Are you all ready for the Nano London Meetup 2022 on the 13th of August? Exciting speakers, demos and activities!

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  1. Gaining a lot of traction in the last delivery mile. Also I think they tried to raise funds recently on crowdcube. I think it’s abit sus however as they have been around for a while

  2. Oh hey I just went backpacking and we were discussing how What3Words was actually used by search&rescue since it was so handy and some local authorities suggested dowoading it. Excited to hear from them

  3. Won’t be able to make it but hope it goes well! I think efficiency is going to become more and more important in the crypto sphere so hope the team starts capitalising on the fact that Nano is one of the ‘greenest’ cryptos out there

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am a n00b in the deeper layer of tech but Nano is one of my favourite, so I will join to learn a bit more. See you there guys :)

  5. Dang I wish I was local! Please make as much of this digital and available after the fact for us across the pond. Keep up the great work.. Very exciting stuff!

  6. So far it seems we will see the introduction to the centralized fork rubbed in our faces, as funding and support are shifted away from Nano into it.

  7. You couldn’t be more wrong - literally the opposite of the case, maybe you should join us to see? But thanks for taking the time to copy and paste your comment across multiple threads.

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