Daily General Discussion - July 06, 2022

  1. Probably related to the news yesterday, while it's disappointing for some, the news that Nano will be developed by others rather than just the NF and possibly an income source for the NF itself beyond the Nano it holds could be seen as a positive and tempted more people to bet on the price, that wouldn't have done so before.

  2. Where and how did few of you setup price alerts for nano? I want to stop checking price for quite long time.

  3. Delta Investment Tracker. It takes a little tinkering to configure it. Right now I think I have it set to alert if Nano goes over $1. Also it alerts if it hits a new low.

  4. Does anyone think that the reason FlowHub is slow to adopt Nano is because they are considering using the private chain? I sure hop not, so that makes me wonder if when the Trustable announcement comes it will come with something that brings FlowHub?

  5. George stated they will wait with the flowhub release untill the attack vectors are solved. I guess V24 or commercial grade, whatever that means

  6. What I have read was that Flowhub is waiting for nano to be commercial grade. In other words Flowhub does plan to use the Nano chain. Not investment advice. DYOR.

  7. Who knows man. We're all reading between the lines here. I don't know what to think actually. If they can't get Flowhub, a relatively pretty small company to use it, I don't know who will. But, we must wait and see.

  8. Haven't sold any Nano ever. I am not a whale but hope to be someday as other sell and dwindle their stacks. Growing your Nano stack is where it at.

  9. An interesting fact about Nano that few people know is that the price can only move between 80 cents and 90 cents a maximum of 92 more times before it would be impossible.

  10. Is Nano going to die? I feel they sold off the idea and concept of Nano by giving the technology to centralized entities. Also does this mean they are not focused on improving the main nano network and mainly just working on the fork of nano?

  11. Of all the projects out there, they chose Nano's technology to be the foundation of a CBDC. This only adds validity to the tech behind Nano. Companies like exchanges will HAVE to add trading pairs for these CBDC. Currently one of the major hurdle of getting listed is Nano not being an ERC20 token where they just need to copy and paste the code. Now they shouldn't have an excuse to integrate Nano.

  12. This does give me some hope but I am highly disappointed. Nano team just showed they are batting for the opposing team. This is an ethical concern more than anything. My wallet fiat value be damned.

  13. It kinda seems like they’re going to just fork off of nano tech and never actually use nano. But we’ll see I guess.

  14. No one has chosen Nano to be the foundation of their CBDC. It's a pitch that Trustable will attempt to make to government and financial institutions.

  15. Super bullish rn, CBDC'S using Nano tech is going to be great, now I can use a Nano based network without losing money. It is also great for onboarding merchants, as now they have a stable coin which uses Nano tech, they no longer need to worry about price fluctuations they would normally experience using Nano.

  16. I am thinking of foreign trade, that is where Nano could come into play after the Nano protocol has been evaluated and disseminated by the CDBCs that use it.

  17. I am surprised BNB is coming off the lows against the dollar after the last cycle, yet it is about to hit the highs against BTC.

  18. I like XMR, and the idea behind Holochain, as it makes sense to me with the limitations of consensus based decentralized systems.

  19. XNO and xmr. Everything else is fluff. There may be a use case for a smart contract platform, but I dont want to lend-borrow and be a worm in a liquidity pool. They are useful for companies I guess but not for individuals.

  20. The message I got from the recent update on the FX Project was this has been sponsoring development all this time and hence why they haven't been all that concerned with market cap or how much their coin is worth. I wouldn't take this update as a bad thing just because it doesn't directly align with your investment goals.

  21. At least a sign that nano is and will be alive. I cant say if this is bullish or not for nanos future, but it's a life sign

  22. It also goes with the line when the NF said they were going to shut down the foundation but help push the development of nano with the ecosystem of other entities driving Nano.

  23. I think this is a very level-headed approach and much more sensible than a "world only runs on nano" unrealistic idealism

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