‘Bros’ Box Office: Star Billy Eichner Decries Homophobia After Dismal Opening

  1. Same. And it was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the kids. I can’t remember the last movie my wife and I saw in theaters before that.

  2. This feels like the kind of movie that would have done really well as a streaming release but, post pandemic, the only stuff performing well in theaters is huge scale spectacle. I think it’s probably not unfair to suggest some homophobia but it’s doubtful it’s the primary reason for a lack of box office.

  3. It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that people that don’t want to go to the theatre to see this are homophobic. I kinda feel bad that he actually believes that.

  4. Spot on, this is ridiculous and has to stop. Everything is racism and hate so much so that people laugh when they hear these words.

  5. Right. If someone's going to make a movie that's likely to appeal to a limited audience, that someone shouldn't be surprised when only that limited audience sees the movie. If the movie is any good, word of mouth will take care of the rest.

  6. I saw the commercial for it and thought, well that looks like a sweet endearing romantic movie. However, It looked boring. The jokes in the commercial were hardly funny and that's usually a bad sign because the jokes in the trailer are usually the best jokes in the movie.

  7. He didn’t say that. Title is very misleading. Before the opening he tweeted “everyone who isn’t a weird homophobe should go see bros” which to me, is clearly a joke (and was made before the numbers came in). The only serious accusation he made was that a theater chained threatened to pull it due to gay content.

  8. I think it’s just a knee jerk response at this point. The fact there’s a bunch of gamer bros on YouTube that do an end zone dance (get woke go broke) every time a new movie comes out doesn’t help to quell that feeling.

  9. Brokeback Mountain. The Birdcage. Call Me By Your Name. Moonlight. All gaycentric movies that were box office hits. The difference is they had better marketing, prestige, and stars.

  10. He’s just promoting a movie. If it was an assassin movie they’d be saying woke culture is killing box office results. Come on guys, we can’t keep biting on the bait they’re putting out there.

  11. Also the marketing was horribly done. They made it all about it being a gay movie. Why not just have a movie where the characters happen to be gay?

  12. I wouldn't see any romcom in the theater. Why would I see a romcom that is specifically geared away from my interests? I don't care that it's a gay comedy, but the expectation that I would seek it out is bizarre.

  13. As a gay man, it just didn’t sound interesting. I think it speaks to how much progress has been made when an unapologetically gay themed movie gets a “eh” response because it just didn’t look appealing.

  14. I couldn’t care less if someone was straight gay or bi and if they enjoy sex with the a different gender the same gender or all genders. Like not my problem and I don’t care.

  15. I wouldn’t see a romcom in theater either. I absolutely love that streaming has given me the option to watch romcoms and low budget films from the comfort of my house, and I’ll go to theaters to see Maverick and Nope. That sounds great to me!

  16. I’m not straight and am excited to see this as well. I just can’t see a day where I go to the theater anymore for a romcom.

  17. The only marketing I saw was on his TikTok page he had videos of him walking up to people on the streets saying "are you going to see Bros or are you homophobic?" Word for word. Like he was prepping this before the movie even came out.

  18. People see movies based on their interests. I love video games, hence why I went and saw the Sonic movies and will go see the Mario movie. This movie was HEAVILY advertised as for the LGBTQ community, seriously the adds I saw for it made it clear that it’s all for the gays, which is perfectly fine, but that doesn’t make anyone who doesn’t see it homophobic! What kind of logic is that? Istg I’m getting really tired of everyone constantly using that as an excuse for everything.

  19. I am a cis, heterosexual, middle-age male. The reason I won't be going to see this film is that the trailer contains all of the stereotypes that would have the individual communities depicted howling with rage if the creators weren't of their tribe. I see no reason to give them a pass in that regard, even though it looks funny and probably has things to say about being a member of those communities in modern American society.

  20. Think when people see billy eichner is starring in a movie you just think close to 2 hours of him yelling randomly. Never found his content funny outside of his bits in Parks and Rec.

  21. Well isn't this the most predictable thing that could've happened with this movie. This was always going to be their excuse

  22. Was under the impression it was a romcom? Seems to me that most of those movies are released directly on streaming services nowadays? Im pretty sure that this movie Will be a hit When it hits streaming services

  23. …. Title is misleading. In the article it said he was told by a theater that they would pull the trailer due to the gay content. Later in the article he says if you’re not a homophobic weirdo go see the movie.

  24. I also don’t want to see The Woman King (presumably because I’m racist) or Smile (presumably because I don’t like happy people). It has nothing to with the fact that they just don’t seem all that interesting to me.

  25. Genuine question. As a straight male with about 90% of my friends being gay or lesbian, if I don't want to go pay to see gay sex scenes (which I've heard are present in the film), does that make me homophobic? I would hope not but here we are.

  26. If a movie or show starring a black person does poorly it’s because everyone is racist. If it stars a gay person and it does poorly it’s because everyone is homophobic. If it stars women it’s because everyone is sexist. Blah blah blah rinse and repeat.

  27. 100% I'd definitely watch it on Netflix tomorrow (as a straight dude), but not a chance I'm lugging my ass to a movie theatre for this

  28. I think it's more so seeing the representation in theaters feeling like a bigger deal. There's no shortage of LGBTQ films on streaming.

  29. I'm 100% sure there are plenty of people who did NOT go to this movie, because they don't like seeing homosexual people.

  30. Can’t you say that for anything? I’m sure a percentage of people didn’t see iron man cause he is white. Stupid people exist everywhere.

  31. You make a movie specifically for one audience and are shocked Pikachu face when it doesn't do the greatest?

  32. How is it for one audience? Crazy Rich Asians was marketed as an important film for obvious race related reasons. I didn’t go into the theater feeling like I wasn’t the target. And my black ass had a good time. I didn’t see Bros because Billy annoys me, not because thought it was for GAYS ONLY!

  33. Just like Viola Davis cried if you don’t go see ‘The women king’ then you don’t support black female narrative and you are racist. Sigh!

  34. I’ll probably check this out when it’s released later on but this isn’t a go to the theater movie for most people, especially since Covid. But I guess if that’s my opinion that makes me homophonic

  35. Idk, I always heard that gay people can't relate to straight stories and those stories don't satisfy them so I kind of assumed I wouldn't be entertained by this gay movie as a straight person.

  36. Jesus, people not being interested in something does not equal hate. This is so ridiculous and counter productive it's not funny. The world WILL NOT change to suit you, the song lied.

  37. The Ghostbusters 2016/Charlie's Angels defense, huh? That's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off for them

  38. I saw it yesterday. I might add that although it has its moments, the film is, story-wise, pretty much a paint-by-numbers, kinda trite romantic comedy. Two strangers meet, fall in love, break up, and…well…you can probably guess what happens in the climax.

  39. The aliens destroy famous landmarks all over the world in a Bruckheimer-esque cavalcade of pyrotechnic overkill?

  40. 5M$ at 10$ a ticket hints at about 500k people seeing it so far. I’m have no doubt “straight people from certain part of country didn’t storm the cinemas. But 4% of usa population (which I was assured is extremely understated number) ie 12M non-straight US population apparently didn’t flood the cinema either.

  41. This title is such bullshit. He didn’t “decry homophobia” for it. He said “straight people didn’t go and see it.” That’s not decrying homophobia you dumb fucks! Media doing what it does best in trying to tear people apart based on differences.