is an awesome poker site. It just needs more traffic.

  1. Thanks for the support ! I haven't been making much promotion around this feature cause it's somewhat buggy, notably freezes due to the PHP legacy engine.

  2. That's awesome. I've played quite some poker on there in the past and it always worked well from what I saw, but nice to hear you're improving either way!

  3. Hmm I have been using the poker table quite often on different buy ins and blinds and always enjoyed myself and never really got bothered by any freezes or anything. The tipping feature in the chat is a nice add on to.

  4. I can't sign up for an account. When I try it says "multiple accounts not allowed". When I try resetting password (maybe I've registered in the past and forgot?) I don't get an email at all. And I try with other usernames/emails and it still gives me the message "multiple accounts not allowed"

  5. Good job nano nice creativity , don't encourage topping up to gamble money tho , maybe add an additional currency obtained when buying , spending or vtrading nano to be used for fun that returns into nanos base pool idk just an idea for you guys ,

  6. I like integrating Nano directly. Luckynano has been a proof of concept of what the currency can do from the beginning, so I think it's the more appropriate format.

  7. It may sound strange from a casino website owner, but I agree to some extent — swear word aside. 🤓

  8. u'd better choose safer and more stable coins and NFTs for investment. imho, every normal product should have a trusted team, just as BeaRex does. Team worked with such brands as Huawei, Bentley, Audi, Renault, Oriflame.

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