Fox News airs edited photo of Trump raid judge with Ghislaine Maxwell

  1. From the article they issued a statement after the fact - “This depiction never took place and we wanted to make clear that we were showing a meme in jest.”

  2. "we've been informed by our lawyers that are currently being skewered by Dominion that they don't have time for any other shit"

  3. And it's not only defamatory but also dangerous. A Trump wacko just had a suicide-by-swat at an FBI office over this raid already. Fox is putting this judge’s life at risk.

  4. and like anyone is going to see that. they do this shit cause they know their viewers are never going to see the followup, and they can incite all kinds of fun shit while never having to take responsibility cause they like totally issued a statement so why would these people think it was a real story?

  5. Fox news has a long history of showing misleading things for only a moment to get a point across before viewers can analyze the image. Some are manipulated with photoshop, some are manipulated with choosing how to present the data, and some are outright lies, for instance presenting a lower number on a bar graph physically higher than that number is.

  6. its not suppose to be good, its a meme …. the fact that fox"news" is throwing memes into their broadcast should be alarming to everyone.

  7. The people it's aimed at don't actually care whether or not it's true. They'll take any justification they can to fully be the people they've chosen to be. They'll say it's true while knowing it isn't because to them it doesn't matter what's correct vs incorrect, only that they have the cred of having chosen the winning side from the start. It's so so deeply fucked up.

  8. Are there really not cameras all over that place? Couldn’t they just produce the footage and prove that this stuff was planted? This cult is so fucking braindead. Everything is what Fox News or Facebook tells them. Completely incapable of critical thinking

  9. That’s honestly so scary. Like the spread of misinformation and controlling the masses, but nothing can be done. Like that’s fucking terrifying dude.

  10. "edited" isn't an accurate description of fact. It is entirely faked, taken from a meme website, and still has the watermark on it. Fox "news" continues to discover new ways to embarrass itself.

  11. It can’t be “embarrassed”. It’s a propaganda machine. It has no ethical base upon which it prides itself. It is there to do one thing and one thing only: spread disinformation and keep certain people in power. Period.

  12. Still the vast majority of their elderly clueless viewers will take it as fact and won't notice its not real.

  13. Quick find on their part too. Wasn't the judge found out that day? I can't imagine it was that far spread by then to even be a viral meme, they must have people scouring those sites for content.

  14. i watched fox for hours the past few days to see how bad our nation's premiere propaganda network is getting

  15. My 80-year-old dad: “Oh, Tucker Carlson isn’t biased. He just presents the facts and encourages you to think for yourself.”

  16. Back around 2016 I visited a couple conservatives I know to drop something off. I got to talking to one about this-and-that, when suddenly the other poked his head in the room saying "Come see this stupid story Fox is covering". It was something about a university student who'd felt bad he and his friends had rated girls in his class, and Fox had brought in a feminist to "discuss" the issues.

  17. Wait, aren't there multiple REAL pictures of Trump with Epstein and Maxwell? Like, we're still just ignoring THOSE, while making stuff up to associate this judge with them?

  18. I am truly embarrassed and sad for all the millions of Americans who use this station as their main, trusted source for important news.

  19. I was just over my grandparents and that was all they were watching. I watch it sometimes just to see how outlandish and out of touch with reality everything is and im never disappointed.

  20. They always claim they don’t trust mainstream media because they all lie, but will watch Fox News exclusively like they are the only honest ones. smh

  21. How the hell is Fox allowed to be on the air and call itself “news” while reporting trash like this?

  22. It's their editorial staff, which are the ones with all the viewers/followers/airtime. Tucker, Kilmeade, whatsherface and the other pasty white dude, all of them are editorial staff that are aired as journalist anchors.

  23. On a normal network Brian Kilmeade gets fired along with his producer for trying this stunt and the judge sues Fox into bankruptcy. But it’s Fox so…

  24. They use the fox news defense. It's all entertainment and no reasonable person would think it's true. It's worked for them many times

  25. Their ratings will go up tonight, with people tuning in to see if there's further discussion or apology. They'll consider that a win. It's pathetic

  26. millions of MAGA drones will see the original and never hear about the retraction. That's how they get away with this shit. Retraction should be on air during the same show as the bullshit was spread, but it won't be.

  27. Exactly. That's their MO. Say or show something that's complete bullshit and they know it when their main audience is watching, then when they're called out, mumble a retraction. Of course, by then FB and TS have already been inundated with angry posts and stupid memes spreading only the original message. Happens every single time.

  28. They never search for fact or question anything they hear. My MAGA uncle was on Facebook posting political memes about how turning down AC in a heatwave to reduce stress on the power grid is dumb, we should be banning electric cars instead. There were a whole slew of responses supporting the content.

  29. Fox intersperses actual news with editorial news with farce. It creates plausible deniability when challenged, after a nutcase viewer, "Takes matters into their own hands". Like one did yesterday in Ohio.

  30. another perfect example of their uncanny ability to cherry-pick facts in the magical world of magaland

  31. My dad's response is that "Trump distanced himself from Epstein decades ago, unlike the Clintons or Soros”

  32. “Her friend, or boyfriend, was either killed or committed suicide in jail. She’s now in jail... Yeah, I wish her well.. I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well... I do wish her well. I’m not looking for anything bad for her. Her boyfriend died. He died in jail.” -Donald Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell

  33. "Edited." It's fake. Doctored. Defamatory. Judge Reinhardt's synagogue has already had to cancel weeks of events because of Brian Kilmeade's fake journalism.

  34. Can anyone link directly to the photo? I'm not about to watch 3 unskippable ads just so I can skip ahead in the video to see it.

  35. It's always "just a joke" and "just entertainment" when they're caught, but that's an age-old speech pattern with racists and fascists.

  36. Bro, your messiah literally has real photos with Maxwell and Epstein. Like, what is even your point???

  37. So they are essentially saying they knew it wasn’t real from the start, decided to show it anyway, and then played it off as if it were real….

  38. Shutdown Fox News. They are involved in a SCI Espionage cover up by peddling dangerous knowingly false facts. They are trying to incite civil war.

  39. But ignore the real pictures of Trump. GQP is fucking delusional. You’ve got to be a complete moron to vote for even the best of Republicans knowing the agenda they support by proxy.

  40. Shameless scum. Though they will never be held accountable for all of their bs, they are absolutely responsible for the rise of American Fascism.

  41. WHAT FOX NEWS basically pulled "Its just a prank" as an excuse for publishing this shit!!!! We need laws again for News in this country.

  42. Okay, here's the thing, that Killmeade douche was smiling when they showed it, as if it were a joke, and the trump lovin' Fox newsies are defending it as such. But there's a couple of issues here, aside from it being completely void of humor.

  43. Epstein is Trumps friend. They make it out like Trump is anti Epstein or vice Versa when the reality is that they were friends.

  44. They knew what they were doing. It is to create a new narrative. This pic WILL be believed. Their listeners will keep this image in their heads. Because it is salacious. Now, on their listeners side, they can present strawman arguments, say "it was on the news" & have the pic in records forever. This was a specific plant to acknowledge the loyalty of their base. This program does not present itself as a parady program.

  45. and yet none of their older followers are going to see that it was a fake photo... and they're going to believe it. Fox News sucks

  46. This is why all the jackasses who insist CNN and Fox News do the same stuff are full of shit. CNN may cherrypick articles to report or present them in a way that validates their political biases, and that IS bad. But they don't go so far as to outright create "evidence" materials or explicitly report unadulterated lies.

  47. foxnews slandered a federal judge to millions of people by showing a doctored photo of him associating with convicted sex trafficker and implying that he pays for sex with minors.

  48. My dad emailed this pic to me yesterday asking me to confirm it’s authenticity before he posted it on Facebook. I laughed so hard when I saw it. My reply was simply the original image. Now I see it was on Fox. Bravo to whoever shopped this beauty.

  49. What’s hilarious is watching killmeade try and back track saying it was all done in jest and for fun, it wasn’t real he said 🙄.

  50. How is this not “threatening a federal investigation”? The trolls are going to go hard after this judge already.

  51. Fox is getting really scary.One must assume that even if Trump sold US secret docs,it’s ok with them.As long as it’s a R murderer it’s ok with them. No limits to how evil -they’re fine with it,as long as it’s the Right party.

  52. Literally just came home from the bar and my best friend told me about this photo and tried to JUSTIFY IT AS FACT and now I'm seeing this and doing my own research. Can't trust anyone now. Gotta rethink this friendship now.

  53. Fuck fox News. Literally just as bad as nazi propaganda. Free speech should have more limits. It's ok to deceive millions of viewers into thinking a federal judge was buddies with a child molester? Mind blowing shit.

  54. They've crossed many lines but something about this is different. They are committing to outright propaganda against the citizens of the United States. This should not be allowed to continue any further.

  55. This isn't an accident. Even if some Fox viewers saw the redaction, they'll think the deep state made them redact it. They continue to flood their viewers with misinformation on purpose to keep them riled up.

  56. The damage is done tho. Even if fox redacts and corrects there will be brain dead trumpers that we think this is the “true" photo.

  57. Wasn't it that Fox News doesn't have to adhere to a journalistic code because they're an entertainment platform? Right. Well, maybe it's time then to remove the 'news' from the channel's name...

  58. Admitting that you knew it was false and aired it anyway is kind of how you get sued for libel. This looks like an easy libel win for this judge.

  59. Just a reminder that Fox News can’t legally be classified as a ‘news’ channel but instead as ‘entertainment’ because of how much misinformation they peddle.

  60. With all the misinformation, libel, slander, indecency, etc coming out of Fox News; I honestly wonder if it will jeopardize their renewal of FCC Licensing. I think it’s one of those things that needs to be put out there.

  61. Can anyone explain to me why they are allowed to do this on television? Is there seriously nothing in the States that makes it so they can't just do that?

  62. When was the last time AP or Reuters displayed a doctored photo without disclosing that it's been modified? NPR? CNN or MSNBC? Huff Post, Vice, or The Guardian? The political right shits all over these outlets for being biased, but the reality is Faux News is worse, much worse.

  63. For what it's worth, and I never thought I'd be saying Hannity is the voice of reason here, but immediately following the picture, the host asks Sean Hannity what he thinks, to which Hannity replies, "I think that's a picture of Jeffrey Epstein that someone photoshopped"

  64. Fox needs to be taken down. They are a propaganda machine that cultivates the toxic echo chambers aiding in destroying our democracy.

  65. Don't you love the hypocrisy when they try to discredit someone by associating him with Ghislaine Maxwell, and totally ignore all the pictures that their cult leader has with her?

  66. The fact that Fox News is still allow to operate without any punishment after pulling so many things is insane.

  67. Not smart. It's a judge....there will be a defamation lawsuit coming because a judge knows that it's a slam dunk case more than anyone.

  68. This decision had to go through producers. They know exactly what they're doing. Baiting their loyal audience with outrageous and inflammatory fake news and then pulling back at the last moment for the veil of plausible deniability. But the damage is already done. Now millions of Fox viewers thinks the federal judge in the Trump FBI search case is a pedo who paled around with Jeffrey Epstein. Every day, Fox News is making America just a little worse.

  69. I don’t understand how they are allowed to still operate as a news network, with all the lies and gross conduct that they continuously take part in.

  70. When Hannity tells the idiot who aired it that it is fake live , you know you must be the dummest of all fox reporters.

  71. 1A issues aside, it's past time for the FCC to revoke Fox News license or at the very least force them to run a large unobstructed banner at the bottom of the screen that says they are NOT a news network and nothing said on their network should be taken as real.

  72. Does anyone even want to discuss what Fox news is saying? Has anyone else heard the defenses they're using regarding Trump's ability to declassify documents etc.? it's all crazy.

  73. This demonstrates that the Fascist Obstructionist Xenophobic news network does not care about facts, or want to present facts or news. They only want to spew propaganda.

  74. That clip of Hannity immediately trying to distance himself when Kilmeade shows the doctored photo is hilarious. Like a frat bro who just realized the party has gotten way out of hand and doesn't want to be around to face the repercussions.

  75. The average viewer will never know that it’s fake. That is the intent and that’s the sad part.

  76. I’m pissed the doctored image is being featured in this article and others like it. If you’re going to republish it put it side by side with the real one.

  77. The fair and balanced laws of the 1980s pertaining to broadcast news need to be brought back.

  78. It is just so mind blowing that everything MAGAs shout about the left wing being - conspiracy, paedophile rings, the media lying to you - that's ALL right wing politicians and news outlets do.

  79. I really hate the right and how stupid they are. The left which I am a part of is bonkers sometimes as well but nothing compares to the complete lunacy of the right. Everything is a conspiracy. Everyone is corrupt. Everything is something crazy. Did everyone know that democrats support mass infanticide? Did you know Justin Trudeau is Fidel castros son? Did you know anecdotal evidence of a gay relative makes you an expert on homosexuality? Did you know if a conservative Supreme Court judge doesn’t vote conservative sometimes then they are being blackmailed? I remember fat fuck Limbaugh once saying the democrats got to the pope because he said something very left leaning so some people somewhere must be forcing the pope to be a socialist. I want to be tolerant and inclusive but they make it fucking impossible with this insane bullshit. They have become so brainwashed by their overlords that they believe every news outlet is lying to them unless it tells them what they want to hear. You generally cannot combat this lunatic mindset the current right wing has.

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