Guard is a joke

  1. Rain what kind hell? A counseling? That you write in everything you just said and they shred it because it makes them look like incompetent twats?

  2. I know a guy in a similar situation. Just don't go. What are they gonna do? This is a situation clesrly out of your control. If you have anything to save to prove your situation, save it and have it all ready and printed. I know someone else that did this last year. Nothing happened to him. Its bs how common this seems to be as Ive heard about it from others

  3. I agree with you. I will say after switching BN's a couple times, I've found some units have good leadership that understand this. Some are down to earth and realize this so when shit does hit the fan, I and other subordinates will bend over backwards to make things happen. That's what leadership is about.

  4. There are sometimes things that warrant going to the “final stop”. This is a call that is above your first line leader and readiness nco. This should be at least battalion commander/brigade before I would face an eviction over a course. You can go past someone without trashing them, handle it professionally but keep pushing

  5. Send your readiness an email and CC your squad leader and PSG/PL. Let He/she know that you can't attend do to financial hardship. If the response is "blah blah blah rain hell". Forward your message to 1SG and the CMDR and let them know your situation. It should be resolved at that level. BUT IF NOT, CC/Foward to a POC at BN or go straight to IG.

  6. I keep seeing you say you need to choose between paying your bills and BLC. I get it your room was torn up. One room and you have a month and a half before you leave for BLC. Drywall, paint, and flooring in one room could be done by yourself over two weekends.

  7. OP never claimed to not have bigger issues than the guard. But not having any rental income at all and the chance of getting evicted is a reality. If it’s financially impossible it’s financially impossible and troop should be accommodated.

  8. No show to the school, they will just put that on the 1059 and good luck with getting a future slot…had four no shows at SLC recently. So the MIL pay and travel pay won’t be enough to cover..might wanna relocate to something more affordable troop…if you are still renting did the land lord give a deadline to repair..normally repairs come from security deposit or have it fixed prior to leaving…basically they don’t wanna change cause it’s there ass and the states money used if no one attends…don’t be mad at the guard you asked for the school and got it..sorry ya ex boy left you high and dry…need to reevaluate life choices

  9. You do know that we get paid at BLC right? Yeah sometimes the first check is a little slow. But if ur LES already works, you should be in the clear.

  10. Talk to your training NCO and have them pull your seat. Your leadership (I assume it is your squad leader or platoon sergeant that’s being a dick) cannot force you to go to a school. If you’re still getting shit, go up the chain to your 1SG and lodge a complaint.

  11. Your leadership are shitbags. Go to BLC then EPS transfer tf out of that unit. Are you losing a huge amount of money making a month of AD pay over your civilian job? Also, you’ve got a couple months to find new roommates. Set yourself up for success and get away from toxic leadership that’s proven they don’t care about your livelihood.

  12. Well it’s not hard saving money normally. The problem is the ex roommates destroyed the room and now im paying for it to get re done. Yes im taking the to court but it could be awhile

  13. Not worth ruining your home situation dude. Use all the open door policies in your chain of command and then IG if you have too. I went three months with out pay and my command wrote me a memo to my landlord like that would of fixed my problems. Luckily I had savings and my roommate was willing to cover for me or else I would of been homeless.

  14. You have learned all there is needed to know about the guard. Now you get to simmer in this shit for the next several years. Enjoy.

  15. Agr here. That’s a load of horse crap. They have time to swap/ cancel the seat and your orders. Blc seats are a dime a dozen. Sounds like someone in the S3 thinks they have cmd authority.

  16. I've known many Soldiers who backed out of BLC for less. Your Readiness NCO is lying through their teeth. On top of that, they are too lazy to cancel the orders, which is actually not that hard. What is hard is getting you back in that slot when you decide to go back. That I have seen before. Get the name of the Soldier from Brigade that told your Readiness NCO that it's too hard to back out now. Get everything in documentation, open an IG complaint. Also your JFHQ should have a financial advisor that can help you with your at home situation, if needed.

  17. They can absolutely cancel that shit with a click of a button. Write everything out in an email, have them respond that shitty and then IG them to death. Open door policy everyone you can.

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