as democracy. They use influence and purchase privilege... I'm starting to get that anxious feeling the Eye of Providence will get involved sooner than later.

  73. Can someone tell me the difference between putting the investigation on hold and obstructing the investigation? I think the judge sort of owes us the answer to that, cause Im not seeing it. If national security is involved no delay is acceptable. This farce has gone on long enough...

  74. She’s a terrible judge and this ruling will follow her forever. I hope there’s someway she can actually get removed by impeachment due to her disregard of law

  75. Nope. Original judge said appoint a special master both sides can agree on and investigation to be on hold pending special master review. DOJ requested they be allowed to continue investigating, original judge said no (just agreeing with her original decision). DOJ will most likely appeal her decision to put the investigation on hold. She gave a final date for special master to be done by Nov 30, so worst case scenario they can resume investigation then....but they already have the documents, unless the special master finds some they have to exclude, which is doubtful. None of this kills the investigation itself, but it does delay it, assuming it's not overturned on appeal.

  76. This is a MAGA judge doubling down on her clearly incorrect initial ruling because, like other MAGA morons, they think that correcting their stupidity is a sign of weakness. The decision to appoint a special master is indefensible. There is no legal argument that ever allows a court to insert itself into and pause a criminal investigation. This ruling is shockingly incorrect and one of the most activist decisions I've seen.

  77. Fuck me, a former president's worries about being slandered that the judge calls "allegations" are given higher priority than assessing whether or not there were nuclear secrets taken the intelligence committee needs to know about.... I'm not a fan of nuclear weapons in general, or the technology behind them, but can we please know if someone who shouldn't might have snuck a peak at the related secrets? Cause I would rather not live through nuclear Armageddon, and the world's been going crazier than normal lately

  78. This judge isn’t a real judge. I don’t see how there’s no remedy for this. Trump basically pulled random crackheads off the street and tossed robes at them. They’re not remotely qualified for the job. They exist to be loyal to Trump over the rule of law and the constitution. How can this not be fixed?

  79. So a Trump appointed judge granted the Trump team the special master of THEIR choice AND gave them until after the midterms to complete their review.

  80. He's really going to get away with it and never serve a minute in prison. This is the guy who's literally a criminal for breaking campaign finance laws and obstructing justice.

  81. So this local judge has more power than the DOJ? She’s clearly in Trumps pocket and setting bad precedence. How come she is not being challenged? I’m just trying to understand how this is able to happen in our country.

  82. find it interesting the date to finish the TRUMP APPOINTED JUDGE gave the special master was nov 30, AFTER THE MIDTERMS. this judge couldn't be any more obviously corrupt if we caught her snorting cocaine off an orphan's ass

  83. Color me skeptical…not a lot of faith having a New York judge getting involved in a case involving Trump. Trump has a history of being buddy-buddy with judges there. Wonder if this dude’s truly impartial or part of “the good ole boys network”.

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