Official Discussion - Prey [SPOILERS]

  1. Exactly!! The first good Predator sequel, and now they decide to not release it theaters??? I feel like they lost out on a lot of money.

  2. It actually made me kind of mad that I saw the mediocre Alien v Predator in a theater but couldn't see this actually excellent film in a theater. Prey was fantastic!

  3. If Amber Midthunder and Aubrey Plaza don't play sisters at some point, then what has been the point of anything.

  4. My housemate and I joked about how his dog would have started barking immediately. Wouldn’t have even made it past the bear

  5. One thing I love about this movie is how skilled all the Comanche are when fighting the Predator. Even the ones who it kills put up a good fight and get some solid hits in. They don’t just feel like useless fodder.

  6. Absolutely 💯 on everything you wrote here. I came to this thread just to upvote these points individually but I'm thrilled someone else felt the exact same way.

  7. All I have to say is Taabe was about that life, fought an armed predator head up and forced him to retreat and resort to cheap shots. He deserved better.

  8. That’s precisely what I want to see from this franchise and I don’t understand why they never tried it before Prey. They kept making sequels and reboots, but I just wanna see the same movie over and over in different time periods. Let us see the predator hunting Spartans, or Romans, or medieval knights, or Egyptians, or samurai, etc.

  9. How many cultures are there that have similar stories that almost describe predator. When they mentioned that it reminded her of the monster of her childhood stories, i was like yes do this for all the different cultures!

  10. A plausible, in-universe natural segue into endless awesome sequels with interesting variability and pre-existing complex cultures and environments to mine for all aspects of a film…there’s no way Hollywood will mess that up!

  11. Taabe was giving the Predator that work for a hot second. Homie had to cheat and go back into cloaked mode to gain the upper hand 😭

  12. Taabe ruled in that scene, and it really shows how good of a warrior he is. The Predator annihilates everyone else he fights and then Taabe comes and beats the fuck out of him with ease. I know Predators have always used a technological advantage over their opponents but this one basically using its stealth just to regain an advantage the moment it started fighting an actual threat I think does a good job of giving the Predator some personality.

  13. I appreciated how all the prey in the film gave the Predator some work. Like for once we get some competent fighters. It does a good job of showing the natives as skilled hunters too like they didn't go down easily in a fight.

  14. Her brother was a boss. I loved that he was supportive of his sister too when it came to hunting. If anyone questions why Naru is badass, her brother and her father probably taught her. Runs in the family.

  15. I think that was a great scene not only because it was a badass fight. But, it showed that you need to be clever to put down a Predator. Despite being a weaker fighter than Taabe, Naru was able to put down the Predator because she was cleverer.

  16. This move had the sensibilities of an 80’s action movie with the presentation of a modern movie, and it fucking kicked ass!

  17. This movie was so well plotted out. The dog hitting the bear trap early on so I could wonder who placed that trap and then that ultimately is how an entire crew of French guys get introduced so the Predator can really get his killing spree on. The utilization of the mud pit, just everything. This was executed at such a high level, I absolutely loved it. I know why this didn’t get put in theaters but man I wish this had gone to theaters.

  18. I'm legitimately confused about why she didn't tell anyone about the obvious western trap in the forest? Like... I'm no history buff, but it seems like a mention of, "Hey folks, there's metal traps in the forest!" Would've been worth a mention at least.

  19. The short scene in the long grass was actually one of my favorites. When the predator kills the last guy, the blood spray is so intense it made me say "holy shit." Then he runs after her and his tracks gain on hers so fast! Such a small detail but it really showed his brute size and strength for me.

  20. Man I’ve been waiting for a good Long Grass scene since The Lost World and this one delivered!! Wish that scene had even more or longer overhead shots, that was my jam!

  21. The cloaked predator running through the grass from the shot from above looked amazing and got me to hyped for the next couple beats of that fight.

  22. There's no after credit scene but the first set of credits (wth the drawings going through the movie) ends with an implication of what happens next...

  23. It's possible the Predators give her a gift for killing him and she gives them the pistol in return. Gift exchanges were a thing amongst native tribes I believe.

  24. They didn't have any subtitles on any version of the movie, right? I could only understand about half of what they where saying

  25. Honestly what I loved most was the representation. After decades of being stereotyped by Hollywood, seeing the French portrayed as they really are brought a smile to my face

  26. My sister didn't realize this was a predator movie so that was a fantastic reveal for her when we watched. Lol!

  27. This is kind of my biggest complaint honestly, I wish we didn't see those couple cut-aways so we didn't know for sure what was going on until the bear fight. Keep the initial, obscured shot of the ship, that alone will tell the audience something is legit about Naru's story.

  28. I feel like the killing of the snake was legitimately this predators first kill, or for sure first kill on earth. Hence why he skinned it. Then he slowly realized that the animals he’s killing aren’t worthy of being skinned. Shows this is a young predator, still learning the best targets.

  29. I got the impression it was the Predators first hunt. Not just the first Predator hunt on earth but that particular Predators first time. Similar to the way Naru was performing a right of passage so was he.

  30. I read some predator lore when I was younger, but if I remember correctly. If you notice the Predator's hair, its more free and thinner and not in the dreadlocks like the previous Predator movies. I believe this is a younger Predator, most likely a teen and once it reaches a certain stage, they undergo a "rite of passage." The thinner hair is woven into dreadlocks by an older predator and pinned together using the golden threads.

  31. The rope Tomahawk was pretty sick. The scene where she uses it to take out the camp and save the dog was probably my favorite part. The predator is kind of a cheating bitch with his invisibility.

  32. I like when she uses the Tomahawk rope to pull the Predator into the mud. The lat strength on her to pull the unit was really impressive.

  33. About the invisibility, someone may correct if it's wrong, but showing up blue enough being able to blend into the surroundings on thermal vision, maybe she shouldn't be able to run like that.

  34. I love that everyone in the hunting party was giving her shit for having the tomahawk tied to a rope right before they got killed, and that thing came in clutch many times.

  35. Dude that rope tomahawk is definitely gonna become some shit you see people trying out on the internet and cosplaying with. Can’t remember the last truly unique but simple weapon wielded in such a unique way. I mean it’s kinda like the chain knife you see in martial arts epics, but just how simple and effective it was is so badass.

  36. Best part of the movie was when the dog lured the bear away from her and she went stumbling after them up the river. Then the dog comes hauling absolute ass back in her direction like “Whatthefuckareyoudoing he’scominghe’scominghe’scoming bearbearBEAR!” and sure enough the bear rounds the corner three seconds later like “ARGLEBARGLEARGLEAHHH!”

  37. I think we all knew the dog was gonna be the real MVP of the movie - I was just fervently hoping it wouldn't get killed and was relieved when it survived.

  38. I love how Predator just starts picking on random animals as soon as it arrives. Like it’s testing to see what’s lethal on this planet.

  39. It would be funny if he left after the one snake feeling victorious that he beat the apex predator on the planet. While all the other predators mock him behind his back.

  40. The overhead shot of the blood covered Predator chasing after Naru in the field was one of my favorites scenes in the movie. Really showcased the size and speed difference between them.

  41. That was the clear fanservice line, but man the way they set it up and the scenes leading up to it, I marked out hard when it was said.

  42. I think we need one (or more than one) where the Predator.... wins. And completes his/her hunt. Be neat to do a "historical" series and never know who is going to come out on top. Cause for all the movies so far.... we know how its ending for our main Predator. (Though even knowing how it would end for our current feral boy... I fucking loved Prey!)

  43. Tbh though I'd be fine if the film series just pivoted to being an anthology of historical movies directed by talented filmmakers from now on and that's how we see their tech and strategy progression to the ones in the modern films.

  44. It kind of makes you wonder if they used a little less primitive stuff because we aren't advanced yet. They obviously have space travel, and we know they are usually sent out on their own version of coming of age hunt. So I bet they only brought what would make it fair

  45. I assumed the Predator was dumbing down it’s technology after analyzing the local scene (think red triangle). There is no way the Predator species have interstellar flight and not advanced weapons like in the first film.

  46. I think the tech they use is supposed to reflect whatever the “prey” is using. Predator started using the spikes once the arrows came into play, then the massive javelin once they started using spears.

  47. The tech being a downgrade is definitely a choice on part of the predator in the film. Like a hunter choosing a bow instead of a Remington 700. We already saw their technology was well advanced in the past per AvP.

  48. Lol I love the part where they all fired their flintlocks at him, and then started to reload them and the predator just looked on..probably thinking wtf?

  49. One thing I really enjoyed was how well earned the win was. There was a moment where the Pred gets his hand on Naru and I thought well shit, he could just decapitate her right here with the shield and win but he's probably gonna just Terminator throw her instead, but no, Naru was smart enough to know what was coming and used rocks to block it. It wasn't the Pred suddenly getting worse or dumber but the protagonist actually being better which is quite rare to see.

  50. I was ecstatic at the lack of Terminator throws, it's such a cheap and easy move, I'm so happy the Pred was actually happy to just dish out punches and stab people.

  51. If you remember, earlier in the film, he loses the mask and keeps firing without realizing the mask is targeting something else causing all his shots to miss. It is clear he is inexperienced and either didn't fully understand the workings of his tech or (imo more likely) simply gets caught up in the fighting and isn't thinking clearly. If you rewatch that scene, youll see after the brief pause at seeing his helmet, he cocks his head like "huh?" before looking up at the very last second as if it 'clicks' and he realizes just a fraction too late what is going on.

  52. predator vs bear was unexpectedly awesome- the trailer made me think that the predator just kills it while it's trying to attack naru in the dam and drags it out. instead, we get a sick fight between them before that trailer shot. the bear was pretty much kicking the predator's ass for a bit too

  53. That scene was my absolute favorite. Fucking decks the bear, then holds it up with blood pouring all over him. It was the most metal thing I've seen in a long time.

  54. I loved how it mirrored the original film where the first half is of one genre ( a war film for the original/ a historical survival pic for this one) before having the Predator dominate the second half completely.

  55. The Taabe v predator fight scene was awesome. Taabe really gave a good fight, who knows what would have happened if the predator didn’t chicken out and turn invisible.

  56. It's honestly my favorite type of movie. dedicated genre movie and then another completely different type of movie slams headfirst into with the force of a freight train.

  57. Naru's mother set it up in the first act, it's not about hunting, it's about surviving. The Predator stopped being careful and started feeling like an unstoppable hunter, and it allowed Naru to outsmart it.

  58. I definitely got the sense that this was a reckless Predator that enjoyed the kill potentially more than the hunt. I think he had got amped up on the Predator equivalent to adrenaline and started taking greater risks.

  59. It made me laugh that the predator actually fought that anklebiter and considered it noteworthy enough to take a trophy.

  60. I'm in the camp that genuinely liked Predators and was hoping this would be close. Nope... It's way better! Honestly stands up to the original for me. Everything in the script had a purpose and it worked for me the whole time.

  61. It's weird that it's getting rare to see a movie shot on location. It's like immediately recognizable. Strange to give a movie credit for being shot where it's supposed to take place, in the wild. It did look lush.

  62. I love that they pulled off making me believe she could do it. From the time she bites that guys arm you knew she wasn't afraid to fight dirty which is perfect

  63. I fucking loved it. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I am hoping it was the franchise-saving movie that Predator needed after the 2018 debacle. Obviously, not a perfect movie, but hit basically every note I was hoping for. I am so happy.

  64. It was about as close to a perfect Predator movie as you can get. Honestly the second best of all of them imo, right behind 1. If I had one complaint it would be that I wish the Predator wasn't as cgi as he was, but it wasn't extremely off putting.

  65. The character is so goddamn fast. The way she moved reminded me of Jeeja Yanin, a Thai martial artist, in Chocolate.

  66. The minute the Predator punched a bear was when I was sold on the movie. The amount of fear created from that scene alone.

  67. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was the first one to really be able to stand beside the original.

  68. Still absolutely shows that you can do a well paced action movie in an hour and a half without a bloated running time, that still includes appropriate characterisation, set pieces and story.

  69. I like to think that the Predator was a young one and was so reckless because he still had to prove himself to his people. Like Naru has to.

  70. Such a clever little nod having Naru fall into the swamp and emerge covered in mud, so you immediately think ‘oh, well the predator won’t be able to see her! That’ll even the playing field!’ Only for her to immediately wash it off. I feel like that’s the filmmaker saying ‘yeah, I know you thought the mud trick was gonna get her out of this, but not this time.’

  71. In a movie packed with great tension and action, nothing got me quite like the scene with Naru in the swamp water, trying to hook the axe to pull her away from drowning. That’s like, a BRAND NEW fear unlocked in me.

  72. I loved how the swamp water also came back in the finale. Naru using it to trap the Predator before his death is such a satisfying full circle moment.

  73. The mud scene was interesting, because I really thought it would come into play later, considering that's how Arnold hid from the Predator in the original film. I definitely thought that, once she figured out the heat vision, that she'd return to the mud. But wow, I am so glad she didn't. The mud was a nod to the original, and really displayed her perseverance and cleverness, and the film moved forward and continued to see her develop ideas and strategy beyond what the original did.

  74. Holy shit the kills were brutal in this movie and the predator is so scary and intimidating. It’s new look is so badass. I think my favorite kill was the net that turns the guy into mulch.

  75. I liked that he just matched weapons with whatever he was fighting. The wolf used claws and teeth, so did he. The hunting pack used arrows, so he used arrows. When they moved to spears, he took out his. He only used a net after the trappers netted him.

  76. What I loved about that French scene is it's one of those action set pieces that knows full well its sick and constantly tries one upping itself knowing that the audience is loving it. Fantastic scene.

  77. The Predator in this movie seemed to have much more tools at its disposal than the jungle hunter in the original movie. It also seemed to kill more for the sake of killing (but also went up the food chain with each kill snake < wolf < bear < human) So I wonder if this was a younger yatuja or a more psychopathic one.

  78. It’s said to be a younger one proving itself on its first hunt on earth. That’s why it showed it kinda studying the animals and stuff as it went after them. It was learning and stuff. Kinda mirrors Naru going out for her big hunt too. Two young hunters just trying to prove they belong is how I took it

  79. It's nice when an ancient movie from the 80s gets a no muss, no fuss sequel that's probably as good as the original without there being a million hooks for spinoffs or merchandising. It's just another good standalone Predator movie.

  80. I had low expectations but I ended up really really liking it. I could watch 10 hours of Amber Midthunder kicking ass with a variety of bladed weapons (or Amber Midthunder doing anything, let’s be honest)

  81. The scene where she rescues the dog from the camp is the correct way to do a oner. Goddamn. It just kept going and it was so damn intense. So fluid.

  82. I really hope this pushes Amber into stardom, what a performance from her and I could absolutely see her in more blockbuster action roles

  83. Can you imagine the mindfuck of seeing her come back with an strange creature’s head dripping green blood? Awesome.

  84. When I saw the skinned buffalo I thought "fucking asshole Predator wasting valuable resources for no reason." Then they told us who actually killed the buffalo. Then I remembered who slaughtered the buffalo in real life solely to starve the natives.

  85. I liked at the end when she said they had to move to safer ground even though the Predator was defeated. She recognized the real existential threat facing them.

  86. This was the best Predator film since the first one. And I say that as someone who quite likes Predator 2 and Predators.

  87. Wow, they finally did it, a worthy sequel to the original. And they accomplished it by paying enough homage to the first, but not retrying to do the whole 'squad of badasses get slaughtered by the Predator' formula that the other sequels tried to do and failed (Predators was okay-ish tho).

  88. I absolutely loved this. The 2018 movie burned me, so i went in with zero expectations. I spent the whole movie saying please don't kill the dog please don't kill the dog.

  89. I seriously hope they, at least, have a short-term release in theaters. I feel like the experience would have been elevated if I was watching it on the big screen. Home releases just aren’t for me.

  90. Naru turning a hatchet intended for digging up vegetables into a roped weapon reminded me of Scorpion tying a rope onto a garden trowel for his signature attack in the recent Mortal Kombat. Naru was even taking out the French trappers with headshots just like Scorpion killed the assassins who murdered his family.

  91. That fight was dope. The bear overpowered the Predator for a bit right? It looked that way after the bear started to walk off before the Predator got back up and one punched it.

  92. That scene hyped my ass up to oblivion. You thought the bear was getting him for a second and then the predator threw a Tyson right hook and it was all said and done.

  93. I like the idea that Naru was a better hunter when her Prey could think. She had a hard time beating animals, but was able to use the Predators habits against her.

  94. The Predator fight with the fur trappers is probably my favorite action scene I've seen in years. Welcome back you ugly MF.

  95. Honestly I wasn't impressed with the predator's design in the trailer. But, after getting to see it more in the movie it's actually scary like something from a horror movie. It brings me back to when the predator was actually scary in the first 2 movies.

  96. Finally a Director that just gets it! Just like Tron Legacy, this a film that was made with heart and for the fans. It respects the lore and follows the basic formula of the Hunter becoming the hunted.

  97. Predator vs South American soccer players crash landed in the Andes. Predator vs the Donner Party. Predator vs the Jonestown cult. Predator vs Belgian colonizers in the Congo. Predator vs the Alamo.

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