Harpy eagle hunting a sloth

  1. I was thinking a visit to the masseuse. Eagle is asking if the sloth wants to purchase the Special Happy Massage package, sloth is trying to figure out if it’s safe to politely decline.

  2. “ Success rates of harpy eagles predation on sloths is generally high compared with visually oriented prey: 55% of all attacked sloths are successfully killed, while only 33% of visually oriented prey are successfully killed if they had been attacked (Touchton, Hsu & Palleroni, 2002).”

  3. Damn, poor little guy. Tho the look on the sloths faces looks like hes saying “finally, just make it quick”.

  4. This shit breaks my heart. Slots just seem so defenseless. Need my weekly reality check on this sub.

  5. I got in an argument with someone about fighting an eagle. They said it would be easy to just grab them and kill them.

  6. It can work. As much as trying to grab a boomerang of knifes flying at 50km/h by the handle. But it can.

  7. The talons of a harpy eagle are over three inches long, that's as long as a bear's. They have eight of them. Plus the beak. You could probably kill it, but you're going to lose a lot of blood and need a lot of stitches. And a tetanus shot.

  8. I’m pretty sure if a harpy eagle attack your neck from behind they can do alot of damage. I would also argue that they know where to go for since they eat monkeys

  9. In mongolia, eagles are used for hunting. Hunting wolves. They fly to the wolf, grab them on the back and bury their talons around the spine of the wolf. The wolf then turns its head in an attempt to defend. The eagle then grabs its snout and just folds the wolf neatly over and keeps it like that until the hunter arrives and kills the now utterly defenceless wolf. That's how strong they are.

  10. I have fed eagles. I could stand 3 feet away and be stern with them, but I sure as fuck was not going to get into a fight with them.

  11. How the fuck do so many people think that a grown adult would lose a fight to a bird? Pick up a goddamn stick, land one hit on an outstretched wing and that bird ain't flying any time soon.

  12. He must be hungry. My understanding is that while a sloth is an easy catch, it’s rarely worth it. They taste awful, have moss growing in their fur and have very little muscle mass.

  13. Sloths evolved to move at a glacial pace specifically to avoid detection by Harpy Eagles which are highly sensitive to movement

  14. Harpy Eagles are beautiful and intelligent hunters. I'm linking a video, the second half shows what happened when Harpy Eagles were reintroduced to an area and the monkeys forgot they were predators. They'd basically get close to the monkeys and just act really weird and loud. If the monkeys didn't react, the eagles knew they didn't fear them and would come back and hunt those specific monkeys.

  15. Sloth: “Congratulations. You just caught the slowest possible target in the whole damn forest. Are you proud of yourself?”

  16. it's okay they feel pain at the speed of a sloth too so it will be long dead before it feels anything from the attack. /s

  17. Harpy eagles are known to sometimes just leave sloths alive so the young eagles can basically use them as practice. Pretty brutal stuff

  18. The sloth’s arms are pretty skinny, and his fur is pretty sparse. I don’t think this poor fella had much left in him even if the harpy didn’t snag him.

  19. Reminds me of a nature documentary I watched years ago. This sloth is trying to find a new tree home and it follows her journey. I’m invested. I’m rooting for this slow girl. She’s crossed rivers. Traveled distances other sloths can’t even dream about. It’s the very end of the documentary and she’s found her tree! She’s climbing to the top when BAM! fucking eagle comes out of nowhere and murders her ass. Credits roll and I’m just sitting there with my mouth hanging open absolutely gobsmacked some demented cameraman had the audacity to share this misery with an audience.

  20. This picture is just nearly a glimpse into the past. Little less beak, and a little more claws and teeth we would have a therepod. Raptor is an apt name for birds of prey.

  21. Misread that as humping the sloth and then I scroll down to the picture and I lost it. Lmao. Had to re-read it twice more with tears coming down my face. Fucking reddit. Too much internet for me today. Peace out and good night.

  22. Fun Fact: That's actually a juvenile Harpy Eagle, they get way bigger than that! Also, they are incredibly lazy hunters for being one of the largest birds of prey!

  23. I have always wondered.. how do sloth defend themselves? And if they are so slow....how are they still not extinct... I never bother to google it myself.. I am very sure they have some sort of super defense power, so I am gonna leave the question out here and hopefully an internet stranger can explain it to me.

  24. Those look like eggs on the bottom, right? So the eagle brought the sloth back to its nest? What do you think all those white things are? Bones from past prey?

  25. I wonder if there's any animals like this majestic eagle try to avoid eating like this sloth but are like, "fuck, this mf looks and smells disgusting but I'm so freaking hungry!"

  26. Wait, if your prey was slow af, can that still be considered “hunting”? Seems like it’s just “foraging a sloth” at this point.

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